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Find out what is the most dangerous aspect of the various signs of the zodiac. The opinion of the stars sign by sign.

Each of us is made up of lights, shadows, and aspects that are more dangerous than others. Whether it is the ways of doing things that you put in place when you want to protect yourself from something or expedients to get the better of others, each person has a dangerous side, difficult to predict. Having a vague idea can therefore help, especially to avoid missteps that can lead to problems with others. How the dangerous side of each of us manifests itself can depend on several factors. They range from life experiences, to how they were raised and, last but not least, to the influence of the stars.

The emotions that guide us can give life to a way of being that varies from time to time and that can even change over time. A way of being which, however, remains unchanged in its most important aspects, including the most dangerous aspect. For this reason, after having seen what is the misconception that others have of the various zodiac signs and which are the women of the zodiac who love to argue with their partner, today we will discover what is the most dangerous aspect of the various signs of the zodiac. . Since it is something related to emotions, the advice is as always to check the profile of the ascendant. In this way, it will be possible to have a clearer idea of ​​what to expect from others.

The most dangerous aspect of the various zodiac signs

Aries – When they want something they are willing to do anything
Those born under the sign of Aries are determined people who always aim for a goal. When what they aspire to is something they consider important, their way of acting becomes more determined than ever. To get what they want, they are therefore willing to do anything. And this is their most dangerous aspect. Unscrupulous, they are also willing to play dirty. For them, what matters most is obtaining the desired result. This does not change even if to do so they are forced to use deception or to hurt someone.

Regardless of what others think, they act without any worry and all just to be able to satisfy their desires. Which makes them very dangerous, especially if you find yourself having them as rivals.

Taurus – They can get too possessive
The natives of Taurus are romantic people and extremely attached to those they love and to whom they have important feelings. When dealing with them, it is therefore important to remember that it takes very little to hurt or oppose them. Often jealous, they try to always be in control of the situation. And, when they can’t, they take it personally and become particularly possessive. An aspect that can lead those who deal with them to withdraw, unintentionally exasperating their way of being. Basically, to ensure that they do not exceed their way of doing, just give them what they need, avoid making them jealous and guarantee them the serenity they seek among the people they believe they can trust.

Gemini – They can hurt with words
Those born under the sign of Gemini are direct, acute, and able to grasp aspects of others that also concern the profound. For this reason, if involved in a discussion, they can come to say things that can affect and hurt the listener. Dealing with them when they are angry is a bit like getting naked because they can hit the target in moments. An aspect that is good to know, because only in this way can you be ready and not be caught by surprise. After all, the natives of the sign are not always so “ruthless”. Indeed, when they are in a good mood they turn out to be wonderful friends and people who are always pleasant to be around. When things don’t go as they would like, however, the risk is to see them go out of their minds. And although this usually happens infrequently and for a short time,

Cancer – They become intractable
Cancer natives are notoriously touchy and too sensitive to be able to talk to them openly and truthfully. If you mistakenly hit one of their weak points, the risk is that of seeing them go out of their way to the point of screaming. As much as they are known for their sweetness, when they feel irritated they can upset their image in moments. The real problem with them is that when they enter this mode, getting them to reason is practically impossible. Thus, there is a risk of ruining relationships forever and never recovering them. The only way to avoid this is to know how to predict these moments of theirs and try to never let them arrive. Stopping when you realize you are being too daring is one way that generally works. Of course, that doesn’t help establish a sincere and positive bond.

Leo – They become aggressive if they feel threatened
Those born under the sign of Leo love to be idolized by anyone who knows them. For this reason, as long as they succeed, they prefer to give others a positive and lovable image. Their desire to always be the center of attention leads them to feel easily threatened. And when that happens, their reaction can be completely unpredictable. The natives of the sign can change their mask in a second, unleashing the typical aggressiveness of the sign and putting aside any kind and affectionate way of being. Dealing with them when they are in this mode can be quite annoying because the only thing they aspire to is to protect what they consider themselves to be. For this reason, they are not open to confrontation nor dialogue.

The best thing to do is therefore to avoid reaching certain levels by stopping earlier. And to do this it is important to learn to study them when everything is fine. In this way, it will be easier to understand which aspects are wrong and what to do from time to time so as not to lead them to get defensive.

Virgo – They easily go on a rampage
Virgo natives are often difficult people to deal with. This is because due to pride and the mistaken belief that they are always on the right side, they too often find themselves judging others. And all without ever noticing what your limits are. Added to this is the fact that, always because of their always believing in reason, they hate being contradicted. When this happens, the risk is therefore to see them get angry. Which if it happens is always followed by screams or by attitudes that are difficult to bear. Dealing with them is, therefore, a real obstacle for many. And only those who know how to take them can hope to win. To succeed, however, it is necessary to distance themselves emotionally from their way of being and doing. This is the only way to keep calm for both.

Libra – They know how to get very cold
Those born under the sign of Libra are loved by everyone because of the sense of serenity that they can transmit even just by being next to them. This way of being, however, must not suggest that they are weak or mild-tempered people. Lovers of tranquility, always try to keep their tones relaxed when dealing with others. If they can’t, however, they always know how to be respected. And they do it by deploying a coldness capable of surprising anyone who is faced with them for the first time. Rational as few and always able to maintain a lucidity such as to make ad hoc reasoning, the natives of the sign can strike without being noticed.

When they do, however, they manage to hit the target and do more harm than you think. An aspect to always keep in mind when dealing with them, especially if you plan to have to deal with them on something in particular. Having them as rivals is highly discouraged.

Scorpio – They are extremely vengeful
Although their reputation as vengeful people has always preceded them, the natives of Scorpio are often underestimated. Only those who have had the misfortune to experience their being vindictive can understand the extent of what they know how to put in place. Which happens whenever they feel hurt by someone. The natives of the sign are sweet and always present with people. And they are ready to do anything for the happiness of those around them. In doing so, however, they never lose sight of what they have given and how much is returned to them. So, if they feel they are hurt or, worse, betrayed by someone, their reaction will always be proportional to the disappointment they feel. Vengeful as few, they can never make even a rant, working secretly to get their revenge. And, needless to say, even at the cost of working on it for a long time, sooner or later they always get what they want. If you are dealing with them it is, therefore, preferable to never hurt them in any way. Indeed, the price to pay would be too high for anyone.

Sagittarius – When they are angry they strike anyone
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius aim for a happy and satisfying life. This means that, more often than not, they try hard to let things go that they are annoyed with but don’t want to deal with at the same time. Like everyone, however, they have a limit. And when this is overcome, the anger that takes them risks involving even passing people. Unable to control themselves and to think clearly if they take it for something, they can make those who have no guilt pay for it and all just because they are casually in their circle. A deleterious way of doing it especially for them. In this way, they end up losing friendships that could be special.

Unfortunately, however, it is a way of being that they can neither control nor recognize. This is why when you see them in such a condition, the best thing to do is walk away and wait for everything to pass. Being close to him would lead to nothing but other useless destruction on their part.

Capricorn – They never truly forgive
Capricorn natives are difficult people to fully understand. While they love to show themselves in a certain way, in reality, they are quite different. For example, if you talk about friendships or interpersonal relationships, they can make you believe that you tolerate things that in reality, they cannot. At the same time, if it is a question of forgiving someone, even going so far as to swear that they have, more often than not, that will never be true. This, over time, leads to various problems. Even after years, the natives of the sign can show resentment even going so far as to blame things that are now forgotten but which for them are even more alive than ever. This is an attitude that can often lead to new friction, especially if it is difficult to understand the reason for their way of doing which, many times, can be disproportionate.

Aquarius – They leave without warning
Those born under the sign of Aquarius have a very personal way of understanding life and are often difficult to understand. What is certain is that when they take it for something they don’t even try to clarify. Rather than having to discuss, they prefer to disappear even for days and sometimes even disappear. It is an incomprehensible way to do that they implement without particular thoughts. After all, they want to feel at ease with themselves and live their life to the fullest (and therefore as serenely as possible). To do this they are willing to do anything, even to permanently compromise any type of interpersonal relationship. To make things go differently, the only possibility is to avoid discussions that can be left alone or, if not, seek a confrontation in the most peaceful way possible.

Pisces – If They Shut Down It’s Forever
The natives of Pisces are people who always know how to treat others. Their kindness is such that they always do whatever can make those around them happy. Empathic like few, they often put themselves in second place just to be able to snatch a smile from someone. At the same time, however, they are proud people and with boundless willpower. If they feel that someone has taken advantage of them or when they feel they have suffered too much, they prefer to end relationships. When this happens there is no way to change things.

This is because the natives of the sign detach themselves when they stop feeling empathy towards the people they have felt disappointed with. To prevent this from happening, it is therefore important to treat them with respect. The result, otherwise, will be to lose them forever. The thing for which there are no other solutions.

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