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Let’s find out immediately if you are one of the five most dependent signs: better to be safe than sorry, don’t you think?

Hey, don’t make that face: sure, knowing how to recognize that we need others in life is good quality but depending on them … maybe not that much!
Tell us the truth: did you ever meet someone who is just unable to pass even just an evening at home, along with your thoughts?

Indeed, let’s go even deeper: isn’t it that you are the person who is afraid of being alone and who does everything to be together with others?
We asked the stars and planets to show us those signs of the zodiac that just can not be left alone and come to make gestures egregious rather than having to spend just one minute without company.
Who knows if you are among them?

The signs most dependent on others: here is today’s horoscope ranking

Okay, it’s still early to ask this question but we know that just reading it, even though you have months to organize yourself, you get goosebumps.
” What are you doing on New Year’s Eve ?” but also “ What are you doing at Christmas ” or “ Who are you celebrating your birthday with ?”.
If we are all always anxious about these great annual events and, on these occasions, we ask ourselves who we are and who our friends are, think that there are people who ask themselves the same questions … even only on a Friday night!

Who are we talking about? Ah but of all those people who fall into the zodiac signs most dependent on others.
You can’t ask him to spend even five minutes alone, let alone a whole night!
You know that friend who comes to your house without being invited or who decides to come with you to a dinner where he doesn’t know anyone?

Well, he might not just be an extremely outgoing person but also, more simply, a real addict… on others! Instead of being alone, those with this type of addiction obsessively seek relationships with others. Curious to find out the horoscope ranking in this regard? Let’s find out the first five positions together: maybe, if you are in the ranking, you can find new friends among the classified so … well, you will never be alone!

Leo: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Leo in the ranking of the zodiac signs most dependent on others? Well, the answer is an absolute yes.
In fact, how would they survive without the attention of others?

The Leone are people who have extreme needs of others. Maybe for comparison, for a challenge or simply to have someone to admire them. Impossible to separate them from the group. The Leone love to be the center … of the attention and the lives of others!

Pisces: fourth place

Dear friends of Pisces: you know very well that you should be higher in this ranking but, luckily for you, other signs are more dependent on others than you.
Not that this is good news, mind you!

Those born under the sign of Pisces are people who need others to keep going through the day. For this reason, therefore, they often surround themselves with toxic or sick relationships, without paying attention to the people around them. What you need to Pisces is a circle of support, always have someone close!
The Pisces are the typical people who just can or have someone to count on, often you turn your shoulders. Then they always come back but it is certainly a healthy attitude, real?

Gemini: third place

We put those born under the sign of Gemini only in third place in our horoscope ranking today. You know the reason well, dear Gemini: you can be truly dependent on others… for a few periods!
Those born under the sign of Gemini are people who certainly do not spare the emotional swings to others and their dependence on people is definitely… oscillating!

The twins spend long periods trying to become co-dependent with the people they care about. When you establish a connection, generally unhealthy with others, it happens that suddenly the Twins disappear.
Their dependence on others has a lot to do with external validation and little to do with feelings. Beware!

Aries: second place

Even Aries are people very dependent on their relationship with others. How could they not?
Without the others, Aries are people without purpose or perspective, without ideas, and without energy.
This is not a healthy attitude, dear Aries, you will have to recognize it!

Since Aries are fine connoisseurs of the human soul, it often happens that those born under this sign are particularly ” dependent ” on the group.
By they feel vulnerable, they are afraid to think too much and ruining their chances of success.

Among the others, however, those born under the sign of Aries feel they have more possibilities. They can go unnoticed if they want to, collect useful information and emerge, perhaps even passing over others, as soon as they need it. They are complicated people: better manage them calmly!

Libra: first place in the ranking of the signs most dependent on others

Dear friends of Libra, perhaps you should pause for a moment to reflect on your choices in terms of friends.
Do not be offended and do not take it to evil: we know that you have good intentions but also that you are in the first place of the ranking of today … why not do more than ” dependent ” by the other!

The balance is a sign that cares a lot more and is complacent and sympathetic at all. No questions asked about why: Libra acts in this way and that’s it and ends up, therefore, having a decidedly full social life.
Do you need help with a move? We think the Libra! Is there dinner with your friends and you don’t know who to go with? Libra accompanies you! Like? Do you have any plans that don’t include Libra? Too late, Libra is already here!

Terrified by solitude, always aimed to show that are going through the best of all possible days, unable to get by just with their problems or their thoughts … those born under the sign of Libra are very dependent on others!
For this reason, therefore, they can also become very dangerous: be careful when introducing them into your life! You risk not seeing them go away again.

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