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Yes: there are zodiac signs (and therefore people) who hate Christmas. Before starting to make the tree, better check that your partner is not among them, right?

Have you ever heard of the Grinch? If you only think about the hugely popular Christmas movie starring Jim Carrey you are (just a little) out of the way.
The Grinch is a creature born from the mind of Dr. Seuss, a very famous writer and cartoonist!

This creature ( green, hairy and misanthropic ) is the real antagonist of Christmas since it is from its first appearance (in 1957) that it tries to ” steal it “.
The Grinch hates Christmas carols, the party itself, the decorations and gifts in general: it is not that your partner, underneath it all, the looks?

The signs that hate Christmas: find out who is in today’s zodiac ranking

Yes, that’s true but don’t start screaming and pulling your hair out: some people hate Christmas from the bottom of their hearts.
Help! How is it possible not to appreciate the festive atmosphere, the bright decorations, the gifts, and that feeling of magic that this season brings with it?

Think that for these people, however, it is unreasonable to start making the tree in November (as many of you have already done, do not be ashamed).
Not only that: these people hate Christmas from the bottom of their hearts and would like it to end immediately. Now the question arises: you (or your partner, your friends, and family) on which side are you?

Let’s find out if you know a real  Grinch thanks to the ranking of today’s horoscope. Here are the zodiac signs that hate Christmas (and also why they hate it).
Better be ready for the arrival of December, don’t you think?

Sagittarius: fifth place

What a surprise, right? In our ranking of zodiac signs that hate Christmas, there is also Sagittarius! (Although only in fifth place).
The Sagittarius is a sign that there always seems to be loving and kind but we must not forget that it is also incredibly independent!

Having to deal with relatives and friends, with numerous people who require his time and energy is often too much for the Sagittarius.
Leave them in peace! ( Sagittarians would like to scream but, at least at Christmas, they usually avoid the scene.) Pay attention to it: Sagittarius, at Christmas time, are intolerant!

Virgo: fourth place

Christmas? And why should people bear under the sign of Virgo care? This is a sign that he has no intention of taking Christmas as a time of relaxation or fun … indeed!

For the Virgin, Christmas is a decidedly difficult time. Since it is a sign that very hard to connect with others, even those he loves most, the Virgin finds himself increasingly at unease at Christmas. He does not know how to manage his feelings and how to manage those of others: in short, for the Virgin, Christmas is a real disaster! Better to stay close to them and avoid them feeling too excluded.

Gemini: third place

Those born under the sign of Gemini cannot help but feel uncomfortable at Christmas.
For them, this is a feast ” false “, which obliges them to have to feel emotional for no reason!

The twins do not mind of course the holidays or festivals per se but, in general, are struggling a lot when Christmas comes. Having to talk to people they don’t like, being ” stuck ” and not being able to free themselves when they want makes them feel truly caged.
Be kind to the Twins at Christmas: try so hard and suffer a lot!

Aquarius: second place

Parties? Feelings? Relax and peace? Not for Aquarius, of course!
Those born under this sign have learned, despite themselves, to dislike your Christmas! Since, more often than not, Aquarians are people who take on practically all the work.

This does not mean (only and exclusively) cooking, arranging trees and cribs, fairy lights, creating fake snow, or hiring Santa Claus!
For Aquarius, above all, Christmas is a time of strong physical and mental stress: those born under this sign hate Christmas because everything falls ( emotionally ) on them!

If Aquarians aren’t in a good mood, don’t feel like putting in the effort, or aren’t trying to make Christmas great, you can be sure Christmas is going to be crap.
weight by little, no?

Capricorn: first place in the ranking of signs that hate Christmas

Dear Capricorn just pretends and, above all, just tries to discredit Christmas. You can’t help it if you hate this party: better admit it rather than make the best of a bad situation!

The Capricorn is the sign of the zodiac that, ever, really hate Christmas. First of all, because they have to give everyone a gift: this is not just a problem of ” wasted ” money (we know how hard Capricorns work for their money ) but also of affinity. The Capricorn detest making gifts to the holy days because they never ideas and struggle to connect with others!

Also, then, Capricorns are really in trouble when you need to be particularly warm … on command.
Christmas is a holiday that puts them in crisis and makes Capricorns tired and nervous. You have been warned!

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