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Find out which are the most pessimistic signs of the zodiac.

In life, you know, there are those who tend to see the glass always half full and those who cannot help but see it empty. A diversity that very often defines people at least in part, dividing them between positive and negative ones. It is not difficult, in fact, to find people who, despite adversity, always have a smile on their face unlike others who, on the other hand, cannot really enjoy what life offers them, focusing only on the negative aspects. Beyond the problems or difficult times that everyone may experience sooner or later, that being positive or negative it is often a particularity with which one is born and which is very difficult (but not impossible) to change. To determine it, at least in part, as often happens for many aspects of life, the stars come into play and, as we now know, influence the zodiac signs. Today, we will try to understand which ones are unable to find the positive side of things. As often happens, when it comes to emotions or ways of being, it is also good to check the ascendant, as in these cases it can act a lot on the attitude one has towards life.

The most pessimistic zodiac signs of all

Gemini – Those who always look for the worst side in others
Gemini is among the most complex signs of the zodiac. Their duality in fact pushes them to show more than one way of being, which will tend to change cyclically. Their real problem is that when it comes to others, their tendency is mostly negative, so much so that they always seek the worst in the people around them and especially in those who really care. One of the problems of Gemini is in fact that of feeling really bad when it comes to emotional ties and it will be enough for them to get burned once to leave all the others prevented. A way of doing things that is really difficult to change but that with a little commitment could at least be mitigated by giving them a way to get closer to others in a more natural way, thus being able to understand them better than they do when they are in their negative mode.

Cancer – Those highly moody
The natives of Cancer are extremely moody rather than negative. This sudden change of their way of being leads them to experience both modalities in an excessive way. And if positivity is never enough, it is quite different when it comes to negativity. For them, in fact, even the slightest wrong or a lack is enough to immediately fall victim to the blackest pessimism. A sort of spiral that tends to suck anyone around it inside. Often inconsolable, they manage to find their smile again only when they arrive at the next “moon change”, finally feeling ready to turn the page. Be careful, however, because at the next moment of negativity, they are able to dust off grudges and sadness related to the past, discovering them more alive than ever.

Virgo – The always super pessimistic ones
Those born under the sign of Virgo are the most pessimistic in the entire zodiac. Theirs is a pessimism that comes from the concern for what surrounds them and the desire to make everything perfectly. Unfortunately, as in a vicious circle, their mania for control tends to give life to negative thoughts that get bigger and bigger, engulfing them in a real vortex of uncontrollable pessimism that risks involving others as well. Virgo natives, in fact, are unable to hide their emotions and when they enter negative mode they seem enveloped in a halo of darkness to which their hyper-criticism is added that they often use on others, attacking them with even unsolicited opinions, risking so as to remove even those around him. The only possible solution? Try to block negative thoughts in their tracks by trying to focus your attention on something else.

Capricorn – Those who always expect the worst… from everything
Those born under the sign of Capricorn have an extremely negative outlook on life. While trying to appear positive, they too often end up giving in to their fear of losing control and being in bigger situations than themselves. For this reason, they are practically adept at finding the downside of everything, starting with situations that could be potentially dangerous to endless ways that others could hurt both them and their own cases. In short, theirs is a life seen absolutely through very thick black lenses that over time risk being contagious and therefore perceptible even by those who live with them. An aspect that can tire and lead others to distance themselves.

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