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Find out which are the most affectionate zodiac signs of all. The opinion of the stars sign by sign.

At this particular time of year, the need for affection tends to be stronger than usual. For this reason, it can do you good to surround yourself with people who can make you feel loved and give you the support you normally need. Affection is something highly precious and increasingly difficult to find and for this reason, when you have the opportunity to meet people who can give it spontaneously, there is nothing better than being close to them, reciprocating, and feeling enveloped in a warm and warm embrace. motivating. Obviously, each of us can show affection in different ways and this means that sometimes it is not exactly easy to understand which people are really affectionate and which, instead, are less so.

In this regard, however, the stars can come to our aid. In fact, according to the zodiac sign, people tend to be more or less affectionate. And even if this is not the only parameter to consider, it certainly can help you orient yourself. Today, therefore, we will try to understand which are the six most affectionate signs of the zodiac.

Zodiac: here are the six most affectionate signs of all

Taurus – The very affectionate ones
The natives of the astrological sign of Taurus are people who love to be with others and who tend to have strong feelings for those they consider important. While they may seem a little distant at first and in need of confidence when they do they become extremely affectionate. Being with them is like living in a warm embrace. Faithful and tending to maintain the values ​​they hold dear over time, they are among the signs that can make friends and life companions feel loved. Showing a practically infinite capacity to love.

Cancer – Those who put others at the center of their world
The natives of the astrological sign of Cancer are among the most romantic and affectionate signs of the zodiac. Of course, to feel free to love, they must first have the certainty of being reciprocated. When they feel safe, however, they offer a lot of affection. Those who frequent them will surely feel at the center of attention and as if wrapped in a warm blanket of affection and pampering. All aspects may seem cloying for some but that will be perfect in the eyes of those who, on the other hand, feel the need to feel loved in some way.

Leo – Those who give as much affection as possible
Those born under the sign of Leo are not people who give affection to anyone but when they find their “family” they tend to express what they feel in all ways. Of course, sometimes they are better with facts than with words. But the truth is that when it comes to simple affection, the natives of the sign are more than good at transmitting it. What they do without limits and problems of any kind. If you feel the need for someone who can surround you with affection and sweet words, they are certainly suitable. And this even if the moment passed, they could turn their attention to something else. In the meantime, however, she will have made a good supply of pampering, right?

Scorpio – Those Who Underneath Love So Much
Perhaps the natives of the zodiac sign of Scorpio are not among those who know how to show the world what they feel. When they really love someone, however, they are ready to go out of their way to see them happy. This means that even if their innate reserve makes them not very expansive, they can give a lot. With facts (and sometimes even with words) they are in fact able to convey much more affection than you think. And most importantly, they really know how to stay close, offering support and understanding as few others can. And all without ever asking for anything in return.

Sagittarius – Those who give a lot of affection even to those who know little
Maybe they are not among the most empathic and romantic zodiac signs but those born under the sign of Sagittarius are certainly able to make others feel at the center of their world. When they decide they love someone they tend to involve them in everything, thus including them in their world. And even if they have the terrible defect of getting tired quickly and disappearing, as long as you are in their good graces you will undoubtedly feel at the center of so much affection. Of course, it cannot be said that this will last over time. But for those who know how to please it will certainly be a rather welcome full immersion.

Pisces – Those who love more than anyone
Last on the list but certainly not in the ranking, the natives of the zodiac sign of Pisces are among the zodiac signs they love the most. This is because they are empathic and always manage to put themselves in others’ shoes. Prerogative that makes them very sensitive and therefore more than ever ready to give affection to those in need. Healing for the soul like few other people, they are by far the sign that makes you feel more affection than anyone else. And all with words, deeds, and actions to support anyone in their eyes who needs it.

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