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The Sky Smiles at the Fire and Air Signs: New Awareness Brings Serenity!

The stars speak clearly to these Zodiac friends. The horoscope has important news for the fire and air signs, the Asters are moving in the right direction!

The horoscope at the start of the week is essential, these Zodiac friends absolutely cannot miss it. The stars and celestial bodies orbit in the sky, favoring conditions that are expected for some, while totally unexpected for others. December is a month made to conclude some paths and to make room for a beginning of the year full of expectations and desire to get involved. The fire signs will face new situations, and the air signs are no less given the last turbulent period. Here are the transits of the day and below we report the sign of the forecast by sign!

The Aspect of the Planets, that is the positioning of the day, is conducive to the achievement of those awarenesses that bring well-being and rediscover the serenity that fire and air signs have often lacked in recent times. The Horoscope has very clear the next path to face here is what is the motion of the Planets.

Sun and Saturn are in sextile, which means that the sky is hypothetically divided into 6 portions of 60° and the stars in play are 20° away from Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Horoscope brings good news to fire and air signs, here are the predictions!

The setting of the sky involves the bringing together of energies of various kinds. Once put together, the signs in play will be able to elaborate those awarenesses that eliminate all doubts. This situation will be the future basis from which they will start to find themselves, improve and weave advantageous relationships on the job front. Each sign, by its nature and inclination, will experience this transit in a different way, which will in turn allow it to understand what to let go of and what to keep close to itself. The thought will be clear-sighted and intuitive, it will travel quickly finding a solution to every problem. Here’s what the signs in play need to know.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, their inner strength will take the right path!

Fire signs are known for their peppery character given by irrepressible energy that often leads them to be impulsive. They are not “aggressive” people because they are bad, but they act before thinking. Extremely honest, perhaps a little too cruel at times, thanks to heaven the right paths come into play that will allow them to channel their inner strength in a more balanced way than usual. It is above all at work that you have to keep your eyes open, having such combative, tenacious and courageous colleagues could be a source of envy. Advise: given the positivity of the moment, we need to interact with others in the most proactive way possible. Avoid quarrels, right now every energy and resource must be used to achieve your dreams.

Aries must focus on the new, there are possibilities for career advancement; Leo, must maintain a certain determination to remain the leader, one must not get nervous; Sagittarius, must dream big, and his comeback will come!

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, their intelligence overcomes any obstacle!

The air signs have been quite hampered by various issues in recent times. Ruled by a Mercury who watches over them in all situations, the more nonconformist friends of the Zodiac know what to do. Thought will be quicker than usual, awake, curious, and out of the box, they won’t let anyone overwhelm them, especially by their anxieties and pessimism of which they are known. It is above all in interpersonal relationships that must maintain reasoning as logically as possible, emotions are not needed. Advice: as new awarenesses are achieved, there is something to keep and more to let go of, and they will finally understand everything.

The sign of Gemini must give vent to his curiosity, he will find all the answers he seeks; He balances, he has to find himself in small things, only there will he know which path to take; Aquarius, he must spend time with people he respects, lightness will allow him to experience moments of peace.

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