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Find out which is the most suitable lucky charm for you based on your zodiac sign. The opinion of the stars for each sign of the zodiac.

Never as in these times, each of us feels the need to attract a bit of luck. And if on the one hand, it is true that to be lucky you have to act personally to build a tomorrow that is tangible, sometimes even external help can make a difference. Wanting to entrust ourselves to what is invisible to the eye, today we will therefore talk about lucky charms or those objects that according to many traditions if carried with you all day, help to have luck in life.

Believe it or not, having one on hand is sometimes a way to feel safe and secure. Which prepares the soul better to receive beautiful things. And since even when it comes to lucky charms, the stars have their influence, today we will discover which is the most suitable lucky charm for each sign of the zodiac.

A lucky charm for every zodiac sign

Aries – A little bag with pepper
For those born under the astrological sign of Aries, pepper is certainly a good luck charm. This spice helps to ward off negative energies by giving greater luck in all the businesses that you choose to undertake. Carrying some with you at all times can therefore be an excellent choice. Able to make you feel more confident with little effort. Furthermore, for dynamic people like the natives of the sign, a bag (preferably red) with pepper will be easy to carry with you and able to accompany them in everyday life, from sporting moments to working ones. A small object that will become a trusted companion to always have with you.

Taurus – A Little Green Buddha
The natives of the Taurus zodiac sign are usually calm and peaceful people. For this reason, the figure of the Buddha manages to relax them and make them feel in tune with the universe. When it comes to lucky charms, a pendant that depicts him in the lotus position may be a good idea. Especially if it will be dark green or, even better, jade. In this way, the natives of the sign will feel more serene and will have something to keep always with them. An object that will help them feel serene and remember how calm they have always had, is always the best choice to obtain positive results regardless of the situation and circumstances.

Gemini – An object with the symbol of yin and yang
Those born under the astrological sign of Gemini are people famous for their innate duality. A way of being that in many circumstances makes them nervous and in need of a certain amount of stability. If we talk about lucky charms, one that can be good for them is that of yin and yang, a symbol that has always talked about balance and balancing of energies. A symbol that they can always carry with them both on a pendant and with a keychain. A good color can be turquoise or yellow. While if it were in agate it would have an even stronger result. The symbol alone is however already more positive than you think and able to protect the natives of the sign by giving them that pinch of balance that in many cases can make the difference.

Cancer – A silver lock
The natives of the astrological sign of Cancer are people who need to protect themselves at all times. Sensitive and often insecure, they seek protection in others that is often difficult to find. When it comes to good luck, one that is particularly suitable for them can be a padlock. A symbol that represents them and that gives the idea of ​​how they are sometimes hermetic and others in need of protection and attention. Worn around the neck, even better if in silver, the lock will protect them from negativity, acting as a good luck charm and making them feel safer and more serene. Being able to choose the color, the natives of the sign should orient themselves on white, ideal for protection, as well as the color of the zodiac sign.

Leo – A jewel in yellow gold
Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo are naturally protected by yellow and gold objects, which are those most suitable for the zodiac sign. Apart from that, no symbol represents them more than others. What matters is to choose one that makes them feel good and that provokes positive emotions. Whether it is a horn, a four-leaf clover, or an elephant, as long as it is a symbol that resonates in their hearts and they will be sure that they have chosen the right one. As for wearing it, they can wear it with a pendant, a bracelet, or a key ring. What matters is that they always manage to keep it close, both to have protection and to attract success and luck. Exactly what they constantly feel the need for.

Virgo – A dog-shaped object
The natives of the Virgo zodiac sign are so rational that they don’t feel the need to have lucky charms with them. Nevertheless, they need it like everyone else and in their specific case, the most suitable one is one depicting a dog. Whether it is a doll to always carry with you or an object (in this case it is better to choose between silver and steel), it does not matter. The figure of the dog will reassure them enough, will help them to be less negative than usual and, of course, will help them feel protected. The good color is green in its darkest shades. But the symbol alone will still be able to do a lot and make them feel calm to the point of choosing to always carry it with them.

Libra – A red pyramid
Those born under the sign of Libra find luck in an amulet that has the shape of a pyramid. Whether it’s a pendant to always carry with you or to use as a keychain, having it will give them luck. Being able to choose the material it is better to go on copper. As for the colors, red and purple are the most suitable. A pyramid will give the natives of the sign a feeling of power and security that will make them even more balanced than they are. Furthermore, it is a symbol that for them is a natural lucky charm. The perfect one to achieve success in the sectors in which they operate and to achieve the goals they have set themselves in the various areas of their life. A true lucky charm that they will be happy to always have with them.

Scorpio – A small beetle
The natives of the zodiac sign of Scorpio often feel the need for protection rather than luck. For them, therefore, an object that depicts a scarab is particularly suitable as it can remove all forms of negativity. In black ebony or red or green material, it will represent a good luck charm able to facilitate them in any type of business. Which will give them more strength while making them feel safer at the same time. In short, it is a figure that for the natives of the sign contains something special from a symbolic point of view. Something that they manage to grasp and which therefore gives them a certain serenity of mind.

Sagittarius – A bronze object
Those born under the astrological sign of Sagittarius need to always feel surrounded by luck. Only in this way, in fact, can they feel freer and more serene and, above all, able to act as they see fit. When it comes to luck, therefore, no symbol prevails over others. What can do him good is something that’s in the right league. And, if they don’t find anything in bronze, tin will do too. From the bracelet to the keychain to a pendant to always wear around the neck, this will be enough to bring them luck and success in their businesses. Especially in those that they usually put in place overnight and for which they need a certain amount of luck.

Capricorn – An object in lead
The natives of the astrological sign of Capricorn often feel the need for protection rather than luck. This is due to their rash deeds and a way of acting that often leads them to find themselves in new situations. When it comes to good luck, one that can do for them is lead. League that they can take with them in any way they like. Whether it’s a pendant or a simple lead weight to carry in your pocket, the natives of the sign will get both the right protection and a good dose of luck. Exactly what he needs to always feel at his best and to make choices with greater serenity, both in the workplace and in the private sector.

Aquarius – A steel owl
Those born under the Aquarius zodiac sign can find a good deal of luck in a little owl. A symbol that gives wisdom and mental clarity but which also acts as protection. A good choice is to choose it in steel or, at most, in lead. Both leagues can protect the natives of the sign by offering them the right amount of luck. Something they don’t always feel the need for but that certainly doesn’t bother them. Time will determine whether or not they will want to continue carrying such an object with them. Alternatively, given the long time they spend at home, they can start by keeping one in their room. Among other things, the view will certainly relax them.

Pisces – A homomorphic
For the natives of the astrological sign of Pisces, who have always been open to other worlds, a perfect lucky charm can be that of the Aomori. A special amulet widely used in Japan and able to ward off negativity and bring good luck. Since the butterfly represents a symbol that suits them well, the natives of the sign could choose it. Inserting it as a reason for their homomores. Alternatively, they can always rely on amethyst, a precious stone for them. It can develop their innate qualities and at the same time a symbol of prosperity and protection. The natives of the sign are so flexible that they can count on more than one lucky charm. And many times, what they feel most suitable for them is the most suitable to take with them. At least at that particular moment in their life.

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