It is useless to ignore it: some people are very insincere in life! Today we want to unmask them thanks to the ranking of the most false signs of the zodiac: it is not that you are also among the top positions, are you?

Sometimes it happens to notice it immediately and sometimes, instead, to notice it too late.
What are we talking about? Ah, but only of all the fake people, you will come across in life!

Unfortunately, this is a very common condition, for which almost every day you meet someone who pretends to be … well, someone else!
The reasons are varied and some people are more good to be fake than the others: this does not mean, however, that the stars can help us to find them!

The most false signs of the zodiac: let’s see who is in today’s horoscope ranking

In the ranking of today’s horoscope, we decided to deal with a record unflattering.
What are we talking about? But of that of falsehood!

There are so many people who, every day, rely on a mask to move forward in life.
Maybe it’s the fellow who smiles at you and then gossips about you with bosses or that friend that you use to have someone to go on vacation every year but not there ever for you in time of need.

Maybe again, unfortunately, it is an attitude of yours that you learned as a child and that you have never abandoned. To discover (or, rather, unmask ) the most false of the zodiac, today we asked the stars and planets for a hand. Here is the ranking of the top five positions of the most false signs of the whole horoscope and also on what they lie the most. Aren’t you curious to find out who is in the first position?

Cancer: fifth place

Okay, yes. Those born under the sign of Cancer can be loving, maternal, and even very kind when they want but this does not mean that … they also know how to be decidedly false!
Whether it’s a smile to connect to work before sparlarne a great voice with everyone or just the way they ignore the others, those born under the sign of Cancer can be very false.

For Cancer, sincerity is due … only to them! Others have to adapt to their way of seeing life. And Cancer knows that he is always right, much more than others (or, at least, that’s what they say ).

Virgo: fourth place

They laugh, joke, and have no problem welcoming anyone into their circle of friends. Too bad for a small detail, which many people ignore: those born under the sign of Virgo can be truly ( but truly ) false!

The Virgin has a truly fascinating way of doing what, unfortunately, is not exactly representative … of her true personality!
You can be sure that the Virgin will have scanned from head to foot, and he found something that still did not like. She will never tell you, however, and, above all, she will never admit to others that there is only one person who is good in life.
The Virgin herself! They are too false to say… well, this little truth!

Gemini: third place

Who else but Gemini could earn the top step of the podium of our ranking of the most false signs of the zodiac?
The twins are among the most false people will ever encounter … or almost, because there are two positions above them!

Unfortunately, those born under the sign of Gemini live a decidedly bizarre dichotomy. On the one hand, we can truly say that they are spontaneous and worry-free people: they do what they want when they want it and without regard for anyone’s feelings! On the other hand, rather than telling the truth to others but above all to themselves, the Gemini would prefer to go to the gallows. It is not unusual to find that a Gemini has completely changed their life, job, and city rather than having an open heart conversation with someone,

without saying falsehood.
In short: the Gemini are nice guys!

Aries: second place

Even those born under the sign of Aries, as far as falsehood is concerned, are not joking!
It is less of an attitude that is put into practice in a way unconscious, as a way of life that, at least according to Aries, take them on without problems.
The Aries, in fact, firmly believe in the fact that the comparison should be the least traumatic possible.

Here, then, that can push through months or even years before you confront someone and ask him for an account of what has happened.
In the meantime, however, the Aries do nothing but behave in a ” false ” way trying to do the good of all. Instead of arguing whether to cut the bridges, those born under the sign of Aries prefer to disappear and pretend to be nothing.

They never say in the face to others how things are and you refuse to take your responsibility or speak directly with those who are the subject of their dissatisfaction.
What do they do while they spend all this time avoiding confrontation? Ah, very simple: gossip to your shoulders without fear or hesitation!

Libra: first position in the ranking of the most false signs of the zodiac

We have to say it and we can’t help but be honest. (Since we are not from Libra ).
Who was born under the sign of Libra, unfortunately, conquers the primacy as the most false sign of the whole zodiac? Help! But how is this possible?

Let’s start from the basics: Libra is a false sign mainly because it always believes it has to ” please ” others. For Libra, it is unthinkable to be able to dislike someone, simply because of their way of being or thinking. Those born under this sign, in fact, always want to celebrate and be together with others and for this reason, it is difficult to say things as they are.

Even if they hide their true feelings for a very long time, those born under the sign of Libra can not help but, sooner or later, explode.
Their dislikes and their untruths come out in the most unexpected moments.
Since, generally, they are good and kind people, everyone is shocked to find that in reality … Libra is the most false sign of the whole horoscope!


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