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The stars can also guide you in choosing the best look to choose. Discover yours.

With the arrival of spring, the desire to go out and buy new clothes for the wardrobe becomes bigger and bigger. If you haven’t set out on a mission yet, try to find out which look is perfect for you according to others. You may find new sources of inspiration and renew yourself while having fun at the same time. After all, if the stars can tell you why not try to find out which clothing is the best based on your zodiac sign?

Aries – a refined look
Always brought to stand out, you are no less in clothing where you try to get noticed by creating original combinations where your very personal taste dictates the fashion. This certainly helps you to reach the goal but with the risk of being exaggerated. To get around, try to shift the search for the eccentric with that of a more refined look. Maintain the originality that distinguishes you but reserve it for only one item of clothing at a time, leaving a less showy style for the others. You will stand out more by giving the idea that you have not made the slightest effort to succeed.

Taurus – an accessory-centric look
Your way of dressing is quite casual and often focused more on comfort than aesthetics. An aspect that is fine and you don’t necessarily have to change. To give an extra touch of charm, according to the stars, you could try to enrich your wardrobe by focusing all on details. In order not to upset what you already wear, you can opt for shoes and bags as well as scarves and hats. The look will immediately appear cooler and you just need to combine what you already wear in a different way to complete it all.

Gemini – a cheerful look but not too much
Your innate need to change something about you and your surroundings every day is inevitably reflected in your way of dressing. Among so many tests and combinations you will surely have already understood which style suits you best. Why not try to always keep that by aiming to make it different every day by playing with colors? It will be enough to appear the same garment of several colors and enrich it with small details that are always different such as a small brooch, buttons of different shape and color or a necklace to combine with bags and shoes, changing each time in order to give a new shape to what wear. You will always be at your best without running the risk of getting tired.

Cancer – a vintage and romantic look
The way of dressing that suits you is certainly one in line with your way of being. Try, therefore, to bet everything on vintage dresses or those that recall a refined and feminine look. Wide polka dot skirts, unbuttoned shirts, long dusters down to the feet. Even the accessories will have to follow the same line, following the colors you like best but with an eye to pink in all its shades, especially the light ones like powder pink, very suitable for your style and your way of being.

Leo – an original look
Always destined to excel in everything, even in clothing you do not hesitate to get noticed by preferring clothes that can highlight your figure and choosing colors that are often loaded. There isn’t much to change at your ideal look. The bright colors that you often tend to use are actually suitable for you. Just try not to overdo it in combinations and not always and only focus on color. Sometimes even a more sober outfit but enriched with light points can be intriguing and effective, especially if worn by someone like you who knows how to wear it.

Virgo – the casual look
Sometimes you tend to be less daring than you would like, finding yourself wearing clothes that, while making you feel comfortable, never manage to satisfy you as you would like. For those born under your zodiac sign, a more exuberant look is indicated, made of bold colors and, albeit comfortable and practical, enriched with accessories and references capable of highlighting your femininity.

Libra – the classy look
Your love for style and aesthetics leads you to always be well dressed and with that touch of elegance impossible not to notice. A choice that goes well with your personality but that you could occasionally renew a little, perhaps by adding some more casual clothing such as a flat shoe or jeans combined with a simple t-shirt. Your being sophisticated will remain so and will lead you to give a new image even to those items that you don’t usually consider suitable for your figure. Seeing is believing.

Scorpio – a look with the right colors
Most women born under the sign of Scorpio tend to prefer a black-focused look. In reality, according to others, color should instead take up space in your wardrobe without obviously distorting you. A great alternative is to combine something black with colors like green or purple, in tune with your way of being but able to give you that extra touch that, every now and then, you need. Open the doors to color, then. Choose the one that makes you feel best and dare. You will wonder how you managed to deprive yourself of it for so long.

Sagittarius – a sober look
Your tendency to exaggerate and experiment a little too much with combinations with different colors and designs makes you the ideal candidate for a less bright and, consequently, more sober look. According to the stars, in fact, the choice to play on the shades, starting to opt for the single color or at least for one or two at a time, could make you discover a new way of being, giving you that quadrature that every now and then you seem to need too. Give it a try, to insert something more imaginative, after all, it takes a moment.

Capricorn – a more feminine look
Despite your need to always look for comfort, the stars recommend opting for something a little more feminine as well. Today, after all, it is easy to find comfortable yet refined options in their own way. A dress to combine with flat shoes, for example, can be a good deed. Try to challenge yourself a little and discover your feminine side too often exasperated by jeans and loose sweaters. You will discover a new you that could surprise you positively.

Aquarius – a jaunty look
The right clothing for you is the one that best represents you, making you almost a business card. Your choice to always customize what you wear is not wrong at all, therefore. However, you could complete it all by looking for something more refined, able to speak even more about you and your way of being. Experiment, dare and choose what makes you feel good.

Pisces – a romantic look
Needless to say, the right look for you is the romantic one. Wide skirts, dresses with timid floral references, sweaters enriched with ribbons or tulle and all strictly in pastel colors or romantic shades such as pink, lilac or turquoise. Just follow your taste for beauty and your romantic nature to find what suits you best, best expressing your personality.

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