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Are you a person capable of always understanding who is wrong and who is right? But then you will be first in the ranking of the most righteous signs of the zodiac!

If there were someone capable of claiming to have the truth in their pocket (and then really have it) we would certainly not need this horoscope ranking. Being a new Solomon, in fact, would be really fantastic (as well as, we imagine, very profitable given the times we are !).

Knowing how to judge the human soul, being right, and being able to make the right decision in every situation is absolutely something enviable.
Fortunately, if you’re not on today’s leaderboard, you can at least ask one of the top signers to help you out the next time you need to be… right!

The fairest signs of the zodiac: are you in the ranking today?

Being fair, in addition to being very tiring, is also a pretty good burden. In short, it doesn’t happen every day to know exactly what needs to be done or to be able to clearly establish who is right between two contenders, don’t you think?
The ” right ” people are those who manage, in one way or another, to avoid ending up in unclear or “dangerous” situations.

We can turn to them for help or know what to do when we are in doubt and something is ailing us. Sure, but first we need to know who the right people are in our life, don’t you think?

Today we decided to ask the stars and planets to tell us which are the first five signs of the zodiac is the most correct.
Aren’t you curious to find out if you are in this curious ranking or not?

Scorpio: fifth place

We put Scorpio in fifth place in our ranking because we know well how temptation, often and willingly, can really put him in difficulty.
When he is not distracted by sympathies or his plans, Scorpio easily becomes one of the ” fairest ” signs of the zodiac.

He makes informed decisions, is almost never impulsive, and knows how to give excellent advice. You just have to meet him at a time when he isn’t mad about something or isn’t trying to prevail over others: then his advice from him will be perfect!

Taurus: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Taurus can be truly righteous; they are not people who hold a grudge against others and manage to be truly objective.
Ah, yes, sorry we have forgotten an important detail: those born under the sign of Taurus know how to be “right” only with regard to the situations of others!

Left to themselves, the Taurus will not be able to make the slightest decision, let alone be “right”. Taurus is a sign that it doesn’t
mind recognizing injustices and always knows what the right thing to do is. Too bad he can’t apply his excellent judgments about himself… to himself!

Virgo: third place

Even those born under the sign of Virgo, however hard and angular they may be, are among the fairest signs in the whole zodiac. The Virgo, objectively, sees everything around her for exactly what she is of her. There are few people who pass her exam just as many ” ambiguous ” situations are extremely clear to Virgo!

This is a sign that he does not mind being the ” fairest ” among his circle of friends. Everyone runs to the Virgin to get her opinion of her, which she dispenses without problems. Generally, this sign is very little wrong with the character of others about her: therefore, it is impossible to try to deceive her when she makes decisions!

Leo: second place

In second place in our ranking, we find all those born under the sign of Leo. This is a sign that he has truly great loyalty, an ability to look at everything from a higher perspective than others, and of course great wisdom! Those born under the sign of Leo are people who can be truly righteous and often choose to be.

However, this often exposes them to truly terrible situations. Their friends (or non-friends) take advantage of their good hearts and always manage to wrest forgiveness from them.
Leo, in fact, once recognized and practiced justice, feels that it is also his duty to forgive and move on. The burden of always being right and being right is felt very often!

This is why Leo, despite being in second place in our ranking of the most righteous zodiac signs, is not capable of administering his justice in a complete way. To do this, one would have to be ” harder “: cut ties, close relationships, hold a grudge, or face openly people who escape. For Leo, who used to behave with dignity and temperament, this is practically impossible!

Aquarius: first place in the ranking of the most “right” signs of the zodiac

Sssh, don’t say this too loudly or the Aquarius will end up mounting its head. Yes, because it is precisely all people born under the sign of Aquarius who is in the first position in our horoscope ranking today! Aquarius
is, undoubtedly, the fairest sign of the zodiac: it will certainly not be a surprise for them!

So used to thinking of everything and for everyone, those born under the sign of Aquarius develop a real peripheral “vision” from an early agewhich allows them to see everything at three hundred and sixty degreesAquarius
, in fact, is one of those signs that are never really wrong and is, therefore, able to always give a “correct” opinion to others.

Maybe, often and willingly, they do not communicate the opinion you are looking for with the necessary tact. Often, however, the Aquarius sees us much longer than you and already knows which friends you will no longer see the partners who will cheat on you or the mistakes you will makeThe Aquarius is able to establish precisely what the truth is and make a correct judgment precisely because he does not need others to know what happens. There is always a step ahead!

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