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Do you know which is the perfect social network for your zodiac sign? Yes, you could become a real star on the right social network!

What do you say, would you like to try becoming an influencer ?
No, don’t worry: we know very well that this “career” is not for everyone. You have to sell (and sell off) your intimacy, sometimes your ideals and take back all of your life and all to… advertise!
However, this does not mean that a career behind the mobile phone could be the right path for you: you just have to know which social network to choose!

The perfect social network for your zodiac sign: let’s find out which is yours together!

How many times have you thought that being a social media star would be the perfect career for you?

Probably, if you have decided to turn to  social media for work, the reason is that you have not been able to read our tips for the perfect faculty for the zodiac signs (which you can find by clicking here) .
Hey, maybe you haven’t even seen the perfect jobs based on your zodiac sign : that’s a shame, isn’t it?

In any case, today we tell you on which social network you could really shine : what do you say, are you ready to become a real influencer?

Aries: The perfect social network for you is Facebook

Yes, dear Aries , the perfect social network for you is the one par excellence, dear Facebook!
You love being able to peek into the lives of others: opening Facebook , then, is almost like opening the newspaper. Every day you see news, quarrels, loves and information that is very important for you!


Those born under the sign of Taurus , on the other hand, could shine on a very particular social network.
Let’s talk about WhatsApp! The  Taurus are really unleashed on this tool which is, to all intents and purposes, a real social network. Chat on chats, groups, love affairs: for Taurus WhatsApp is truly the best!


Dear Gemini , even if you haven’t opened your profile for a long time, we are sure you still have one. Let’s talk about Tumblr!
This social network is perfect for creating a kind of diary of personal thoughts but also of interests, repost and poignant images. To say it’s perfect for Gemini is an understatement!

Cancer: The perfect social network for you is Instagram

We know, we know: why have we given those born under the sign of Cancer  the monopoly on the social network that everyone (or almost everyone) would like?
Simple! Cancers are able to turn Instagram into their personal diary and manage to do the same with that of others.
They read the right information inside the profiles, they are able to better understand how to best use this social network. Seeing is believing!


To all those born under the sign of Leo , however, we would absolutely recommend Twitter. Which social network is perfect for the zodiac sign of Leo if not one where you can become absolute protagonists in an instant, thanks to strong and “screaming” opinions? Leos
are able to really make sparks on Twitter: they could become real stars!


Dear Virgo  , have you ever thought about opening a Telegram profile? This is the right place for you and to become famous!
Thanks to Telegram, in fact, you can expose your beliefs in a clear and precise way: others cannot embarrass you or bother you with their silly and boring questions. Maximum disclosure!


That those born under the sign of Libra  must be “Youtubers” in life is practically a fact.
On this social network it is very important to be outgoing people, ready to shout their own philosophy of life to the world. Libras could become real gurus in no time !

Scorpio – the perfect social network for you is

To Scorpios we give a truly curious social network.
Let’s talk about Ask.fm, the social network of questions. In this social network you can ask for anything, talk about everything and more and always remain anonymous.
For Scorpios , opening a profile on this social network is essential: they are able to satisfy their desire for fame, focusing on the facts that everyone would like to know what is on their mind!


Incredible but true, we give Sagittarius one of the most “new” social networks of the moment. TikTok!
Dear Sagittarius : you know very well that you don’t like having too much to do with people and, therefore, all social networks put you in difficulty. That’s why TikTok, with its audio to use and its ability to be truly ironic is perfect for you!


Capricorns will have  a laugh when they find out what social network we have assigned to them.
Of course there is one that is absolutely perfect: let’s talk about LinkedIn!
The social network that allows you to talk about work, meet working people and be in  pole position to apply for jobs is the perfect one for Capricorns ! You don’t even have to ask!


For Aquarius  it is very important to have a close relationship with friends and family. That’s why we give them the social network that allows them to use the phone to give everyone constant updates of their life: Snapchat!
For  Aquarians , this is truly the perfect social network: they can say what they think, when they think it, to all their friends both in general and in a particular way. Better than this!

Pisces: The perfect social network for you is Pinterest

It is the calmest and most peaceful social network of all: no likes, no comments, no pressure.
Only beauty, peace and interests: how can you not think that Pisces , on  Pinterest , would be able to reach a really large following?

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