There are things that each of us prefers to keep to ourselves. Find out the most important one that each zodiac sign will carefully avoid telling you.

Each person contains a microcosm of secrets and thoughts that he prefers to keep to himself. It doesn’t matter how much you trust others or how close they feel. There are things that each of us prefers not to share for multiple reasons. Sometimes it is the simple fear of exposing oneself, others the desire to keep certain thoughts for oneself and still others so as not to affect the image that others have of us. Whatever the reason, dealing with others also involves dealing with things that will never be said, little lies, omissions, and words that will often never be heard from them, and this even if in some cases they could improve relationships.

So, since the things that each of us tends to keep quiet can depend on many factors including the influence of the stars, today after having seen what is the simplest way to return to life as always for each zodiac sign and what kind of girlfriends you are based on your zodiac sign, we will find out what the zodiac signs will never say even at the cost of getting sick. An aspect for which it is advisable to check the profile of the ascendant to have a clearer idea of ​​what you are going to encounter and a way to better know even the most silent zodiac signs.

Astrology: The thing that the signs of the zodiac will never say

Aries – I’m afraid
Those born under the sign of Aries are self-confident people who love to keep this image in front of anyone. However, they too can feel fear, and when it happens the feeling they have is so negative that they wish they could share it with someone. However, it is a desire destined to remain so because proud as they are they would not admit even in front of the mirror that they are afraid of something. So when they seem more tense than usual or have strange reactions, fear may be one of the reasons.

An aspect that will be treated with tact because even trying to talk to him the results will be practically the same. They will always deny it. Much better to just stay close to them without talking about it openly but give them the support they need. They will certainly appreciate it.

Taurus – I need you
The natives of Taurus are much prouder people than you think. So, although they always appear calm, well disposed towards others, and easy to express feelings, in reality, they are mostly hidden behind an armor from which they do not like to get out. Expressing the need they have for others is therefore very difficult for them. A “weakness” is that they are willing to admit only to people they trust blindly and who usually fall within the family and old friends. Fortunately, even if not in words, they can express themselves a lot with gestures. For this reason, figuring out if they need it can be easier than expected. What matters is not to let them weigh it and just stay close to them for the period they need. In this way, they will feel at ease and the relationship will take considerable steps forward. And who knows how little by little they decide to expand their very small circle by including those who were able to give them what they needed.

Gemini – I don’t know what to do
Those born under the sign of Gemini are people who are always on the move and so cheerful and active that they seem devoid of any thoughts. In reality, deep down, they have so many doubts about what they are and what they do. Doubts often lead them to not knowing how to act directly and to stop uncertain about how to proceed. When this happens, they cannot express what they are feeling and this leads them to get nervous and complicate things significantly. Having a loved one next to them who can understand and guide them is what they most want. At the same time, however, it is something they fear. For this reason, they rarely find themselves admitting that they do not know what to do. To stay next to them, it would be enough to try to read them from the expressions, trying to find the right words to help them relax.

Cancer – I’m afraid of losing you
The natives of Cancer are extremely emotional people and are particularly attached to their affections. When they love someone they tend to become possessive and jealous of their every move. This stems from a deep insecurity that leads them to think that they are never enough and that they can be supplanted by anyone. Unfortunately, their fear of losing the people they love is never expressed, ending up making them nervous. This often leads to unnecessary misunderstandings, long faces, and provocative ways of doing things. To ensure that things do not degenerate, it is therefore very important to remember that fear is often hidden behind their hostility. Knowing how to understand and tolerate certain ways of acting will certainly be easier, allowing them to treat them as they wish.

Leo – I need attention
Although those born under the sign of Cancer are famous for the need for the attention they have, they always try not to show it and, above all, not to say it. While looking for the spotlight, they want others to believe that this is due to them. Admitting that they need it or want the attention of others is something they would never do because in their eyes it would represent a defeat. For this reason, dealing with them can sometimes be difficult. Which happens even more when they suddenly feel little considered, starting to try to attract attention by any means possible.

Making them feel important is the only way to reassure them. As long as you do not make them understand that you know their needs. In addition to denying it forcefully, they would end up taking it to the point of moving away.

Virgo – I’m not enough
One of the things Libra natives fear most is not being enough. Their sight takes place in a sort of infinite confrontation with other people. A comparison that leads them to judge others, and all in search of defects. This way of doing is born from a deep insecurity that they would never admit even to themselves. To get along with them it is, therefore, essential to just understand them but never make them feel uncomfortable about what they think about themselves. Unfortunately, their need to criticize everyone is difficult to dispel and the only thing that can be done is to accept it and ignore it. In their criticisms, there is often more hiding of what they do not like about themselves than a true judgment towards other people. A thought that obviously, they will never share with anyone and that,

Libra – I need more attention
Those born under the sign of Libra are known to be not very expansive people. Although their ways are always kind, they are limited to a perfect superficiality for relationships of acquaintance or friendship but never for anything more. Even in the family or with those they consider close friends they never like to show themselves completely. It is a way of being from which they cannot ignore and that leads them not to be able to express how much they enjoy receiving attention from others. However, this can be understood from the serenity they have when they manage to surround themselves with the people they love or when they are sought to be.

Even if they will never say they need more attention, therefore, you can try to grasp this need and give them what they need without making them weigh it. This will make them feel more comfortable and likely more likely to show aspects of themselves that they usually prefer to keep hidden.

Scorpio – I need love
The natives of Scorpio are much more sensitive people than you think. Even if they love to show only their strong side, therefore, they need attention like and perhaps more than others. Proud as few, however, they are unable to express this need, especially because they’re being reserved leads them not to be able to effectively manage the demonstrations of affection of those around them. Demonstrations that, however, need a lot to be at peace with themselves. For this reason, the best thing to do when dealing with them is to make them feel important and show them what you feel about them. And all even if they may appear annoyed or annoyed. The truth is that they will appreciate every single show of affection.

Sagittarius – I want to feel special
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius have a desperate need to feel special. To make this happen, they always try to stand out above others and show that they have something unique. Unfortunately for them, he does not always succeed and this thing makes them feel bad at heart. If we add to this the fact that they experience this lack as a defect to be corrected and that they are unable to admit it to anyone, it is easy to understand how often they are angry with the whole world. Unfortunately, being close to them when they enter this mode is quite difficult because they tend to become wary and all for the sole purpose of protecting themselves.

To be able to establish contact it is, therefore, necessary to overcome their defenses, helping them to feel special and to understand that to be them it is not essential to have something more than others as simply being lovable.

Capricorn – I need help
Capricorn natives are often difficult people to decipher because they try in every way to keep their distance from those around them. Often immersed in work or other chores to be done, they love to be self-sufficient and able to do everything on their own. For this reason, one thing they will never admit is that they need help. Just thinking about it makes them feel insecure and helpless. And all with negative emotions that certainly don’t help them accept it. For this reason, when they are in trouble it is useless to ask them something or wait for them to speak. The only thing that can be done is to take action and help him out. In this way, they will feel relieved and while not admitting that they are in extreme difficulty they will become more condescending, accepting from time to time the help that is given to them.

Aquarius – I would like to know you better
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are such a mix of shyness and the desire to be alone that even when they meet someone who can arouse their interest, they struggle to prove it. Admitting that they want to get to know someone better is something that they find extremely difficult because it leads them to feel difficult about how to act and where and when to put a stop to. When they understand this problem, it can therefore be of great help to take the initiative to make things easier for them. It will certainly be an alternative way to get acquainted but it will make them feel calm by giving them a good mood and making them even more talkative than usual.

Pisces – I want it so much
For the natives of Pisces, so used to listening to others and being close to them, externalizing their needs as well as what they want is often extremely difficult. This depends on the fact that when they want something it is with all of themselves and this makes them feel more fragile and exposed. Admitting that they want something is therefore difficult for them. Nevertheless, they may do it because stronger than they appear they are always ready to admit both their strengths and weaknesses. Having someone who understands them to the point of not needing words is, however, an aspect that would greatly relieve them from having to admit aloud what they already struggle to admit to themselves.

For this reason, offering them the same empathy that they usually give to anyone they meet would be a nice gift to give them. A gift that they would know how to recognize and for which they would certainly be grateful.


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