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Each of us, in love, tends to have too many claims. Here’s what the exaggerated one is according to your zodiac sign.

When you think about love it is impossible not to have an idea or expectations. We grow up discovering this feeling in films and novels and living it often even before having found it. So, when it arrives, we end up having to recognize it and make it coincide with the many thoughts made about it. If on the one hand there are people who are flexible and able to change expectations or understand how much to consider them, on the other, there are those who, to be able to consider a love worth living, require that every piece is in the right place. Sometimes, however, expectations and ideals can be so exaggerated as to lead to a different result which is the refusal of love, the obstinacy to put it aside, and all because to allow oneself to live it, one expects that to arrive. perfect. The truth, however, is that perfection does not exist, and precisely when we talk about love, the best thing is that everything is spontaneous and instinctive and, why not, also includes some limit or defect. Because sometimes the most unlikely loves are the ones that make the heart beat faster, that find their balance that works for both of you and that works forever.

 And, always talking about love, since ideals and claims are often related to the influence that the stars have on us today, after seeing that find their balance that works for both of them and that works forever. And, always talking about love, since ideals and claims are often related to the influence that the stars have on us today, after seeing that find their balance that works for both of them and that works forever. And, always talking about love, since ideals and claims are often related to the influence that the stars have on us today, after seeing what kind of woman you are based on your zodiac sign and what is the perfect resolution for the new year, we will find out what is the exaggerated claim and that should be reduced to better live love. Since this is a feeling, the advice is obviously to also consider the profile of the ascendant to have a clearer idea of how to behave.

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Astrology: The thing you demand too much of love based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Independence
True, being independent is an aspect of your character that’s hard to do without. When it comes to love, however, you tend to demand too much, especially at the beginning of the relationship. For those who do not live things the same way you do, the impression is that you are not involved enough or, worse, that you want to distance yourself. The truth is that when you find the right person you feel free without having to ask and being together is not experienced as an obligation but as something pleasant and often needed. For this reason, before starting to put stakes here and there, the best thing to do is to start living the relationship for what it is, studying it, and above all studying yourself to understand how much space you need and how it is best to move to make the other loved one feel and to feel free at the right point. The rest will come by itself with the continuation of the story.

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Taurus – Love everything immediately
When you love you to do it with all of yourself and you tend to expect the same to happen for your sweetheart. Between expecting something and expecting it, however, there is a certain difference, especially when it comes to ways of being. Not all can start in fourth place and there are those who, despite having strong feelings, initially find it difficult to let themselves go, asking for time or appearing a little less warm. In your case, the problem starts mainly from a kind of insecurity that makes you fear that the other person may leave you, betray you or make you suffer in different ways. The truth, however, is that no one will ever predict these things and it is not by the way love is shown that we can be sure of what the future holds for us. Much better to manage a relationship for what it is, perhaps explaining your need for attention but without expecting it to arrive the way you want it. Each person is different from the other and it is precisely in this diversity that the charm of relationships and the beauty of many couple relationships are based.

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Gemini – Understanding
The thing that you expect too much in love? Understanding your partner. It is true that in love we must always support each other but how to do it if on the other side there is a closed and armored door? The truth is, you tend to experience feelings as a kind of constant test to be faced and overcome. This leads you to initially open up but then suddenly close without allowing the other person to understand what is happening. Therefore, you are the first to create the basis for a lack of understanding that over time can become difficult to recover. A solution? Express your fears sincerely without worrying too much about what the other may think and avoid always keeping everything to yourself. Because if it is true that love must be able to understand and feel, it is also true that it should always be given the basis to do so,

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Cancer – The attentions
If there’s one thing you demand too much of the person you love, it’s attention. In need of confirmation as never before, you expect constant love made up of many small attentions that even when they arrive seem never to be enough. The truth is that when it comes to interpersonal relationships, you need to be pampered, to receive constant pampering, and to always feel at the center of the world. As pleasant and in some ways natural as this may be, you must always understand that when you are together it takes time to reach certain stages and that before it would be impossible to be natural and sincere.

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Leo – Solidity
From your him you expect that there are solidity, seriousness, and skills that are at least on a par with yours. Expectations that are understandable, but that you say all together and at the beginning of a story can make the other person feel under scrutiny. It is true that in life you always aim for excellence and that to achieve it you have made several sacrifices but you cannot expect a person other than you to prove that you have the right cards in a single moment. After all, you wouldn’t like to feel so pressured either, especially outside of work and with the person who is supposed to love, encourage and support you. Better to study your partner calmly, trying to grasp his way of being and his strength, character, and ways of doing. In this way, the relationship will surely benefit,

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Virgo – Seriousness
To tell the truth it is difficult to understand what you expect more in love because you tend to never say much, limiting yourself mostly to observing and judging on criteria that often only you know. Wanting to reduce everything to a single extreme claim, perhaps we can speak of seriousness. The same that you have towards life and that you expect everyone to have. However, there are two important things you should consider. The first is that if you fall in love with a person, it is often also for those ways of doing that after a while you tend to observe with a critical eye and the second is that expecting seriousness and discipline within the relationship leads to a sort of rigidity. that never gives good results. Much better to try to point out the things that just can’t be tolerated gracefully, learning to live with the others. After all, love is also coming together and smoothing your edges to find a balance that suits both of you. A job that must be done in pairs and always respecting the other person’s times. And who knows that in this way you will not be able to get what you want with even less effort.

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Libra – Perfection
Well yes. As easy to imagine from a person of your zodiac sign, what you expect from your better half is nothing less than perfection. A claim that would make anyone escape and that leads those who, despite everything, remains to deserve at least a little consideration for their courage and stubbornness. After all, everyone knows that perfection does not exist and that it is still impossible to achieve. First, therefore, you should get to know yourself more to understand what you can come to accept and what is beyond your means. Once this is done, all you have to do is learn to look at the other person with different eyes, trying to focus more on their strengths (and if you are in love, someone will have to have it), than on the defects. Once some sort of balance is restored, then it will be easier and more natural to work on everything else as well. It is understood that perfection does not even exist in fairy tales and that to live well the first thing to change is this need of yours.

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Scorpio – The swiftness of feelings
Your claim when it comes to love? To be honest there are many but some, such as fidelity, total sincerity, and unconditional love, albeit with difficulty, can always be found. What troubles you is your extreme need for a feeling that is born, grows, and evolves in one fell swoop. The right evolution of the times is something that does not exist for you and that does not conform to you. When you love, you give everything immediately and expect to receive the same treatment. Thus, it can happen that on the other side there is a setback or some kind of confusion about what you want. Love is not a battery to test and you can’t think that someone who has known you for a day will love you like a year from now. After all, this is also the beauty of feelings. Try to see things from another perspective and accept that it is a feeling to be cultivated with patience and attention. This may make it easier for you to handle the whole situation.

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Sagittarius – The fun
For you, life must be fun and this is a fact that anyone who knows you at least a little has now learned to accept. When you are in a romantic relationship with someone, however, it is a bit utopian to think that there will always be only pleasant moments. The problems of every day sooner or later will insert themselves in the relationship and pretending that this does not happen is a limit more yours than those who can not guarantee the opposite. If you really can’t do without your spaces, then you can always cut out some to devote to leisure and entertainment, perhaps trying to involve your other half as well. Remember that by playing alone you end up isolating yourself and putting at risk a relationship that without the pretense of always having to avoid problems could, absurdly,

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Capricorn – Security
For you, a relationship has no reason to exist if there is no economic and relationship security at the base. However, it is a point of arrival that too often you tend to put at the beginning and which tends to scare you. When you are still getting to know each other, it is unlikely that anyone will start thinking about certain solidities that generally only come with time. And thinking for yourself is not easy at all. First, therefore, it is good to make love for what it is, without treating it as a job to be done or a problem to be solved. Only in this way will it be possible to build something important that over time will even lead to a relationship capable of giving security and boasting a certain solidity. Until then even working on yourself about it might be a good option,

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Aquarius – Freedom
As needy as you are of your spaces when you meet someone, the thing you tend to expect a little too much is freedom. If once a relationship has started it is obvious that vital spaces are created, capable of making both parties feel good, demanding them from the beginning is like saying that you don’t want to give yourself 100% or not be involved enough. An attitude that can destabilize the partner, leading him to distance himself, not so much to leave the desired freedom but to take off. If you want to feel good with the other person, therefore, at the beginning it is important to give yourself openly, starting to make yourself known and to make it clear that even if you have many more chances than others, there will always be moments in which you will want to be on your own. your. Once the relationship has started, however,

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Pisces – Expectations
Let’s face it, romantic as you are, your expectations of the other person are all a little too high. For you, love must be perfect and the person through whom you live it, as a result, is loaded with so many expectations that you risk being crushed by them. If it is true that dreams must always be followed, it is also true that, especially in love or when dealing with others, it is necessary to find a middle ground between desires and reality. If you leave without too many expectations but only trying to find the beauty in who you have in front of you, understanding if he is the right person for you will be much easier than marking the points on a list that will always remain too rational.

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