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Find out which type of car is best for you based on your zodiac sign.

When it comes to cars, everyone’s tastes are very different. There are those who prefer the subcompact, those who prefer the sports car and those who love to change cars as often as possible, trying (at least in dreams) as many models as possible. Even when it comes to means of transport, tastes and preferences depend at least in part on the zodiac sign of each of us and, as often happens with this kind of thing, in certain cases the ascendant can also influence things. . In any case, it will be enough to consult both to immediately understand which type of car is best aligned with our strings. So, today we will explore the world of four wheels, picking up the car model closest to us.

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A car for each zodiac sign

Aries – The sports car
The car that best suits you is, without a doubt, the sports car. Perfect for running where possible and to always feel on the crest of the wave, ready to shoot for distant destinations. Whether it is new or used, this type of car is the one that, more than any other, will make you feel in control of yourself and proud of the miles that you will grind as you go around to destinations to be explored.

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Toro – The city car
Your quiet drive makes you perfect for a city car, to be chosen with as many accessories as possible and in line with your tastes. The car, after all, represents a sort of second home with which to move and for you who love comfort, accessories such as padded seats, comfortable steering wheel and air conditioning are simply indispensable to experience driving as a pleasant moment.

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Gemini – The convertible
One car that can accommodate your constant need to change is the convertible. Being able to use it with or without a roof will make you feel free as never before and will give you the opportunity to vary as often as you want, thus having the illusion of driving more than one car. In addition, driving with a roof made of stars is definitely a pleasant experience, which you, more than anyone else, will be able to appreciate in every nuance.

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Cancer – The Beetle
Its rounded shape is perfectly suited to a romantic person like you who wants to feel safe driving. Furthermore, the aesthetics of the car will give you the opportunity to appreciate every moment spent driving it, making you feel at the top and giving you the opportunity to feel at the same time in the right place even if far from home.

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Leo – The limousine
A perfect car for you is the limousine: large, elegant and impressive as few cars can be. Driving it, or letting a driver drive it, will allow you to never go unnoticed, capturing the attention of those present as only you know and love to do. A machine that seems to have been created especially for you and for your desire to stand out always and in any case.

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Virgo – The suv
A car that represents you well? The SUV that with its size allows you to be able to carry the whole family around, while also flaunting a certain elegance. For you who love that everything makes sense, this machine, especially if you already have a family, is the perfect choice. If you are still single, however, it could be a simple inspiration to treat yourself in view of a not too distant tomorrow or in the presence of hairy people who need a lot of space to be able to travel comfortably.

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Libra – A small car
The model does not matter so much to you as practicality, possibly combined with a little elegance. In fact, a compact car allows you to keep it clean and tidy more easily, simplifying the problem of parking and making the moment of driving extremely pleasant. With the right accessories, it will also be possible to make it glamorous, which is almost as important to you as knowing it is safe and functional.

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Scorpio – The two-seater car
If you haven’t started a family yet, the two-seater car is the best choice you can make. It allows you to feel free and exudes a charm that almost feels like an extension of yours. Furthermore, driving this type of car will not make you go unnoticed, leaving you with a pleasant feeling of safety mixed with the thrill of driving a car that smells of holidays and romantic moments, perhaps to be lived together with your other half.

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Sagittarius – The camper
What better car for an avid traveler like you? Of course, this is more of a second car but it is certainly the one you will feel most yours, as it is able to take you around, allowing you to explore new destinations and travel in a real mobile home. The alternative? If you can’t afford more than one car, then you can always opt for a city car to which you can combine a caravan also for rent but able to give life to your dream of always being ready to leave for new destinations.

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Capricorn – The Jeep
Your need for safety stands aside when it comes to cars. Or rather, it tends to turn into something more adventurous. For you, in fact, the jeep is one of the few cars that can make you feel safe. Driving it makes you feel good and knowing that you can count on a solid structure and on four wheels that can climb wherever it does the rest, giving you a pleasant feeling of familiarity.

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Aquarius – The car with the spoiler
For you a car must have something special. Those with spoilers give you the feeling of driving something special, filling you with pride. Furthermore, the aesthetic side will also be satisfied by covering all the needs you have towards a car.

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Pisces – The vintage car
For a romantic and nostalgic like you, the classic car is ideal. In reality, even a family car can represent the perfect vehicle or a small second-hand utility car, bought and maintained over time. For you, in short, the car is not so important as a status symbol but as something that knows how to communicate timeless emotions. And what’s better than something to bond emotionally with?

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