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The Signs Of The Zodiac Who Often Have Their Exes On Their Mind

Some signs always have in mind the person who was at their side before on an emotional and sentimental level.

These are people who can’t forget what was, for better or for worse. Who has a bit of a long time to come and who should however learn to understand that in truth there are moments in which it is necessary to move forward and look fully and thoughtlessly into the future.

Even if it’s not easy, sometimes it’s an obligatory step. Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

The signs that they can’t let go of their ex-partner are right there.


When the bull closes a relationship, the bull is usually able to put everything behind him at least in the first phase of the end, but in the second moment, he tends to look for the person with whom he ended things. Here, however, in some cases, he also knows how to behave very maturely and get to the bottom of things, maintaining cordial relationships and healthy friendships with those who have had a very important story. Either way, it’s not a sign that over time he’ll be able to put it all behind him in no time.


Although it is said that the lion is a sign that always has a great focus on itself, in truth it is also a person who manages to have its say in any type of context, and who in love knows how to keep in mind the things that they matter. This is why, despite sometimes behaving in a way that can be misleading, in truth he is a person who thinks and broods over things, like a relationship that is now over and that has created so many joys and pains for him, also a relationship that somehow marked him. But let’s go ahead.


And what about cancer? We are dealing with a sign that love never really lets everything go. It’s not uncommon to see him come back after some time with a person with whom he’s been in an intense, or short, relationship. We’re talking about an exceptional sign in his way because his ability to relate to exes is never intrusive and he knows how to find a tact and delicacy that other signs don’t know. If you know him, you know him well.

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