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Well yes, we have to say it: these zodiac signs always betray friendship. Do you think you know any of them? Check it out now!

Think of your friends: how many of them do you  really trust ?
There are people, in fact, who no matter how long you’ve known or what you’ve been together: you know they could betray you and at any moment !
Maybe it’s your friend who suddenly becomes “nice” when your latest flame shows up or that colleague who often ends up getting you in trouble (even if she swears she doesn’t do it on purpose!).
Today’s horoscope ranking will help you to understand who you are surrounded by : ready to discover it together?

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The zodiac signs that always betray friendship: find out who they are

Yes, there is nothing to do: there are zodiac signs that always betray  friends We know, we know: you would never betray a person you love and your friends are all people of integrity, who support and love you.

But is it really so? Today‘s horoscope ranking is here to reveal which are the zodiac signs that always betray friendship , hoping not to find your sign among the top five! Think about it: how well do you know  all your friends? Who is it that tells your most secret facts around? Is there anyone who takes advantage of your confidences to have an advantage over you? Let’s find out now!

Gemini: fifth place

Let’s start today’s ranking with those born under the sign of Gemini . Dear Gemini , we know that you think you are truly loyal and kind people but the truth, unfortunately for everyone, is another.

Gemini are extremely self-centered people who only occasionally remember they have friends. It is no coincidence that Gemini is also found in the ranking of the most unpredictable zodiac signs of the horoscope !

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Capricorn: fourth place

Well, dear Capricorns , there is a problem if you are getting offended today. Yes, it is true that you are in the ranking of the zodiac signs that always betray friends but it is also true that this is not an inference. It has happened to you more than once to put your well-being first … and who has seen, has seen!

People who deal with a Capricorn know that there is a real possibility of being “betrayed” at any moment. Hey, to each his own: you Capricorns , however, cannot complain when others ask you to take your responsibilities !

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Scorpio: third place

Dear Scorpio , we are sorry to have to place you in the horoscope ranking of the zodiac signs that always betray friends. We do not do it lightly, however: we can say that, at times, you are truly traitors!

Yes, we know you didn’t expect it, but that’s it: you Scorpios are able to betray the trust of friends without batting an eye.
After all, it is important for a Scorpio  to first have what interests them and then the relationship with others. It becomes clear that, if you think like this, a betrayal or a “backstabbing” are always possibilities on the horizon!

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Sagittarius: second place

Such as? Do Sagittarius amaze you with their position so high in today’s horoscope chart?
It turns out that you have never known a Sagittarius well enough because they too are people capable of truly shocking betrayals !

Sagittarius , in fact, will always leave you speechless for the punctual way in which he always takes care of his own interests and never those of others, especially of “friends”.
You will discover too late (and at your expense) how Sagittarians know secrets about you that they didn’t reveal to you to stay neutral or didn’t help you when they could. Eyes open!

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Aries: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that always betray friends

Yes, dear Aries , you are at the top of the ranking of the zodiac signs that always betray friends.
Before getting angry, however, we ask you to ask yourself a question: why do you have such a bad record?

Stars and planets answer you: dear Aries , you are really very self-centered when you want … useless to try to hide it! Aries , unfortunately for them and their friends, are people who are always focused on one goal
. This is fine in life in general but not when you put your own personal success first at the expense of what others feel who, often and willingly, are “used” by Aries . What do you think, will you try to make an examination of conscience ?

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