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Find out which are the most susceptible zodiac signs and what leads them to snap. The opinion of the stars sign by sign.

Being sensitive is not always an easy feature to identify because it depends on many factors and for some people, it can only emerge if provoked on a certain topic.
When someone has this tendency, generally, they end up taking it for nothing, quickly changing their mood or, in the worst case, showing some sides of their way of being that are unpleasant. Susceptible people tend to snap even for a simple sentence and when they do so they lose control, put their faces or trigger discussions that can sometimes lead to real quarrels.

Not everyone reacts in the same way and to the same things and this can lead to confusion and to consider a person susceptible even if usually it is not the other way around. Since being susceptible or not is a way of being that can also be influenced by the stars, today after having seen what is the most suitable dietary advice for each sign of the zodiac and how the various zodiac signs live in love, we will find out what are the more susceptible signs of the zodiac and on which subjects they tend to lose patience the most. Since this is a theme that concerns the way of being and feeling, the advice is to check the ascendant of the various signs. In this way, you will have a better idea of ​​who you are in front of and which are the keys that it would be better to avoid touching.

How susceptible are the zodiac signs

Aries – Rather touchy if you touch them personally
Those born under the sign of Aries love to show themselves to the world as sunny and pleasant people. This need, combined with their need to live simple situations without difficulties, makes them appear as more tolerant people than they are. The natives of the sign always try to let it go so as not to get to the clash but with few results. Even if they would never admit it to anyone, they are very sensitive, especially if you touch them personally. Receiving criticism or being filmed in public are things that freak them out and lead them to be angry with animosity. When this happens, they usually tend to go out as quickly as they got excited.

In a short time, they are angry, however, they tend not to stay in control. And that leads them to say or do things they regret. It is therefore good to always remember that these are very sensitive people and able to prove it in less than a second.

Taurus – Little susceptible unless you touch your loved ones
The natives of Taurus are people of a quiet disposition. For this reason, it is really difficult to see them angry. Even when things do not go as they would like, their reaction is always moderate and aimed at finding a meeting point to make things go in the best way. Like everyone, however, they too have a weakness that lies in the unconditional love they feel for their family and, more generally, for their loved ones. Touching someone they care about can be the spring that can make them jump. When this happens they can lose control, showing a new part of themselves and reacting in such a heated way as to confuse anyone who is in front of them. Usually, they don’t like this side of themselves but when they feel provoked they don’t deny it, aware that you have acted in a certain way only to protect loved ones. One thing they would never regret.

Gemini – A little touchy when they are in a bad mood
Those born under the sign of Gemini have no particular arguments that impact them more than others. In their case, it all depends on the mood of the moment and on the people with whom they relate. If when they are in a good mood they tend to take everything with a smile or, at worst, with certain diplomacy, things change when they are in a bad mood. In this case, they end up in a bad mood that can emerge at any time. The bad thing with them is that in these moments it is not possible to predict if and what can trigger them. If they feel low, heartbroken, nervous, or depressed, they become susceptible to everything. Fortunately, these are hardly ever strong reactions and the duration is very minimal. Later they tend to come back calmer or, in case they have managed to let off steam, even in a good mood. Certainly, they are therefore among the signs of the zodiac less interpretable in this sense. This is why it is always important to be very careful.

Cancer – The extremely susceptible ones… for everything
Cancer natives are known to be touchy and, of course, susceptible. Although they present themselves to others with always sweet and kind ways, it takes very little to make them snap and see them turn into wild beasts ready to attack anyone. There’s typically hardly ever a real trigger, although they tend to feel more pressured when attacking them personally. Having said that, once they explode, they can go on for a long time, keeping their nose and carrying on real cold wars of which most of the time they lose sight of the starting point. The problem with them is therefore linked to the fact that they do not like to be contradicted and that if they feel judged they take it to death, wounded in pride and therefore ready to fight to defend themselves.

Leo – Those on average susceptible if they are contradicted
Those born under the sign of Leo are sunny people who always try to show themselves as winners. Beyond what they live you will always see them ready to smile because the image they want to give to the world is that of people who are self-confident and able to get by in every situation in life. Now and then, however, they too can feel stung to a level that they can no longer pretend. This happens when they feel contradicted or fear they might be overshadowed by someone. When this happens, the result is that they start to change their attitude, appearing piqued and more combative than ever. A way of doing this even if often those who are “guilty” of having hurt them will never know the real reason for their resentment.

Fortunately, the desire to appear superior leads them to recover early and pretend nothing has happened. Too bad that those who have seen them under this unprecedented guise usually find it hard to forget them. Especially because it is a way of being that contrasts with the one usually shown.

Virgo – Those who are very sensitive, especially if you think differently from them
Virgo natives are usually closed and reserved people but with very specific ideas about everything that concerns them. Unaccustomed to comparison, they tend to experience opinions different from their own badly because instead of taking them as a starting point to grow, they tend to experience them as a personal affront from which to defend themselves. When this happens, they can take it to death and become grumpy and aggressive. A way of doing things that has a variable duration but which once exhausted sees them return exactly as before. The problem with them is that when they take it for something, they completely lose control by saying and doing things that can hurt others even in extreme ways. For this reason, even when it passes them, likely, those who have had to deal with them will no longer be able to see them as before.

Libra – Those who are not very sensitive and only when they feel hurt
Those born under the sign of Libra are extremely quiet people with a rationality that allows them to tackle any topic with clarity and inner calm. However, they too may find themselves in situations that can lead them to be more susceptible than usual. This usually happens when they feel hurt. The feeling of having been disappointed, betrayed, or simply hit for no apparent reason causes them pain that pushes them to the limit. Nevertheless, their first reaction is always to keep everything to themselves, continuing to appear rather diplomatic even if a little cold. If they are repeatedly stung on the life, however, they can snap.

When this happens it is always in an almost calm way, of short duration, and with contained anger but able to strike in a precise way. A way of doing things that they put into action a few times in life but that when it happens usually leads them to end relationships forever, without any possibility of second thoughts.

Scorpio – Those quite sensitive to those who harm them
The natives of Scorpio are notoriously vengeful people and who do not fear confrontation. Beyond their fame, they are people who always try to act calmly and never hurt anyone. Extremely tied to a deep sense of justice, however, they have several things that can trigger them. When they feel personally affected or when they believe there is an innocent victim of some injustice, their fighting side takes over. Usually, these are immediate reactions that lead them to act quickly and resolve what is making them sick. In other cases they can take it without showing it, harboring revenge and waging an invisible haste war of which only they are aware. Either way, dealing with their anger is always highly dangerous.

Sagittarius – Those susceptible randomly
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius live life in periods. For this reason, it can often be difficult to understand what they think or how they might react to certain events. They certainly know how to be very touchy and able to shoot even for the smallest things. Much depends, however, on who they have in front of them and on the moment they are living. If in a good mood they can react calmly, especially if the “culprits” are people whom they trust. If not, their reaction can be extreme and even unpleasant.

Their biggest problem is that when they snap for something, then they can’t go back anymore, continuing to attack whoever is in front of them even if the cause has long since run out. For this reason, it is good to avoid hitting them on the quick or, understand that you have done it until you have time to fix everything quickly.

Capricorn – Those are not very touchy but touchy
The natives of Cancer have a very personal way of experiencing the situations that concern them. When it comes to susceptibility, it can be said that they are not so at all. And this is because they rarely get angry letting everything flow on them. The truth, however, is that this is only what happens on the surface. When they live something badly, in fact, they also take it a lot, avoiding however to show it. This leads them to become cold and to tie every little lack on their finger. Thus, it can happen that sooner or later they break out and that they do it even for things so old that they are the only ones to remember them.

An attitude that hardly leads them to clarify and that most of the time risks creating conflicts and misunderstandings which, on the other hand, could be resolved in a very different way. For this reason, when they appear strange, it is always best to ask them for explanations, hoping for an honest answer.

Aquarius – Those are almost not at all sensitive but that if they snap they do it to the maximum
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are among the quietest signs of the zodiac. Not particularly fond of having to interact with others, they try to avoid any possible confrontation. When something does not go as they would like, they prefer to close in on themselves and wait for it to pass. This way they avoid quarrels and always appear as quiet and peaceful people. Every so often, however, especially when under pressure, they can freak out and snap. This happens when a problem keeps recurring over and over again, representing the classic straw that can overflow the camel’s back. A situation that puts them in serious difficulty and leads them to react violently. However, these are very rare cases that may never occur.

Pisces – Those susceptible only to injustices
The natives of Pisces are people who know each other thoroughly and who know and understand others as well. Empaths like few others, always know how to make those around them feel good. This leads them to always remain calm, also managing to solve any problem thanks to their innate resilience. Taking it for something is therefore very rare unless it represents injustice in their eyes. In this case, they can unleash the worst of themselves, becoming cold and distant and hitting those in front of them without any second thoughts. If they realize they don’t need to use empathy, they can become completely unpredictable. Which means seeing them act as they feel and almost always ending relationships. Something that rarely happens, but when it does it is forever.

If they feel that someone does not deserve their forgiveness, in fact, they no longer even bother to think about it. A situation that concerns, however, only those who act badly and for which, if you are in good faith, there is no need to worry.

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