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Find out which are the most independent zodiac signs of all and which are not at all.

Having an independent disposition is not something for everyone. Some people always need to rely on others to live and who, without external support, are unable to proceed as they would like. On the contrary, some need to make their own decisions independently and whose spirit of independence is such as to push them to need their own spaces.

Ways of being practically the opposite and that can depend on the character, on the experiences lived and, as often happens in these cases, on the influence that the stars exert on each of us. For this reason, today we will try to find out which are the most independent zodiac signs and which, on the other hand, are not at all.

Astrology: The most independent zodiac signs and those that are not at all

Aries – Those who are independent only for certain things
I was born under the astrological sign of Aries they are people who like to be independent and self-confident. In reality, however, they always need to know what others think of them. This is the feedback that helps them have a clearer idea of ​​how to move and that gives them confidence. However, their way of handling it is often difficult to understand as if on the one hand they love to rely on third parties, on the other, they need their freedom. Which if it fails makes them particularly nervous. It is therefore a sign with reactions that are often difficult to predict and which in some ways can be difficult to treat. However, to get the better of and hope for relationships that are as serene as possible, it is always good to remember that while never making them lack your presence, it is convenient to leave them the feeling of feeling as free as they can.

Taurus – Those who are more independent than you think
The natives of Taurus are people who love to be able to enjoy their interpersonal freedom. This aspect is reflected in different aspects of their life ranging from the personal to the working sphere. While always loving to have a comparison, at least with the people they love, the natives of the sign need in fact to always feel the possibility of being able to decide for themselves. They also find satisfaction in carving out different personal spaces in which to do what they want and in the way they prefer it. A way of doing that is essential for them to be able to live peacefully and in maximum relaxation. Another aspect that they consider fundamental. Even if they love to surround themselves with the people they love, therefore, this aspect should not be confused with their ability to manage themselves. Among all the signs they are in fact among the most independent of the zodiac.

Gemini – Those who are not all that independent
Those born under the sign of Gemini are people who like to make their decisions freely. However, before doing so, they always prefer to have someone they can ask their opinion from. Although they are free spirits, they turn out to be less independent than you think. This is because they always need to relate to others. Added to this is their always wanting to be able to rely on trusted people. Aspects that while not interfacing with each other make them less independent people than one would be ready to swear by simply observing them. Gemini, after all, despite their desire for life, alone can hardly ever feel complete and this is probably the biggest reason why they always need someone they can rely on at every moment of their life.

Cancer – Those who are not independent at all
The natives of Cancer are among the least independent signs of the zodiac. The relationship with others is something fundamental for them to the point of defining their very existence. While always wanting to do everything on their own, they need to have someone close to them they can count on. At the same time, they always need approval from the people they care about. Support without which they feel lost, becoming easily irritable. Not at all interested in proving that they are what they are not when they feel challenged or in some way provoked, they may end up trying to detach themselves from the people they perceive as judgmental and challenge the sort for independence. The latter, however, will never be a goal they can yearn for. Because although they are perfectly capable of being self-sufficient in everything, emotionally they will always need to have someone to lean on. A detail that those who frequent them should always keep in mind.

Leo – Those who are less independent than they would like
Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo, however strong and able to cope in any situation, are among the least independent signs. This depends on the bond they establish with those around them and, in particular, with the emotional dependence they have with others. For them, being the center of attention is key and that makes them somewhat dependent. Acting for themselves and being the only judges of what they do is an aspect that they cannot control and that too often ends up getting out of hand. So, even if in theory they aspire to show themselves completely independent, in practice they are not at all, thus depending on others. One thing that does not always live in the best way. Especially when the judgments of others make them feel under pressure and therefore unable to fully affirm their freedom.

Virgo – Those who are independent
Although the natives of the sign need to know that there is always someone ready to stand by them in case of need, independence is one of their main characteristics. Autonomous in everything they need to spend some time with themselves, keeping away from those who are affections or everyday acquaintances. Confident and highly judgmental, they do not like being too much among people, preferring the possibility of enjoying them only in small doses. If this is combined with their obstinate character and the inability to manage relationships with others, it is easy to understand that knowing how to be alone is a form of need for them. An aspect that the natives of the sign know how to take care of perfectly and that they live with relative naturalness. Aware and able to accept their way of being. For all these reasons, dealing with them can be difficult and not always pleasant. Especially if you have a clear idea of ​​the type of relationship you want to have.

Libra – Those halfway to independence
Those born under the zodiac sign of Libra are more independent than they think. They are so because they can manage their things and because even to make important decisions they rarely need to rely on someone. Nonetheless, he likes the idea of ​​having trusted people to surround himself with and share the most important moments of their life with. This way of making them roughly halfway through and therefore ready to be independent but at the same time clinging to the possibility of living as they prefer the situations in which they find themselves. A way of doing which they are aware of and for which they do not care at all. Certain as never before to be able to live the experiences they undergo from time to time as best they can believe. Dealing with us can therefore be a bit unsettling but always extremely fun.

Scorpio – The independent ones only in certain respects
The natives of Scorpio are not among the most independent signs. And it can seem very strange as they are extremely capable of looking after themselves. They don’t need to have someone around to make decisions or to carry on with their life. Nonetheless, they are people who love the idea of ​​having someone around. So when they bond deeply with a person, they always end up creating a unique relationship. And so tight that it takes away some of their innate ability to do it all on their own. Since it is something wanted, however, they tend to experience it as a pleasure and never as a constraint. If it were the other way around, in fact, they would know very well how to abstract themselves. When they want, for example, they can distance themselves and live according to their way of thinking. A unique and difficult way to understand and find around. In short, these are signs that are difficult to interpret and that in some ways can be considered unpredictable. Although he likes emotional addiction, in fact, they always have limits, it is never advisable to overcome them.

Sagittarius – Those who are quite independent
Those born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius are among the most independent signs of the zodiac. Lovers of travel and life spent outdoors and in good company, they always want to experience new adventures and meet people. Knowing how to manage themselves more than efficiently, they do not feel the need to create emotional dependencies. And when they do, they risk easily feeling oppressed and eager to flee. It must be said that by often changing their minds, in the long run, they could also get tired of their much-desired freedom. To interact with them it is, therefore, important to know how to be there when they need it and to distance themselves whenever they are impatient. A constant ride on a roller coaster can make life a little more complicated. Which for those who love risk can even be fun, especially with signs so moody and led to change.

Capricorn – The quite independent ones
Capricorn natives have traits that make them able to establish relationships of real addiction. At the same time, however, they are moving on a track of their own in which the need for freedom is extremely important. When they have to do with others, they feel the constant need to assert their freedom and the possibility of managing themselves in a completely autonomous way. This sending out conflicting signals tends to make relationships with others rather complex. Although they always like to have someone who depends on them, at the same time they crave the freedom that if not satisfied can lead them to be nervous. Dealing with them, therefore, means knowing how to manage the unexpected and being able to understand their constant push and pull that makes them people who are sometimes really difficult to deal with.

Aquarius – Those who are extremely independent
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are among the most independent signs of the zodiac. Their need to feel autonomous and to live moments alone with themselves makes them rather detached and completely in need of human contact. Although they love to make friends hang out with from time to time, most of the time they prefer to do things on their own. This aspect is also reflected in work, where working as a team is extremely unpleasant for them. The natives of the sign need their time to think and to come to important conclusions. Time without which they would feel deprived of something important, becoming nervous and difficult to deal with. To get along well with them it is, therefore, essential to be quite independent in turn. Only in this way, in fact,

Pisces – Those who are not that independent
The natives of Pisces are signs who know how to get by in all situations and who know how to do it very well on their own. Making decisions is something that comes naturally to them and when they do they don’t need the opinion of third parties. However, they are not among the most independent signs as their need to be with others is extremely strong. The natives of the sign can manage their own spaces. But, even though they love those to be dedicated only to themselves, they need to feel connected to someone. And this is the aspect that most of all make them somewhat dependent. An aspect that they carry on while remaining people able to be fully themselves even by themselves. To deal with them it is, therefore, necessary to understand them, have a common point of view, and the desire to establish a special connection.

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