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Yes, some people never answer their cell phones. The reason? They could be among the signs that they are “afraid” of the phone! 

It will have happened to you too, we are sure, that you do not want to answer the phone on a certain occasion.
Maybe your cell phone has been ringing non-stop for hours and on the other end of the phone, there is that person you don’t want to talk to.

Maybe, however, you still can’t log into WhatsApp: three hours ago someone wrote to you to ask you something and you prefer to pretend not to have your phone near you!
Then, perhaps, there could be yet another case: you are the person on the other end of the communication, undeterredly waiting (continuing to call) for an answer. Help! We ask for stars and planets that what you should do … whoever you are!

The signs that are afraid of the phone: discover the ranking of the signs that do not like to answer the cell phone

And that’s okay we understand it: everyone happens to not want to answer their mobile phones for a few hours or even for a few days in a row.
Instead of obsessively checking notifications on social networks or replying to messages and text messages, some people prefer to turn off their phones and look at the ceiling.

How strange, right?
The answer is no: these people consider us strange, always attached to the cell phone to send voice messages, photos of kittens, messages of good morning and good night, and so on. But there is one thing that non-phone lovers just can’t forgive us: calls!

It may seem silly to most people, yet there are people (or rather, zodiac signs in this case) that just hate their cell.
Therefore, today’s ranking on the zodiac signs that are ” afraid ” of the phone comes to our aid: here are the signs that will never answer the phone!
(Better not call them, then).

Cancer: fifth place

No, no dear Cancerian friends, do not immediately start saying that it is not true and that you love your cell phone.
We know that you like your phone and that you have long conversations with friends and relatives (and even with acquaintances for that matter).

By message, though! Chat from Instagram, WhatsApp, or even Facebook Messenger is a wonderful place for you.
When the phone rings, though, and see that someone is calling you then begin to sugar the palms of your hands: for help, and now what you should do depending on who dared to call you?

Aquarius: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Aquarius are not people who love the phone. On the contrary!
For them, whenever the phone rings, there is probably some problem or troubling situation to deal with.
(It is not their fault: many people call the Aquarium only in times of need. It’s no wonder that they are traumatized !).

For Aquarians, therefore, the telephone is more of a problem than a tool to get in touch with others. Better not call them but send them a message that clarifies only how much you want to hear them: they will be happier to pick up the phone!

Capricorn: third place

Let’s not fool ourselves: for those born under the sign of Capricorn, the phone is nothing more than a tool to always have games in your pocket.
They don’t use it to call or send messages: at least they use it to be contacted for jobs! (And even there, deep down, they are not so happy to have to answer).

Let’s face it: Capricorns don’t speak normally, let alone if they talk on the phone.
For them, when your cell phone or home phone rings, there is a risk too big to have to express your feelings, and, Capricorn, just can not do it.
Not only are they afraid of the telephone but, on the contrary, they hate it cordially: if they can, they leave it buried under the pillow!

Gemini: second place

Those born under the sign of Gemini are people who truly consider the call real torture.
For them, the telephone is nothing more than a tool to remind them how inadequate they are sentimentally or emotionally!

All these people who are looking for Gemini, who want to know what they are doing and how they do it, if they are okay or if they are bad.
Help, Geminis just don’t want to answer anyone and are practically terrified of their cell phone. As soon as they can, they forgive him or throw him on the ground: they don’t want to have anything to do with it!

Everything is due, for the Gemini, to the immense amount of issues in the middle that they leave behind.
Doing everyone wrong, often and willingly, never solving problems but running away all the time, the telephone represents a real condemnation for Gemini.
Anyone can always reach them and ask them for an account of their actions: brrr, better not answer!

Taurus: First place in the ranking of signs who are afraid of the phone

No, please do not try to contact those born under the sign of Taurus with a phone call. The Toro hates you from the bottom of the heart of their phone and try always a pretext to leave him somewhere.

Of course, there are two types of Taurus: there are those who hate their phone so much that they lose it or break it practically once a month, and then there are those who ” pretend ” to hate their phone.
Let’s explain: Taurus, no matter what type they belong to, hate answering the phone and having to talk to other people. They are very anxious!

Some Taurus, however, take advantage of this feature to snort and make everyone understand that they are too busy to be able to afford to answer the phone.
Everyone is looking for them, everyone wants them: Taurus hate being the center of so much attention! (Or rather, this is what they tell each other). Better to send a message: anyway the Taurus won’t answer that either but at least he won’t use you to say that his life is too busy!

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