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Find out which zodiac signs complain more often than others.

Life, you know, can be hard at times and one of the socially popular ways to relieve accumulated stress is to share one’s frustrations with others. There are those, for example, who vent their anxieties in the workplace, those who do it with their partner, and those who prefer to keep everything to themselves or, at most, briefly tell something to people considered to be trusted.
The tendency to talk about oneself and to complain about things that are not right depends on various factors such as the experiences lived or the type of education received. Another important component is given by the stars that have a certain influence on the ways of all of us. Today, therefore, after having seen which are the most cuddly zodiac signs and which ones those who get angry easily, we will find out which signs of the zodiac tend to complain more than others. As this is a way of doing things very closely related to what you feel, it can be helpful to check the profile relative to the ascendant of the person you want to control.

Zodiac signs: Here’s how and how much they complain

Aries – Complainers but only when they are tired
Those born under the sign of Aries are people so busy with themselves and with so many commitments that the time to complain is very little. When they feel particularly tired or down in the dumps, however, they can let themselves go to the point of spilling the beans and putting out all the things they don’t like. When they complain, they tend to do it for a short time and only with people they think are friends. Theirs, however, is mostly an outburst that runs out quickly and leaves them more serene and ready to resume where they stopped.

Taurus – Those Who Complain Only Depressed
The natives of Taurus are calm and calm people, so much so that they always have time to solve any problems before they become unmanageable. Sometimes, however, the stress and tension become a little too much for them too and that leads them to complain about what is bothering them and creating problems for them. When they do, they always choose people who are family members or who they feel are particularly dear and trustworthy. Their complaining is almost always constructive and it is not uncommon for them to use the advice of others to find new ideas, thus pulling themselves out of the gloomy atmosphere they find.

Gemini – Very whiny
Gemini is humoral people who tend to be high when everything is fine but when they feel low they become particularly whiny, so much so that those around them darken. This is a side of their character that is difficult to change and so strong that those who know them well are more than prepared to handle them. Unfortunately, when they enter this mode it is difficult for them to rise and only time can help them recover and return to the positive people who know how to be on positive days. Those who know them, therefore, only have to wait for the wheel to turn and with it their mood.

Cancer – Prone to complain about every little thing
Cancer natives tend to get down on a trifle and when this happens they can’t keep everything to themselves, ending up downloading everything on the people around them. Their complaining can be very extreme because when they start thinking negatively they tend to focus on everything, including things that anyone would label as nonsense. Why do they do it? They have a particular need to vent their frustration and to feel comforted by the people they love. Only in this way can they feel better and take matters into their own hands.

Leo – Not inclined to complaints
Those born under the sign of Leo are people who love to take life head-on and who prefer to face problems rather than cry on themselves. For this reason, it is very difficult to hear them complain about something wrong because instead of focusing on the problems they will always work on how to overcome them. When they want to talk, they tend to do it with the people closest to them with whom they look for new solutions or alternative ways of thinking and able to become an inspiration for new ways out to explore. In essence, it is one of the signs of the zodiac that tends to complain the least.

Virgo – Extremely inclined to complain
Those born under the sign of Virgo are negative people. This way of doing things often leads them to blame others or the situation for what is wrong and rarely to themselves. When it comes to complaining, they are among the most communicative signs of the zodiac, able to talk about their problems with their neighbors and even with people they have just met, if they give them the way to do so. It is an attitude that they hardly realize and which in their eyes is perfectly normal. Hoping that they will change is therefore completely useless. At the most, if they feel they are not understood, they will turn elsewhere but their tendency will always remain the same.

Libra – Complain Only When Saturated
Libra natives don’t like to let off steam to others about things that aren’t right. As a rule, they prefer to counsel and support others rather than be the ones who let off steam. When life puts them under tension, however, they can sometimes give in and let themselves go for a few moments of release. This is a form of externalization they have with people they consider to be family and which usually does not last long. They do it more to let off steam than to get opinions because when they finally feel better they are the first to find the right way to solve any problems.

Scorpio – Really unwilling to complain
Those born under the sign of Scorpio are extremely reserved people. For this reason, it is difficult for them to complain. When something is wrong they tend to keep everything inside and look for solutions that can improve the situation in which they find themselves. Alternatively, they can get to confide in their partner or close friends but only to have advice or points of view different from them. Complaining about one’s life is something that they never take into consideration because they know they are the creators of it and as they see it, it would mean complaining in some way about themselves.

Sagittarius – Always ready to complain
Although they are among the most positive signs of the zodiac, the natives of Sagittarius are also very communicative people and this happens both for good and for bad. For this reason, when they feel that something in their life is not going the right way, they do not have problems sharing it with third parties, expressing all forms of a bad mood, and even complaining for days about situations in which they feel tight and they would like to change. It is their very personal way of letting off steam and throwing out some of that negativity that they carry inside and at the same time, it is also a way to hear the opinion of others even if in truth they are never ready for opinions other than theirs.

Capricorn – Always poised on the path of lament
Those born under the sign of Capricorn are very hardworking people with a great spirit of sacrifice. This means that they often come to feel particularly tired and when this happens they happen to complain about their life or the frenetic pace to which they undergo. Their complaining is to be taken as a simple form of release as they will never accept outside advice or consider changing their lifestyle. Once the moment has passed (although these are outbreaks that happen quite often), they will be more active than ever and completely forget that they complained until recently.

Aquarius – Not complaining
If they get involved in some thematic conversation then the natives of Aquarius can come to complain about their own life. In general, however, they tend to keep everything to themselves and try to change what they don’t like according to the urges of the moment. Being whiny is not for them except in rare cases when they feel particularly down in the dumps or feel the need to share some unhappy aspects of their life. When this happens, however, it is usually with people they consider trustworthy.

Pisces – More likely to listen to the complaints of others
Pisces, as empaths as they are, do not like to share their dark moments with others because they know well the weight that they could unintentionally put on those who listen to them. It is the same burden that they carry them every day, listening to the complaints of others without batting an eye and giving words of comfort even if at that moment they are perhaps in a worse situation. Only rarely, if, particularly under pressure, can they get to let off steam with people close to them, expressing a malaise that they usually know how to hide all too well. When this happens, they often feel guilty and try to cheer themselves up to relieve other people as well. It could be said, therefore, that they are among the least plaintive signs of the zodiac.

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