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Find out which wedding ceremony is best suited to each zodiac sign. The answer of the stars, sign by sign.

When thinking about the wedding day, it is usually done well in advance. In this way, you can count on the time needed to better organize every detail. One of the aspects that require more commitment from a management point of view is, without a doubt, the wedding ceremony. That is the big party in which the couple will spend time with friends and relatives. Beyond the dreams and expectations cultivated over time, marriage is certainly a step that takes two. And that therefore must meet the tastes and needs of both.

For this reason, the couple needs to talk and decide in time how to move about it. If in doubt, it is also possible to refer to the stars. Each zodiac sign has different inclinations that make it more or less suitable for a specific ceremony. At that point it will be enough just to combine the predispositions of both, crossing them with everything else to have a way forward. Today, therefore, we will try to understand which is the most suitable wedding reception for each sign of the zodiac.

Wedding: the most suitable ceremony for the various zodiac signs

Aries – The fun wedding
Those born under the astrological sign of Aries need a wedding ceremony that is both cheerful and fun. For them, what matters is feeling the center of attention and doing it while the atmosphere around them is at its peak. Whether it’s a ceremony in a park or on the beach. What matters is that there is a triumphal entry. May the guests be all around them and that every single moment sees them as the only protagonists of their big day. For the rest, it is preferable to avoid too elaborate organizations. At the same time, lavish or overly formal themes should also be avoided. For them, it must be a day of celebration, original and one that will be remembered over time.

Taurus – The wedding with attention to every detail
The natives of the astrological sign of Taurus are people who love things done right. Their wedding day must therefore be perfect in every detail. For them, what matters most is the knowledge that they can spend the day with their loved ones. On the other hand, however, they also need to see that everything around them is as they have always dreamed of. Whether it is the menu, the decoration of the room, or the flowers, everything will have to correspond to their needs.
In some ways, it can be said that they would need a wedding planner. Someone who can think of everything and organize every aspect according to their needs. It is also true, however, that with a little organization and by moving in time they can achieve good results even on their own. What matters is that they make a precise list of what they want. And all to establish everything with precision and not to risk being faced with unexpected events. Which they just can’t stand.

Gemini – The wedding full of mini-events
Those born under the zodiac sign of Gemini have always been against everything ordinary and banal. For their wedding day, they, therefore, need something that makes them happy and thrills them continuously. The ceremony must therefore be able to count on several steps to alternate between them. From the arrival to the photos to the menu to the recreational moments, there should never be a single moment of boredom. Otherwise, the risk is to see them annoyed and unwilling to have fun. After all, it is the zodiac sign that most of all abhor boredom and this must be the aspect on which everything revolves. Once this part is handled, everything else will flow smoothly. And what will interest them most will be knowing how to eat well and have all the people they love by their side.

Cancer – Marriage between a few close friends
The natives of the astrological sign of Cancer are great romantics. And for this reason, they have always dreamed of a wedding ceremony that reflects this side of theirs. At the same time what they need is to be able to share the emotions they feel with the people they love. For this reason, a dispersive marriage is the last thing they need. To make them happy you need an intimate ceremony or with all those present gathered in a single room. In this way, they will be able to be seen by everyone and keep a memory of each person present. And all without risking missing something. Being people who love to live on memories it is also very important that there is someone ready to immortalize every important moment. Both through photos and through a video that you can relate to overtime.

Leo – The gorgeous wedding
Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo love to live in the spotlight. Therefore, for the wedding day, they expect to be the center of attention in a way that is unique and total. First of all, therefore, they need to be able to count on a sumptuous wedding able to surprise everyone. There must be a triumphal entrance, plenty of food, and an environment that makes them feel loved and pampered. From the attention of the photographer to those of those who manage the room, everything must be special. And even in related events, they must always be the focus of each moment. This way they will feel happy and excited. And all by living an unforgettable day and remembering for the rest of their life as one of the most important ever.

Virgo – Conventional marriage
The natives of the Virgo zodiac sign are true traditionalists. For them, therefore, the perfect wedding will have to be as convenient as possible. It is packed with everything you expect to experience on this important day. From the choice of the room to that of the menu up to every single moment, everything must be perfect. The natives of the sign will feel at ease in proportion to how long they will be able to live the marriage they have always imagined and dreamed of. Everything, therefore, depends on considering every aspect of the ceremony and then organizing each phase in detail. In this way, it will be possible to have the wedding they have always dreamed of and that will make them happy as never before.

Libra – The Sophisticated Marriage
Those born under the zodiac sign of Libra love everything elegant. For the wedding day, therefore, they dream of a ceremony that is elegant in a sophisticated way. From the tablecloths to the nuances chosen for the room and up to the menu card, everything must therefore be perfect, showing itself elegant but without exaggeration. An aspect which they can very well take care of themselves is being naturally able to give the right touch to everything that concerns them. Their impeccable taste is after all one of the characteristics that most belongs to them. And which makes it one of the most suitable signs to make the surrounding environment more fascinating. By relying on their tastes, they will be able to enjoy the wedding of their dreams.

Scorpio – The marriage that reflects them
The natives of the zodiac sign of Scorpio are usually introspective and know each other to the point of having very specific ideas about everything. Even when it comes to marriage, they know what to choose for themselves. And that means that for the big day what they want most is a ceremony that reflects them and talks about them. From the colors, they love the most to a menu that will satisfy them, natives of the sign love to surround themselves with special things. Or those that remind them of who they are and that also talk about their love story. Rather than aiming for elegance or a precise style, therefore, the natives of the sign should focus on their world. Which they will be able to do by inserting their songs, the colors of the couple, and mini-events that represent both. This way they will enjoy a real party,

Sagittarius – Recreational marriage
Those born under the astrological sign of Sagittarius are extremely attached to the idea of ​​traveling and going on an adventure. So when they think about marriage they are already on the honeymoon. That said, they too have needs for the ceremony. This must be well organized but above all recreational. The natives of the sign love the idea of ​​making their guests spend a pleasant day. And, of course, they expect to have fun as well. The aspect on which they should focus their attention is therefore the one related to the things to do. An extra point would be to give a theme to the wedding referring to the place chosen for their first trip as married.

Capricorn – The well-organized wedding
The natives of the astrological sign of Capricorn have no great demands on their wedding day. What makes them feel good is knowing they haven’t spent all their savings on organizing it. And, that this is well managed at every stage. In addition to taking care of the menu and the correct exit of the various courses, they will therefore have to worry about all the aspects that concern the guests. And, of course, any recreational moments such as music, games, and the cutting of the cake. In this way, they will be able to feel at ease and enjoy the day both as protagonists and, above all, as guests of their party. After all, this is a day that, first of all, they want to fully enjoy.

Aquarius – The Quiet Marriage
Those born under the astrological sign of Aquarius, first of all, need a ceremony that makes them feel calm. And at the same time that allows him to enjoy every moment without too much stress. Lovers of the serenity of mind (especially theirs), should therefore focus on something for a few close friends. A ceremony with ample space to devote to food and with moments in which to look around. This way they can chat with guests and have some photos taken. This will help them enjoy their day to the fullest. And it will allow him to keep a pleasant memory of it. And all while having fun and just doing what they like best. That is to relax without unnecessary pressure and being alone with the people you want by your side.

Pisces – The dream wedding
The natives of the astrological sign of Pisces are true dreamers. And as such, the wedding day is certainly one of the fantasies they have cherished at least once in their life. For this reason, to be able to live their perfect day, the natives of the sign need something special. That is to be able to relive the wedding day in the way most similar to their dreams. Whether it’s a wedding in a castle, something special on the beach, or a ceremony between a few close friends, little changes. They will have to make sure that they spend time with their loved ones. And all this, surrounding himself together with people who are pleased to have on their most beautiful day. The rest will be one choosing what they love most and inserting it as they can into the ceremony. From music to the choice of dishes and the people to keep closer. It will be by taking care of these details that they will be able to count on a day to carry forever in the heart.

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