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Some people, we have learned by now, are unable to say what they are feeling. Fortunately (for us) stars and planets do! Today we discover the ranking of the zodiac signs that do not know how to show feelings: are you among them?

Have you ever heard the expression ” pull up a wall “?
No, we are not referring only to the girl who is hiding behind a wall that you can see in the picture below, but to a true and proper way of doing that often can create many problems.

So many people have learned at some point in their lives that show feelings is something wrong.
Maybe they are open with someone who has betrayed their trust or who has rejected them or, simply, was taught them that you do not talk about feelings.
Fortunately, stars and planets are not so shy: let’s find out today’s horoscope ranking together!

The zodiac signs that do not know how to show the feelings: here is today’s ranking of the horoscope

Maybe it is a way of doing that they have always had, since they were children, or more simply of something that has been taught to them by life.
Who are we talking about? But the zodiac signs that do not know how to show their feelings!
Everyone, sooner or later, we have received some news ” difficult ” to swallow on a sentimental level.

There are people who, after being upset about something, end up starting to lay the foundations of a wall.
Slowly, with each rejection or bad news, these people learn to build a real wall, brick by brick.

We can ask the horoscope to reveal which zodiac signs are most at “risk” of not being able to show their feelings.
(Life, then, takes the rest). How about: Aren’t you curious to find out if you (or your partner) find yourself in this particular horoscope ranking?

Gemini: fifth place

More than unable to show their feelings, we might almost say that the Twins are people who can not admit their feelings.
They are unable to analyze their own, nor to take into consideration those of others: in short, they live in an emotional bunker, sheltered from emotions!

The Twins are people generally incapable of coming to terms with the difficulties that can result in the feelings.
They build a wall because they have no idea how, to tell the truth to themselves and others. They really would like to have no feelings: it is a pity, however, that they have so many!

Sagittarius: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Sagittarius find it particularly difficult to talk about their feelings and almost always build a beautiful wall.
Nothing insurmountable or impossible to overcome but an obstacle as regards love and feelings, do not you?

The Sagittarius is one of those signs that at first disappointment or distress to the first, ends by withdrawing into himself, swear they do not open up more to the world.
Usually, this means that Sagittarius is one of those people who rather than talk about feelings or how they are, prefer… to do anything else!
Those born under this sign struggle a little to recover from disappointments: for them, they are difficult to overcome and they no longer expose themselves so easily!

Scorpio: third place

Like? Feelings? Those born under the sign of Scorpio have no intention of talking about it, let alone recognize that they have any!
The situation, with the Scorpios, is more or less always the same: they pretend to have no feelings so as not to have to think about the consequences of their actions!

Those born under the sign of Scorpio are people too much if concentrated on a target quite small: self-same!
Since they constantly think about the best way to rise, about work, and what to do, those born under the sign of Scorpio end up believing that they have no time for feelings.
They are used to not articulating what they hear and also not wanting to hear what others say. The feelings, for Scorpio, are a distraction here is because they are generally considered among the most difficult signs horoscope!

Capricorn: second place

Those born under the sign of Capricorn knowingly conquer a second place in our ranking today. Of course, we almost wanted to put them in the first place but the stars have told us that there’s someone even less able to express their emotions!

The Capricorn is one of those signs that considers the feelings a real hindrance, something that has no desire to share with others.
Being sentimental is something that generally puts Capricorns in trouble: they don’t need (believe) to talk to anyone or even show anyone their feelings.
The Capricorn do it alone!

The truth, unfortunately, is that Capricorn struggles a lot to keep others away, not realizing that it would be enough to open up a little to have many benefits!
The Capricorn is hidden generally behind an attitude rather gruffly: when, however, someone cares for him ends up melting in an instant!

Leo: first place in the ranking of signs who do not know how to show feelings

Even if those born under the sign of Leo have a lot of feelings, you can rest assured that talking about it is not an option.
For Leo, feelings are something to keep hidden: they would never want to be seen vulnerable or expose what they feel!

The reason is that Leo often sees life as a battle. The others are barely allies but almost always… enemies!
This is why Leo has no desire to be seen as sensitive or to share his feelings. They very often live in a tower they built themselves, away from everyone else.

For Leo, therefore, it is important to have their own space: they do not want to feel pressured and they do not want to be asked about what they feel!
Despite his silence, however, we know that Leo is capable of experiencing truly powerful feelings: his help is always there for friends and loved ones!

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