The Peace I Feel Now Is Worth Everything I Lost When I Left You

I’m a new person now you’re not in my life. I haven’t gone back to who I was before you. I’m better now.

Before you, I never even knew how messy my life could get. All the love and all the hate made living unbearable. I was many things with you, but never peaceful.

A girl needs her peace. That’s exactly what I got by losing you.

I’m not saying everything between us was bad. Still, the way you challenged everything I thought I knew about myself, love, and relationships kept me on my toes all the time. It was exhausting.

I tried to make us work. I gave everything I had and more. Somehow, it was never enough. There was always something missing. I got tired, I’m sorry.

Leaving you was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I’ve lost so much. All the sweet ways you showed me how much you cared, all the lovely words you used to say to me.

I’ve lost spending every minute of my free time with you, just hanging out. I’ve lost all the delightful plans we had for the future.

I know that. That’s what made leaving so difficult. Still, what I have now is worth even more.

With you, things were never clear. I was never absolutely certain that what you said one day would still be true the next.

When you were having a good day things were perfect, but it was your bad days that were ruining me.

I started feeling lonely, betrayed, unseen. All this was mixed with all the love I had for you and all the love I thought you had for me.

By the end, all we had was a messy web of promises that were never kept, lies that were building up, silences that were no longer pleasant.

Looking back it seems like I lost myself, pushing to keep us alive. Every little piece of my energy went into detangling that horrific web we created.

It couldn’t be untangled. I know that now. There was nothing anyone could do. There were simply too many bad things in our past to hope for a bright, shiny future.

I loved you. I don’t blame you for anything. You helped me learn so many things about life, love, and myself.

You changed many of my perspectives and I’m grateful for that because it changed my life.

The pain from losing you has been replaced by a feeling of accomplishment. It’s been replaced by pride.

I’m so proud of myself for being strong enough to put my life in order. I’m so proud that I know when to stop trying.

You weren’t a waste of my time. Many things in our relationship will remain my most precious memories.

It would sadden me if you thought I abandoned you. I didn’t. I had to go back to finding myself, loving myself, supporting myself.

I’ll never forget you. Our kisses mixed with tears have left a deep mark on my heart. That mark will always be there to remind me of you.

I proudly say I value what I have now more than anything we had, more than anything I lost, when I lost you.

The most important life choices are never easy, and this was the hardest decision I ever had to make. I don’t regret my choice.

There comes a time in life when nothing is more important than allowing yourself to live your best life. My time came once I was done with you.

Me leaving wasn’t an act of ditching you, it was an act of finding myself again – something I desperately needed.

Instead of letting you break me to pieces, I’ve led myself to peace.

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