Attention, attention: attending one of the saddest signs of the zodiac could lead you to become nostalgic like him. Isn’t it better to know who they are before you start dating?

Okay, okay: we don’t want to say that sad people have to be all alone on a desert island since they would probably become even sadder and even that you never have to talk to them.
We just want to warn you about those people who have an innate sadness inside.

You know, right, that if you start dating them there is a risk that they will infect you with their sadness? Or that your cheerfulness, unjustified and out of place for them, could make you quarrel day and night?
Let’s look together at the ranking of the zodiac signs that cannot do without sadness: better to know them in advance, right?

The saddest signs of the zodiac: let’s discover together the ranking of today’s horoscope

Tears, posed photos looking at the rain outside the window, gray skies, and long lonely walks.
No, no it’s your blog to MSN of when you were in high school and even the beginning of a drama: simply speak of the saddest signs of the zodiac around the horoscope!

Although we know that sadness is a feeling rather than a way of being, stars and planets can help us understand who are the sad people… in an innate way.
Aren’t you curious to find out if you or your partner are in the top five rankings?

Think about it: maybe there is that friend of yours who never wants to go out with others or really your boyfriend and you will finally understand why your good mood on Monday morning makes him so uncomfortable.
(Although, if you’re in a good mood on a Monday morning, we have to say we get it: it’s not about being sad or happy but simply being a psychopath !).
Let’s find out together which are the saddest signs of the zodiac, come on: here is today’s ranking!

Cancer: fifth place

Like? Is Cancer fifth in our ranking today? Yes, even if they often always seem happy and satisfied, those born under the sign of Cancer can be truly sad when they want!
Used to think a lot not only for themselves but also for others (a very bad habit, we are sorry to have to say), cancer often end up hurting your feelings … alone!

Their sorrow comes from the fact that, empathetic as they are, cancer eventually feels the feelings and problems of all, and of course their own.
Nobody cares about Cancers as much as Cancers care about others: the recipe for their sadness is all here!

Taurus: fourth place

Um, dear Taurus is perhaps the case that the smectite to think and rethink everything that happens? How do you say? No?
Okay, so let’s explain to the others why you Taurus are among the saddest signs of the zodiac, ok?

The Taurus, as you have just noticed, does not have time to be happy and carefree because he has to constantly think about everything that happens and that has happened. Taurus
” thinkers ” are people who are constantly having problems about relationships with others or about what they should or could have done better. They don’t have time to do anything else, let alone be happy! Here, then, that the Taurus necessarily become sad and dull: they do nothing but think about better situations and become sad as a result.

Pisces: third place

Those born under the sign of Pisces hide, under their patina of cheerfulness and lightheartedness, a completely unexpected sadness.
But now, aren’t they among the most childish and playful signs of the zodiac? The answer is yes but this does not mean that, by dint of behaving in a ” light ” way, Pisces do not also know sadness.

On the contrary! Their way of doing things, so carefree and without rules, hides their great sadness.
The Fish are very emotional people, prey to too great feelings that often can not control.
Their sadness is directly proportional to all situations in pending or recently clarified that are left behind. It is not easy to deal with them because you never know when the sadness of Fish hit, turning them into people different!

Scorpio: second place

Even those born under the sign of Scorpio are generally sad people as soon as they are given the opportunity.
Used to always go to the maximum and to show everyone how strong and capable they are, those born under the sign of Scorpio are always taken by surprise by negative feelings.

Their sadness is realized with time bad (they are extremely meter sensitive), with the feeling that there is something wrong, looking in the mirror and discovering older than they thought.
It seems impossible that Scorpios fall victim to such normal situations but the truth is that they are very little prepared for the sadness of life!

For them, we must always excel: they absolutely do not know what it means to stop and reflect and, therefore, often let themselves be caught unprepared by the saddest events.
Instead of trying to understand their feelings, those born under the sign of Scorpio prefer to indulge in their sadness, until something (fallen from the sky) brings them back up.
These are truly sad signs: be careful when you are with them!

Leo: first place in the ranking of the saddest signs of the zodiac

There is nothing to be done, dear friends of Leo: you are and will always be sad, it is certainly not your fault!
Those born under the sign of Leo are among the people who never manage to see the positive side of things. They love drama and being the kings and queens of the scene – how can they be happy?

According to the dramaturgical rule that happy characters are not interesting, Leos always behave in a decidedly theatrical manner. There is never anything that makes them perfectly happy and they always have to mull over something distant and incomprehensible to others. The lion is a nostalgic sign and always sad: it helps you look even more attractive in the eyes of others!

Although we can say that we are almost certain that Leos behave this way for a naturalness inherent in their DNA, we know that they can also be sad on command, to confuse others.
Seeing a lion is always understood in thought, nostalgic, looking out the window and, ultimately, it is a sad truth and its mystery for others.
What will it have? What is hiding in that Lion’s past? There’s nothing better than a bit of healthy sadness for … attracting all the others!


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