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The most important lesson you have to learn about love. Based on your zodiac sign.

The most important lesson you have to learn about love. Based on your zodiac sign.


You cannot repair the destroyed parts of a heart from someone else. You are a “healer” by nature, but some things have to heal themselves, as difficult as it is for you to understand, but that’s the way it is. It is time for you to learn this lesson. 


Not every kiss ends with a happy ending. You my dear bull have to learn that love is not always rainbows and butterflies. It is not always exciting and love is not always a great and exciting adventure. Sometimes love just hurts.

Sometimes it is just chaotic and consists of a lot of drama. But love is all of these things together and that’s what makes them so special. Learn to love the chaos of others, even if we all know that you hate chaos and disorder in your life.


The twin is always looking for the “perfect” partner. But if you are constantly looking for a perfect person, you will no longer notice and appreciate all the wonderful imperfect people around you. Stop looking for the perfect relationship and appreciate the one you have in front of you. 


It’s perfectly okay to have your heart on your tongue my dear cancer. Let love in. Be vulnerable. You are a sensitive being and there is nothing wrong with showing it to the world.

People will admire your vulnerable and they may realize that being loved by someone like you is not “pending”, it can just be beautiful. 


Not everyone can handle your energy. You love in a passionate way and with everything you have. We all love so differently that it cannot be explained in so few words.

You have to learn dear lion that only because someone loves someone other than you, that does not necessarily mean that you are not loved. Love is whatever you want my lion. 


Someone’s imperfection can be something that suits you perfectly. You will never find someone who is perfect. Love is far from perfect and perfect and that’s the most beautiful thing about love. Find someone whose imperfection

Enriched your life. Love the mistakes and quirks and remember that you are not perfect either. We have all the rough edges and there is no perfection among us humans. Don’t forget that, dear virgin.


Love is always a compromise. It’s about dedication and equating differences so things can work. It’s not about being right or being fair. There is also a perfect balance my dear Libra.

Love cannot always be 50/50. It is too unpredictable, too spontaneous and too bizarre for that. It’s something bigger than ourselves, so stop trying to control love. 


Love is all about trust. So learn to trust, not only the other, but also yourself. Rather trust yourself Scorpio. Learn to listen to your intuition rather than your need for control. If you have no trust, you end up with nothing.


If you give the wrong people too many chances, you may miss the right one for yourself. If you always chase after that that hurts you, then you will miss the great love that you undoubtedly deserve. You are awesome. You’re unbelievable. And you deserve a love that loves you back for exactly what you are. 


To protect your heart, we will never work for long. At some point someone comes through the wall that you raised to protect. Let love come into your life and don’t hold back yourself.

Go with the river and let it happen. Live in the moment. The greatest stories begin when we least expect them and we don’t look for them. 


Aquarius can stay yourself even if you love someone. You can still be the wild, brave and independent person you have always been, even in a relationship. You can combine your independence and your love life. Remember before you push someone away from you because you love your life and your freedom so much. 


You are a work of art, even if no one is looking. But love will not save you from your inner demons. It will not be able to erase your past and will not make you forget your hardest struggles, love can only comfort you in difficult times. It motivates you to be a better version of yourself every day.

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