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Find out which pizza is best for you according to the horoscope.

Pizza is one of the evergreen dishes, able to make everyone fall in love, both young and old. In general, when faced with this dish so good and convivial, people tend to behave in two different ways. On the one hand there are those who love to change every time, always experimenting with new tastes, on the other hand the traditionalists who have always chosen the same pizza for years without ever indulging in a single variant. Whether you like it or not, in this dish you can certainly also find the right variant for you and today we will discover together which is the pizza that best suits your zodiac sign. Yes, because after discovering today we will try to experience the frontier of taste, exploring different types of pizza and choosing the one that best suits each sign of the zodiac. Are you ready?

Aries – pizza with selected ingredients
Your being always active and ready to dive into new adventures, leads you to look for foods that taste like home in food. Therefore, simple pizzas like the classic margherita but made with genuine ingredients rich in flavor are perfectly fine for you. The special touch could be an extra ingredient to add according to your taste and that is able to give a little more sprint to an otherwise classic dish.

Taurus – the ultra simple pizza
Like natte under the sign of Aries, you too are for simple flavors, especially if they are able to make you feel the true taste of what you eat. Marinara and margherita are, therefore, the most suitable pizzas for you and at the same time those able to best satisfy your palate, especially if accompanied by a fresh drink to your liking. Of course, the dough will have to be master-tested and let you savor the true flavor of pizza, but if the quality is there, you practically lack nothing for a perfect dinner.

Gemini – the mixed pizza
Your need to always vary makes you the most suitable person to experiment with the so-called house pizza or the secret one based on unknown ingredients. For you, a pizza in company is a moment of leisure to which it makes no sense to accompany something already known. Your ideal evening could be held in a place where there is a pizza round, a way like any other to try different tastes without ever running the risk of getting tired. Sharing pizza with others can also be a valid alternative but if you really can’t, then it’s better to play everything on the surprise effect. At least from that point of view you will be satisfied.

Cancer – the classic pizza
Your homely disposition requires you not to experiment too much when it comes to trying new dishes. Your ideal pizza is therefore the one made at home, perhaps by the skilled hands of your mother or aunt who is so good at kneading and seasoning. Alternatively, if you really can’t let yourself go to moments that are so precious to you, you can opt for classic pizzas such as the capricciosa or the 4 flavors. A way like any other to eat something different without leaving your comfort zone too much.

Leo – heavy pizza
Yes, even eating a pizza can be a challenge, so why not throw yourself into something heavy and difficult to digest? A pizza made with sausage and other toppings will probably suit you, or if you’re a vegetarian, something with a mix of spices that will make anyone turn pale. Strong tastes are perfect for your disposition and can give you a lot of satisfaction in terms of taste.

Virgo – the different pizza
For you it is better to focus on something different but that is able to adapt to your needs. A simple pizza is always the best option, so go ahead for a spicy marinara or a 4 cheeses where the choice of your ingredients is entrusted to you. A way like any other to stay in the classic by giving your mark to what you eat and thus allowing you to keep the situation under control. It’s true, it’s just a pizza, but if you can manage it precisely what’s the harm?

Libra – the vegetable-based pizza
Your constant search for beauty requires you to create a pizza that is first and foremost pleasing to the eye. For this reason it is better to focus on color, choosing a pizza rich in vegetables and free of ingredients that could be too many. The vegetarian or the gardener may be for you. Alternatively, you can opt for a basic pizza to which you can add only seasonal ingredients or those that you think can be combined with each other. The result will be to your liking.

Scorpio – pizza with high sides
For a complex person like you, the best pizza is undoubtedly the one with high sides, perfect for sinking your teeth and fully savoring the taste of the dough. As for the seasoning, however, simplicity is king. A white pizza to enrich with your favorite ingredients could be the ideal choice, perfect to be modulated from time to time according to your mood and your needs. In short, a pizza capable of always transforming itself while remaining the same as the base. Have you already wanted to try it?

Sagittario – any pizza as long as it’s good
Your adventurous spirit leads you to have no particular demands when it comes to pizzas. For you, what matters is that it is good and that the company is up to par. Your free time is precious so it may take you longer to choose the place than the pizza. If you have to choose one, you could focus on something fresh, like a margherita with rocket and ingredients such as fresh mozzarella or parmesan flakes.

Capricorn – the different pizza
Among those born under your sign there are those who love pizza and those who, instead, prefer to choose other dishes such as a first course. Having to choose it is therefore better to opt for something simple that is at the same time different. A white pizza with fresh seasonal vegetables could be for you. It would not remind you too much of the classic pizza and would allow you to savor something new, even finding it tasty.

Aquarius – the strange pizza
Your extravagant nature also extends to pizza. Any taste is fine for you but if it’s up to you then better go for something weird or not exactly conventional. You too, like those born under the sign of Gemini, are suitable for a pizza chosen by the pizza chef and able to surprise you. The winning alternative is otherwise to invent something yourself that is able to satisfy you, perhaps varying from time to time according to your desires of the moment.

Pisces – the rich pizza
You are creative and this also goes perfectly with the choice of pizza. Green light to your tastes, then. After all, creating and inventing is something you’ve always liked to do and that can also be found with pizzas. For you the ideal is an already complete pizza such as the capricciosa or the four cheeses to which you can add the ingredients of your choice. Perhaps for others your combinations will be somewhat strange but you who know yourself well already know what to expect and certainly don’t run the risk of being disappointed.

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