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Fear is in our DNA, it is thanks to it that we increase our chances of survival in the face of a dangerous situation and that we do not take disproportionate risks.

We all fear certain things or situations, which differ from person to person. Even if we try to hide our fears and keep them to ourselves, it is interesting to note that we can know what scares a person the most with astrology.

Find out what each sign of the zodiac secretly fears:

Aries: losing what he has acquired

Aries wants to be at the top of the pyramid and his greatest fear is losing his status, his power, his money, his fame, his knowledge, etc. He is afraid of seeing everything he built to collapse. He works very hard to achieve his goals and become his best version.

Taurus: getting out of his comfort zone

Taurus likes to do things without leaving his comfort zone. He seeks stability and continuity and does not like change. In the long run, it turns out to be bad for him because change is inevitable.

Gemini: being alone

Gemini likes to be able to spend time alone sometimes but is afraid of being completely alone. He fears that one day everyone will leave him and he will no longer have anyone to turn to.

Cancer: losing loved ones

Cancer does not support the loss of a loved one. When something so tragic happens, expect an ocean of sadness. Cancer will have a hard time getting over this tragedy.

Leo: falling into oblivion

Leo likes to be remembered for a long time. He loves when all eyes are on him. His greatest fear is not that he will be admired by those around him.

Virgo: to be useless

Virgo is very helpful to those she loves. His biggest fear is that he won’t feel useful. He wants to show what he is capable of and help make this world a better place.

Libra: not to be loved

Libra is a sweet and loving person. She tries her best to take care of people and listen to their emotions, but when she doesn’t get the respect and love she deserves and deserves, she can’t live very well.

Scorpio: betrayal

Scorpio is a very passionate person and loves deeply. However, it takes some time to trust someone. However, when he trusts a person, he expects the same trust in return. He can’t stand the thought of being betrayed.

Sagittarius: to be missed

Sagittarius is a great traveler, so they have a great sense of direction. His biggest fear is feeling lost, both when traveling and in everyday life.

Capricorn: embarrassment

Capricorns are particularly sensitive and therefore have a hard time dealing with embarrassment in public. He tries his best to avoid being in a problematic situation.

Aquarius: losing freedom

Aquarius is particularly free of mind, they can’t bear to look like a bird in a cage. His greatest fear is that of losing his individuality and his freedom.

Pisces: to suffer

Pisces has a heart in his hand, very tender, so he can’t bear to see others suffer. In addition, he does everything possible not to end up in a situation that could make him.

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