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Let’s find out which are the most anxious women in the zodiac and which, on the other hand, are not at all.

Anxiety is among the most feared human emotions. This happens because it often leads to loss of clarity, makes us unnecessarily nervous, and often leads to acting hastily. Feeling more or less anxious, however, is not a controllable factor. It can depend on how you grew up, on your experiences, on the psycho-physical state you are in, and, needless to say, on the influence of the stars.

It is easy to imagine, therefore, how many variables manage to complicate the situation making it difficult to manage. Nonetheless, sometimes it is enough to simply realize that you are anxious to work on yourself or to help a friend who has this problem. Today, therefore, we will find out which are the most anxious women in the zodiac and which ones (lucky them) do not have these problems.

Astrology: the most anxious women and those who are not anxious at all

Aries – Those That Are Almost Not At All
Let’s start with one of the least anxious signs of the zodiac. Women of the astrological sign of Aries are so sure of themselves that they never fear the thought of having to show off. Always ready for action, they love to compete with others. Doing so produces such an adrenaline rush in them that it makes them more excited and alive than ever. For them, the only anxiety that exists is the decidedly positive one that one feels before an important test. Anxiety leads to focus more, giving the best of oneself, and impressing one’s energies in what is being done. If you think about the anxiety that leads to sickness, the natives of the sign are almost completely immune. Of course, now and then they can be victims of a bit of insecurity. Nevertheless, they are always able to overcome obstacles and do it with a certain underlying serenity.

Taurus – Those anxious enough
The natives of Taurus tend to experience anxiety as an indispensable emotion to act at their best in certain situations. Although usually calm and relaxed, they then let themselves be taken by a minimum of agitation if they feel they have something important on their hands. That said, they will never get to be dominated by their emotions. Rational and cutlery, they are perfectly able to control themselves and understand what they are experiencing. This way of doing it allows them to always appear lucid but with the right charge. The one that allows them to get what they want and to always do it by showing their best. An aspect that makes them unique.

Gemini – The ones that go by the minute
Defining women born under the sign of Gemini is always difficult, especially if there are strong emotions such as, for example, anxiety. In their case, whether or not to try it depends on further factors such as the mood they have at the moment and the circumstances in which they find themselves. Usually dual, the natives of the sign end up living situations based on how they feel at the moment. Therefore, if they are in a calm mood, they are likely to act without any kind of anxiety. On the contrary, if they end up feeling bad or in a moment of fragility, anxiety can take over, leading them to act without their usual inner calm. Unpredictable, they can even change moods at any moment and all with clear repercussions on anxiety management.

Cancer – Those who are very anxious
The natives of Cancer are among the most anxious women in the zodiac. And this even if he likes to think the opposite. When it comes to dealing with moments of uncertainty, their wavering is certain and depends especially on how they experience the moment. If there are things to which they tend in a particular way, the insecurity that distinguishes them can make them more anxious than usual. Even worse if their loved ones are involved. When it comes to the people they love, the natives of the sign become very sensitive and all with the risk of leading to real anxiety attacks. Being able to contain them, in this case, can be more difficult than you think.

Leo – Those not anxious
The natives of the zodiac sign Leo are born fighters. And, as such, they are used to dealing with adrenaline, uncertainty, and the sudden change of emotions. When they are at work, anxiety turns into something useful and capable of making them explosive. Their weak point is therefore that linked to family and loved ones. Even here, however, they can manage themselves in a more than sufficient way, overcoming every possible moment of anxiety to give way to a methodical control that gives them a certain calm. Perhaps the only real anxiety they have is the fear of not being liked or not attracting attention as they would like. In these cases, they end up feeling bad, losing a pinch of their proverbial lucidity. All in all, however, I am quite capable of handling related anxieties and emotions.

Virgo – The anxious ones only rarely
Virgo natives are so used to using the reason that they have no room for unnecessary anxieties. Whenever they are faced with the possibility of having to face one of their fears, they end up using logic. This helps them not to be overwhelmed by emotions, allowing them to always act with due clarity. Only occasionally can they find themselves dealing with anxiety and when this happens it is usually for things that go beyond the rational. Having to wait for the outcome of an exam or interacting with other people over whom they have no control is among their greatest fears. Fortunately, however, these are rare events. Most of the time they manage to have the right control over themselves as well as emotions.

Libra – Those who are almost rarely
Those born under the zodiac sign of Librathey have such a controlled character that they are very far from anxiety states. For them, things always happen for a reason and when they don’t, they try to take action to make things better. Giving up or crying on themselves is not part of their way of doing and this allows them to rarely be victims of anxiety. They prefer the adrenaline necessary to overcome any fear and to give the best of themselves in the situations they face from time to time. This makes them one of the least anxious signs in the zodiac. And the serenity of mind they have is usually such that it is also transmitted to those around them. Which allows him to be taken as an example by many more people than you think.

Scorpio – Those on average anxious
Although these are strong women and able to cope with any situation in the best way, the natives of Scorpio know anxiety well. Especially when it comes to situations that are particularly close to his heart. If at work they manage to give their best without letting themselves be taken by emotions, when it comes to affection, things change. The natives of the sign end up experiencing anxiety that is all in all normal but that they experience as a problem. In reality, most of the time, you just need to take a moment to yourself and meditate to find the right clarity. Being people with a good balance they are more than able to always overcome any kind of problem. And they do it by turning even anxiety into something positive. What matters for them is to always and only act according to their times.

Sagittarius – Those not at all anxious
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius love to go from one emotion to another so much that they don’t have any problems even with anxiety. Although they prefer positive emotions to negative ones, the natives of the sign always end up being carried away by the current of emotions they feel. For them, therefore, even mild anxiety is seen as good. Of course, this also depends on their lack of self-knowledge. And that, sooner or later, could lead them to get involved in emotions that are too big to handle. However, these are people who love to live for the day and therefore prefer to take a similar risk to have to live differently from how they feel about the possibility of future problems.

Capricorn – The very anxious ones Capricorn
natives are among the most anxious women in the zodiac. This is due to their always wanting to be in control of everything and the sense of agitation they experience when things are not as they would like. Uncertain about many aspects of their life, they always try to get involved, and sometimes they do it the wrong way. This prompts them to fall prey to their own emotions. And when it happens, they are unable to change moods, ending up nagging those around them. Fortunately, they are people aware of this and therefore able to accept advice and suggestions without taking too much in case of criticism. That said, learning to find ways to calm down could make a difference.

Aquarius – Those not at all anxious
Among the many signs of the zodiac, those born under the astrological sign of Aquarius are undoubtedly among those who experience the least anxiety ever. This depends both on their being always above every situation and on the proverbial calm that characterizes them. The natives of the sign love to live according to their ideas and for this reason, they never take into consideration the opinion of those around them. This makes them immune from any form of judgment and from the anxiety that would otherwise ensue. As for work and social relationships, they rarely take things to heart and this allows them to pursue only the simplest ways, leaving the anxieties to others. Of course, this way of life perhaps makes them lose many other, far more positive emotions. However, the natives of the sign do not care at all.

Pisces – The Rather Anxious
Native Pisces are familiar with anxiety. Sensitive and emotional, they are also empathetic enough to perceive the emotions of others. This leads them to feel more often than they would like the states of anxiety that often end up involving them more than they should. Fortunately, they are intuitive enough to be able to recognize motivated anxiety from one that is not at all. And this helps them manage their emotions and live everyday life to the fullest. That said, learning some meditation techniques and staying focused on yourself is certainly the greatest help they can offer themselves. The one able to make them live as they wish and all without excessive anxiety.

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