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Eyes open and legs in rest: today we discover the ranking of the zodiac signs that never stop flirting. It’s not like your mate is among them, is it?

Hey, we don’t want to put the flea in your ear but just tell you to be careful or careful.
At what? But if your partner falls back into one of these five zodiac signs!

Today we asked for stars and planets to generate the list of all those signs of the zodiac that just fail to stop a wink to the others.
Some do it maliciously, others out of simple habit: the important thing is that your partner is not in this ranking, don’t you think?

The zodiac signs that never stop flirting: is your partner also among them?

There is nothing to do. Some people can’t help but always behave as if they were single.
Maybe they do it just to joke or they do it simply because they love to have the attention and eyes of others on them.

We can say that as long as the circumstances remain on the Platonic or until it comes to a meeting on the bus, no one can criticize what they like to do to others.
It is not said that if you would not flirt then it is right not to flirt at all!
What we can say, however, is that there are situations in which flirting can become something not fun.

Which are we talking about? But of those situations in which the person who flirts is engaged and, therefore, what happens is that you end up (in one way or another) hurting someone’s feelings.
Maybe your partner or maybe the person who hopes to have impressed us: damn, what a mess!

Fortunately, with the horoscope, you can unravel what are the five signs of the zodiac that does not stop never a flirt. Aren’t you curious to find out if you (or your partner) are among the top positions?

Leo: fifth place

Even if those born under the sign of Leo tell themselves (and others) that they are unable to flirt, we can tell you the truth: this is nonsense!
The Leone is one of the signs capable of flirting even raising an eyebrow: his way of attracting the attention of others is masterful!

Generally, Leo does everything to be mysterious and intriguing and often and willingly manages to make everyone fall at his feet!
Even if he is engaged, in all likelihood, Leo will never tell: he is too happy to have all the attention on himself!

Capricorn: fourth place

The Capricorn will surely ” ears and eyes from merchant ” in front of this fourth place in the ranking of the signs of the zodiac that does not stop ever of flirting.
Thing? To flirt? The Capricorn? The answer, we can assure you, is yes: they never stop flirting!

Of course, Capricorn also carefully chooses which people to flirt with. Maybe it is an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, someone who has always wanted to be with them (but that has never had hopes ), or even the friends of the partners.
Although the object of the people Flirt Capricorn are few, this is not to say that Capricorn does not ever stop flirting with them!

Cancer: third place

Lazy eyes, always a friendly smile and a way of doing that is often simply… a way of flirting. Those born under the sign of Cancer particularly like pleasure there is nothing to do. For them, flirting is simply second nature – they do nothing else from morning to night!

Of course, indeed, those born under the sign of Cancer are also very transparent and decisive people, who are not afraid to say things as they are.
The Cancer does not like to lie or to pretend that nothing in the face of situations is complicated: But he also likes to create situations in the first place! For Cancer, flirting is simply the way they approach others – boyfriends, friends, or acquaintances. They are people much … winking!

Pisces: second place

We have already said this numerous times: Pisces are truly always sensual and erotic people!
Their behavior, their confidence, and their attitude are the best calling card when it comes to impressing others!

The Fish, however, do not fail to understand in what way affect others and even hitting them very hard!
Often and willingly, therefore, they give confidence to people who then choose to take advantage of it or make their relationship more interesting. Too bad that, perhaps, Pisces doesn’t want anything more!

Even more: Pisces, often and willingly, do not understand that they are playing the game of others with their ” innocence “. They are among the signs that they can not stop the flirting because they do so much that they now seem normal and the more they accept as is. For others, that Pisces flirt constantly is good!

Gemini: First place in the ranking of zodiac signs that never stop flirting

Unbelievable but true: those born under the sign of Gemini are in first place in the rankings of the Zodiac signs that do not stop ever of flirting.
Strange, right? If you ask them Gemini will tell you that they never flirt with anyone and that they don’t even want to.

The reality of the facts, however, is decidedly different. The twins, in fact, just wink at the others, asking them attention in the continuation!
Especially when they are engaged, then, the twins see flirting as something that can help them have a network of security.
You never know when Gemini will want to change their life!

For them, flirting is something they do in such a natural way as not to become even realize that they create expectations in others.
Here, then, that the Twins find themselves having to reject suitors attracted by their way of doing: it is a pity that they behave as if the others were crazy!

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