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There are people who, in love affairs, are used to giving nothing to others. Do you want to know if your partner could also be one of these people? Let’s find out the ranking of the most selfish signs in love!

Selfishness and love are certainly two words that go very little together: how is it possible that someone is selfish if they are in love?
Sure, it happens to everyone sooner or later, to behave in a way selfish: maybe it’s because of a special time in our lives or perhaps, unfortunately, is simply because of what we are.

How about: is it worth finding out if your boyfriend is one of the zodiac signs used to taking everything in love and giving in return … practically nothing? Here is today’s horoscope ranking!

The most selfish signs in love: will you be there in today’s zodiac ranking?

Okay, come on, don’t be afraid: if you think your partner may be in the ranking of the most selfish zodiac signs in love, this article will help you see the truth.
Oh yes, it happens to everyone, sooner or later, to come across a relationship that does nothing but suck us, figuratively but also literally, strength and energy.

The reason is very simple: we have at our side someone who is truly selfish and thinks only of himself.
We could say even more: he is in love only with himself and leaves it to you to create and carry on the relationship!

Let’s find out, according to stars and planets, who could be the five most selfish zodiac signs in love.
It’s not like you and your partner are in the rankings, are you?

Capricorn: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Capricorn have a ” structural ” defect when they approach love relationships. They think that everything has to happen naturally and that, therefore, there is no need to make an effort! Even worse: Capricorn believes that if you have to put in the effort, yours is not true love.

Of course, they are often loyal at the edge of their strength and when they fall in love they can be truly loyal. However, it is very difficult to get them out of their shell, in which they hide convinced that they deserve everything and do not have to give so much in return.
It takes a lot of patience with Capricorns: if you are engaged to a person of this sign, we can only wish you good luck!

Pisces: fourth place

Yes, even those born under the sign of Pisces earn a place (surprisingly) in the ranking of the most selfish signs in love.
But what is the reason? Simply (more or less) the Fish are generally people who love you always need to have someone close.

They do not do it out of malice but this attitude of theirs often translates into truly shocking selfishness.
For Pisces, the partners are almost equivalent and, often, they have one even if they are not really in love. The result? The Fish take as they could give back and very little!

Aries: third place

Even those born under the sign of Aries can be truly selfish in love. For Aries, only their world and their person counts … the others are equal to simple “accessories”!
The Aries can not help but be selfish in love because, often, they are in life!

Only they exist: the biggest problems, the most deserved successes, or the award as a person of the year, according to the Aries, are all the prerogative of the Aries.
Well, you get: they are so self-centered that must not be loving and able to give to others … without putting themselves in the first place!

Leo: second place

Is there anyone more selfish in love than those born under the sign of Leo? Um, of course, the answer is yes since they are only in second place in our horoscope ranking today! This does not mean, however, that those born under the sign of Leo are not unselfish people in love, on the contrary!

The Lion is a sign that you really feel like the king or queen of the world and, therefore, think you’re doing a favor to others by allowing him to her attention!
For this reason, then, Leos always expect others to commit to them and spend all their time gazing in a kind of mirror of the soul.

It is impossible, or almost impossible, to make Leos understand that they too must put effort into the relationship, that they must support their partner, compliment him or make him feel loved.
Like? Is there anyone outside of Leo? For Leos, the answer is no: the most important is them and only them!

Gemini: first place in the ranking of the most selfish zodiac signs in love

They want it all and they want it now; pity, however, that in exchange they do not want to give anything to anyone!
Who are we talking about? Ah, but of course the kings and queens of selfishness in love, those born under the sign of Gemini.

This is a particularly difficult sign to understand since, more often than not, he doesn’t have the faintest idea of ​​what he wants from life.
Does Gemini want to be with you? Doesn’t he want to be with you? Does he want you to think only of him and not be with anyone else?
They do not know the answer but they will not stop asking you for blind and absolute fidelity as well as carrying on the relationship practically alone.

Dear Gemini, you know very well that you are particularly selfish in love most of the time and that this leads you to ruin a lot of relationships.
Now that you have been ” unmasked ” maybe it is time to stop … don’t you think?

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