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Find out which are the most generous signs of the zodiac and which are the least. The opinion of the stars sign by sign.

Being generous is a quality that is not for everyone and that, even if we don’t always realize it, can be expressed in a thousand different ways. Some people are more predisposed to be lavish in giving gifts, others care about offering time and attention. And then some give their heart without hesitation, showing an out-of-the-ordinary generosity.

Since being generous is an aspect that like many others is linked to the influence that the stars have on each of us, today we will try to deepen it about the various zodiac signs. So let’s find out how generous the various signs of the zodiac are and how they tend to be. A way like any other to get to know each other better and to have a more accurate point of view on those around us.

The zodiac signs are extremely generous and those who are a little less so

Aries – Those who are not very
I was born under the zodiac sign of Aries they are not among the most generous signs of the zodiac. This doesn’t mean they don’t have ways to communicate affection as well. However, these are sporadic cases and such that they do not exactly constitute their way of being. The natives of the sign are interested more than anything else in themselves. And this leads them to often show themselves selfish towards others or in any case not particularly generous. When they decide to indulge in some special gesture it is above all because they expect something in return. For them too, however, there are due exceptions. When they truly love someone or when they are so happy that they want to share their joy with others, they tend to be more outgoing and, consequently, more generous. Be careful not to get used to it, though. Because basically, they remain people dedicated especially to themselves.

Taurus – The generous ones but not too much
The natives of Taurus, strange as it may seem, are less generous than you think. This does not mean that they are not, but that although they appear to be people ready to spend a lot for others, in reality, they have a much more rational vision of life. And this, needless to say, leads them to consider several factors before making any possible move. Having said that, now and then, especially if moved by strong and sudden emotions, they too tend to get carried away. And they do it in particular from what they feel and in these cases they become generous. Their way of being almost always translated into giving. So it is likely that they give some gifts or decide to dedicate all their time to a particular person. Even with them, however, one should not take this as the rule. Because the risk would be to be disappointed. The natives of the sign can also experience long moments closed in on themselves. And they do it by showing their generosity just when nothing is expected of them. Which, to be honest, is also part of their charm.

Gemini – The generous ones based on the moments
Those born under the sign of Gemini are usually instinctive. And this can lead them to gestures of true generosity that are usually reflected in the people they love. Even for them, however, it cannot be said that they are among the most generous signs of the zodiac. And all because they are unpredictable and able to alternate moments of total openness with others of unexplained but evident closure. Emotional and dual, they have no way of expressing themselves that is regular. And that leads them to simply do what they feel at the moment. It must be said, however, that when they feel they are opening up to someone they become extremely generous. Which leads them to give gifts, to give their time, and to open up completely. A gift that when it arrives is so special that it remains imprinted even after some time. The reason why, those who know them well and are connected to them, he doesn’t care much about moments of absence. Because they’re being special repays any expectations or doubts given by their attitude.

Cancer – Those less generous than it seems
The natives of Cancer are one of the signs that, when it comes to generosity, tend to confuse those around them the most. If their ways of acting lead to think of a generosity of spirit common to a few, with the facts they show instead of more rigid than one would expect. This is because their sweetness tends to mislead people. And it does so by leading them to believe that they are willing to do much more than they intend. A problem that obviously does not affect them in the least and which they do not even seem to care about. Those who deal with them, however, should be careful and not get ideas that over time could lead to disappointments. Better to take what comes without too many expectations.

Leo – The fairly generous ones
Although no one would swear by it, those born under the zodiac sign of Leo are surprisingly generous enough. Of course, their ego will never allow them to be among those who are more within the zodiac, nevertheless when they want they know how to show generosity. However, it is a way of doing things that they only implement with the people they care about. If you are dealing with them but without being intimate it is, therefore, more than useless to expect any kind of momentum. In this case, each of their positive gestures will only be circumstantial and fine-tuned for a very specific purpose. However generous, therefore, these are signs from which it is always good to beware. Especially if you are in the workplace or in situations where you are competing for some reason. Go ahead instead for relatives and friends. But they too they will always have to take into account the fact that the natives of the sign expect recognition for what they do. In fact, in their absence, the desire to be generous could suddenly vanish.

Virgo – The surprisingly generous ones
Quite surprisingly, the natives of Virgo turn out to be quite generous. Something that would not be expected of them given their reserved nature, excessive rationality, and tendency to judge and criticize others. Yet, when you need them, they can be truly generous. One thing they do mostly from a material point of view. And all because they have serious difficulties in interfacing differently with the neighbor. Indulging in effusions is something that does not belong to them and aware of this, they always try to do their best in the ways they can. Giving gifts, lending a practical hand, and solving problems are, for example, the ones they feel comfortable with. Of course, being generous does not exclude the above. After the gesture, then, it is likely that they will cheer it on or make it weigh in some way if they are in a bad mood. On the other hand, you can’t want everything right?

Libra – Those who are generous enough
Those born under the zodiac sign of Libra are fair people and with a great sense of justice. This often leads them to be generous, albeit not in a striking way. When they do something for others they do not care that it is known around. Indeed, they try to do everything so that it goes unnoticed. This is because their generosity is completely sincere and therefore devoid of any ulterior motives. An aspect that makes them special in their way and that helps the people who are dear to them feel important. That said, they will never indulge in sensational gestures because as Libra natives, they tend to be moderate and always perfectly balanced. Thanks to their way of doing it, however, they are among the generous signs. And even if they do not finish on the podium, they are always reliable people who can be counted on at all times.

Scorpio – The quietly generous ones
The natives of Scorpio are among the most generous in the zodiac. However, they are silent and without arousing suspicion. In some ways, they prefer not to make their way of being known, demonstrating it with facts only when needed. As a rule, they are not generous to anyone but only to the people they care about and whom they believe they can blindly trust. Their way of being generous at least partly depends on it. A way that is usually expressed in gifts but above all in time spent for others and in the ability to put those they love first. A rather rare way of doing things that, once experimented, really makes a difference. Especially for those who, having to do with them, can experience it firsthand. Experience that is not forgotten because it is certainly full of meaning,

Sagittarius – The seemingly generous ones
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are, at least in appearance, generous people. When they have to do with others they are always sociable and ready to listen. They also always tend to share what they have and promise seas and mountains. In reality, however, these are people who think first of all about themselves. And that for this reason, they are not very reliable in some respects. If they suddenly feel the need to dedicate themselves to themselves, they end up forgetting whoever is around them. And they do it by putting aside friends, relatives, and all forms of generosity. After all, what they care about most has always been their well-being, and more than determined to achieve it, they are willing to do anything, including disappointing the expectations of others. For this reason, despite having the intentions,

Capricorn – The generous ones in their way
Capricorn natives also have a very personal way of being generous. If when they can they always try to give something to others, in front of commitments or things that they consider urgent, they can give up anyone. Even if it’s someone who needs them. Nonetheless, they never hesitate to make promises that when not kept tend to become a problem. Especially for those who believed in it and find themselves facing unnecessary frustration. Unfortunately, this is a way of doing things that they cannot control. And for which they cannot be included in any way among the most generous signs of the zodiac. A real shame if you think that when they have a way they are capable of important gestures towards others. And sometimes even towards people they hardly know.

Aquarius – Those not very generous
Those born under the astrological sign of Aquarius are not exactly generous people. The thing that matters most to them is to feel good and it can be said that they are more inclined to enjoy the generosity of others than to do it for others. Often closed in on themselves, they have no way of easily interacting with their loved ones and this blocks them. For the rest, there is the selfish part that tries to make them abstract from any possible problem that is not their own. That’s not to say they aren’t there for friends and people they care about. When it comes to generosity, however, they are often not inclined to show it, and if they do it is for extreme and sporadic cases. Fortunately, they don’t usually lie about their way of being. Thus, no one expects anything and this means that when any small gesture comes, it is appreciated as if it were something unique.

Pisces – The extremely generous ones
The natives of Pisces are perhaps the most generous sign of the zodiac. Empaths are always eager to know that others are okay. This makes them the few people who truly enjoy doing good to others. For this reason, their generosity is expressed with everyone, from friends to strangers. They are balanced enough to know how to dose things. And this leads them to give those they love much more attention than they would give to a stranger. Nonetheless, when they can, I am always ready to listen, help and perform real acts of generosity. Such as to win the heart of those around him. And this even if most of the time they tend to do things without being understood or known around.

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