And which zodiac sign has the biggest problems with jealousy? The taurus . This is because he is generally possessive and also very stubborn. If he thinks he knows something, it is so. Unfortunately, this also applies to suspicions at the partner.

“Jealousy is what zealously seeks what creates suffering.”

Of course, the behavior varies from person to person (and also depends on the ascendant). The biggest influencing factors are probably your own self-esteem and the intensity of the bond with your partner. If the relationship is stable and you treat each other openly, the bull feels much more secure and does not go up in the palm of your hand so quickly. When, however, “defended” the partner must regularly, the partners of bulls can attract ever warm. Then they start at the bit to scratch and go into attack position. However, since they are not the most contentious zodiac signs, this feeling and anger eats them up from the inside. So take good care of your bulls. You can’t help it … The great thing about bulls is that they are super loyal themselves and would never cheat on their partner.

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