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Buuuu! Even though Halloween has just passed, it might still be ghost time if you go out with one of the signs that are sure to be a ghost!

Okay, we know: monsters and ghosts should have burrowed back into their imaginary world and we won’t hear about them again for at least another year.
There are, however, people who think, perhaps, that it is Halloween all year round: you got it right, let’s talk about all those who, after going out together a few times, suddenly disappear!

No, nothing bad happened to them – they’re just ghosting you.
Let’s find out which are the zodiac signs that could, most likely, reserve this ( unworthy ) treatment for you.

The signs that make ghosting: let’s discover together today’s horoscope ranking

The ghosting is a practice very little exciting (and, let’s face facts rude and finished).
If you do not know it, we will briefly explain what it is: someone, to end relations with you forever, suddenly decides to stop answering you.

Messages, call: they all fail and that person simply disappears. Become a ghost!
Here, ghosting has become famous because, also thanks to the digitization of interpersonal relationships, it has become increasingly easier to ” eliminate ” someone from our life. (Even those we know little).

Although people who do not want to continue a romantic relationship are almost always ghosting, it often happens to receive ghosting even from dear friends.
This is an attitude that causes much pain: for this reason, therefore, we asked for stars and planets to tell us what are the signs of the zodiac, most likely, do or will do ghosting!

Aquarius: fifth place

That Aquarius are in this ranking seems strange to us, don’t you think? Well, unfortunately, the Aquarium is resolved to use ghosting when you do not know what to do: even if this assumption is very rare!

The aquarium, however, really struggling not just to have a confrontation with people who have them disappointed or who do not deserve more their friendship.
They prefer to ignore it and discreetly disappear shame that their absence will make you notice shining in a manner exasperated!
Does that Aquarium play on this opportunity?

Libra: fourth place

Governed by an eternal sense of insecurity and the desire to never harm others, whether anyone thinks they are not the nicest, those born under the sign of Libra use a truly curious type of ghosting. First, Libra responds to messages (not calls)!

He will always tell you that yes, absolutely, you must see each other and as soon as possible! He will even go so far as to make an appointment after months of ” crazy work ” and a “very busy life “. A few hours before your appointment, however, Libra will come out with a compelling excuse and cancel your meeting. In short, you understand: they will continue for years and years to tell you that everything is fine but, in the meantime, they will never show up again!

Scorpio: third place

The Scorpio deserves certainly the first step of the podium in our rankings today: the ghost is one of his ways out favorite!
Those born under the sign of Scorpio are people who, preferably, clearly solve problems.

Something has ended (a relationship of love, friendship, or work ) or even never even started? Why think about feelings or emotions? Why waste time (the time it could use to produce ) talking to others?
For Scorpio, with a clean-cut, it makes a nice square clean, and the day after, you start over again. If life were that simple, they would be right: it is a pity that they often hurt so many people and leave them desolate and in pain.

Aries: second place

Those born under the sign of Aries are very particular: in love and friendship they are often always ready to complain but there is a surprise.
At Aries, often, no matter nothing other! The Aries, in fact, despite their life full social, have no regard for others.

For them, they are almost always tools and contacts: to go out in the evening, to meet a person they have aimed at, to show other people that they still have friends and acquaintances!
For this reason, then, Aries are also quite hasty when it comes to terminating relationships.

Speak? Explain oneself? And why on earth? The Aries disappear overnight and woe to those seeking them.
They have nothing to say to anyone and refuse to listen to others: they use the block and delete button and, for them, it is as if nothing had happened!

Gemini: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that do ghosting

Well yes, if you are dating someone born under the sign of Gemini you have to pay attention to the signs of ghosting.
Sooner or later, we are sorry for you, we are 100% sure that the Gemini will make a real “gone” and will disappear leaving behind only a fluttering sheet.

The horoscope has shown us the twins as real people, as soon as they can, choose ghosting as practice for cutting net the reports.
The Twins, after all, are like that: they can not express their feelings well and often are forced into situations that are not at all congenial.

Instead of exploding, as so many other people do, Gemini endures as long as they can (thinking they are doing good as well).
Then, however, they disappear, leaving a void in people’s hearts (and, perhaps, precisely with that goal ). They are dangerous!

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