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Let’s find out which summer fruit is most suitable for each zodiac sign.

Summer is getting closer and closer. This, in addition to the upcoming holidays and trips out of town, means being able to go back to eating the summer fruit which represents for many of us one of the many pleasures linked to the summer. Since even personal tastes can be influenced by the stars, today we will discover which summer fruit is more suitable for us. , obviously always according to the stars.

A summer fruit for every zodiac sign

Aries – Cherries
If you are from Aries, you most likely have a real passion for cherries. Just looking at them makes you happy and their taste makes you feel suddenly on vacation, even if you are in the middle of a work break. Cherries, after all, have that cheerful and playful aspect that children like so much and that cannot fail to be appreciated by someone like you who loves to take life head-on, diving enthusiastically into each new experience.

Taurus – Strawberries
For a romantic sign and a lover of good food, what is better than strawberries? Perfect with champagne or accompanied by a dark chocolate glaze, they are the most suitable fruit for those like you who are always intent on finding new ways to enhance a pleasant moment such as after lunch or an afternoon break to sweeten with strawberries. , sugar and chocolate. A fruit that, if you are not allergic, is practically the most suitable for you and your way of seeing life.

Gemini – Mango
For you you need a fruit that is a little different from the usual one, of those that you have not eaten during the winter and which, consequently, does not run the risk of getting tired. Therefore, all fruits with an exotic flavor are fine and, first of all, mango, with its particular and unforgettable flavor but able to change according to the combinations, always making itself different in your eyes and, for this reason, even more special. .

Cancer – Apricots
A fruit that knows how to be sweet like you but that, just like you, if taken at the wrong time can turn out to be unripe and pungent. These are apricots, beautiful to look at and good to eat. Perfect for a romantic and homely sign like you. Washing them, and taking care of them will be a pleasure as it will be eating them or using them in improvised cakes and sweets to offer to friends. A way like any other to celebrate summer days and the energy they always carry with them.

Leo – Orange
For you who are always energetic you need a fruit that recalls the sun. So what’s better than a nice orange, big, colorful and full of juice? Just look at it to feel already in summer and eat it always that charge of pleasant energy that those like you who face life without ever taking breaks, will only be able to appreciate, drawing both the pleasure of taste and the benefits given by the many properties of this fruit.

Virgo – Cantaloupe
For you who are always rational and concrete, cantaloupe is one of the fruits that suit you best. Solar and at the same time discreet, it is excellent both at the end of a meal, where its sweetness makes it ideal as a conclusion or as a single dish, especially when paired with cold cuts and cheeses. A fruit that adapts well to any context and that knows how to bring joy to the table. The same one we all need on the hottest days of the year.

Libra – The peach
Peach, except for annoying allergies, is undoubtedly your fruit. Beautiful to look at and soft to caress, it fits perfectly with your constant search for elegance. Its taste is fresh and pleasant and among other things it is good for you and is ideal for those who care a lot about their body. In short, a fruit that will be a pleasure to see and eat, above all because it is light and able to satisfy the palate with its sweet taste, able to replace a good dessert or to combine with a fruit ice cream. Just to take a whim without particular damage to the line.

Scorpio – The apple
One fruit that suits you practically all year round is the apple. Its history, the mythology associated with it, the round and perfect appearance and the always different taste depending on the variety chosen make it the perfect fruit for a mysterious and passionate person like you. Excellent to eat alone, in salads or as an addition to yogurt to be enriched with dried fruit, the apple, apparently so simple, actually represents a choice that can never tire and always give different nuances to dishes and desserts that you will choose to enjoy both alone and in company.

Sagittarius – The kiwi
An exotic fruit is perfectly suited to you, but at the same time easy to find around. Colorful and cheerful, the Kiwi shows itself as the ideal alternative to be consumed at breakfast, as a snack or at the end of a meal where the only thing you want is something fresh and light. Its properties also make it an ideal choice for those like you who are always around and will be able to fully enjoy the many benefits that this little fruit brings.

Capricorn – Grapes
For you who are always so dutiful and rarely know how to give yourself the right space to recharge your energy, grapes are an ideal fruit. Its sweet taste combined with the ability to eat it calmly will help you find some inner balance, making you feel more relaxed. A status that in the summer should be the preponderant one, right?

Aquarius – The mandarin
A simple and often underestimated fruit but which actually enjoys valuable properties. Particularly appreciated in the East, it finds in you the ideal person to enjoy it at any time of the day. Able to surprise with its flavor, it perfectly reflects your ability to confuse those around you and to amaze with ways of doing that can brighten up an evening or bring joy to a company that is a little out of phase.

Pisces – The watermelon
One of the summer fruits that suits you best is the watermelon (or watermelon). Loved by both adults and children, it is a perfect fruit for those who want to indulge in something sweet that is both healthy and tasty. Its sugary taste, then, is perfectly suited to those who love to dream and fantasize and always brings back the times linked to childhood and good summer memories. Something that goes well with your propensity to daydream, traveling to worlds you still know how to keep alive, just like you did when you were younger.

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