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Find out which are the most aggressive signs of the zodiac and which, on the other hand, are not at all.

When it comes to human characteristics, aggression is certainly among the most feared and frowned upon. Aggressive people have an often intrusive way of getting noticed and tend to get angry easily. Although there are different levels of aggression, if it is not managed properly, it always hurts people. And sometimes it can even lead to complicating business or friendship relationships. Like many ways of being, aggression can also depend on the influence of the stars.

Today, therefore, after having seen which are the zodiac signs that work best and which signs of the zodiac lie to the partner, we will find out which are the most aggressive signs of the zodiac and which, instead, are not at all. A detail for which it is always good to check the profile of the ascendant since part of the aggression can depend on the latter. That said, it is always good to remember that aggression can also be channeled to become something positive. An aspect that we will examine sign by sign. Is everyone ready?

Astrology – How aggressive are the signs of the zodiac

Aries – The very aggressive ones
Those born under the sign of Aries are among the most aggressive signs of the zodiac. They are in everyday life, in their ways of doing things, and whenever they feel they need to be noticed by others. Unable to go unnoticed, they always come forward with determination and, at times, even with arrogance. This often makes them difficult to deal with, especially if for some reason they decide to compete. Theirs is aggression that aims to discover who is the best in every situation. A recognition that, needless to say, they wish to have more than anything else in the world. The natives of the sign tend to base their self-esteem on the successes they achieve. A decidedly high stakes and which therefore pushes them to be aggressive whenever they fear they might lose one of the many challenges they launch or consider launched even without the knowledge of others. This is an aspect that in some cases leads them to do more and perform better. Most of the time, however, it always ends up making them feel tense and tested.

A good way to at least partially appease their aggression could be to indulge in some sports. In this way, they could pour out any competitive energy, making them more relaxed for everything else.

Taurus – The aggressive ones only if touched on the life
The natives of Taurus are not among the most aggressive zodiac signs. This depends on their always being calm and calm in everything they do. Lovers of relaxation and free time to spend lazing, they are not at all inclined to get angry or to be noticed more than others. To feel good is enough for him to live his life with serenity and without problems to solve. An aspect of which they are proud and tend to boast. That said, it cannot be said that they are completely immune to aggression. If provoked or stung, they tend to get angry. Even in these cases they rarely exceed. For those who know them, however, the difference is more than evident. The natives of the sign, in fact, the rare times in which they enter into competition with someone or feel attacked on the personal, they can field every available weapon and all for the sole purpose of winning their war. For this reason, those who deal with them know well that challenging them is often counterproductive. Ultimately, however, the form of aggression they have is right for everyday life and to help them achieve their goals. For this reason, they don’t need to channel it elsewhere. He just needs to know how to catch it in the bud and better manage those rare moments in which it manifests itself. they don’t need to channel it elsewhere. He just needs to know how to catch it in the bud and better manage those rare moments in which it manifests itself. they don’t need to channel it elsewhere. He just needs to know how to catch it in the bud and better manage those rare moments in which it manifests itself.

Gemini – Those who are aggressive every other day
Those born under the sign of Gemini, thanks to the duality that distinguishes them, are in the middle of the table. Their aggression is present but mediated by the times in which they manage to be serene and calm. Those who know them know well that the natives of the sign must be faced day by day. And that before addressing certain topics it is always better to understand if they are on the right day. The same stimulus can lead them to different reactions and all based on the mood they have. As for aggression, this is especially manifested when they are in a bad mood or feel that they are about to lose something important. However, it is an aggressiveness that they put into the things they do and that they rarely turn to third parties. In some respects, it could be said that, at times, they turn it against themselves. Fortunately, these are always and in any case episodes of short duration and after which it is possible to experience their positive side to the maximum. Perhaps an activity that helps them relieve stress could lead them to avoid such sudden changes, settling them on a quiet mode. A way that is also the one in which they manage to give their best, showing themselves cheerful, proactive, and usually full of ideas.

Cancer – Those who are aggressive when they take it for something
Cancer natives are among the sweetest signs of the zodiac. This means that no one expects an aggressive attitude from them. Yet when they take it for something, the change they have is so extreme that it blows anyone away. If they see themselves as victims of injustice or if they think someone is attacking them, they are entering a mode where it is really difficult to deal with them. In these cases their aggression tends to express itself to the maximum, leading them to attack anyone they deem against them. A way of doing things that causes him various difficulties in life. Because after seeing them in this respect, going back to considering them simply as sweet people is impossible. A good way to resolve this or at least to mediate it is to work on their insecurities. These are the main cause that leads them to always feel observed and judged. By working on it and learning to control anger and aggression with meditation or other relaxation techniques, they could achieve various benefits and improve relationships with others.

Leo – Those who are quite aggressive especially at work
Those born under the sign of Leo are usually quite aggressive. However, they manage to mask it well because their aggression is usually expressed at work or in situations where they have to deal with others. It can therefore be said that they have almost optimal management of the thing. The only flickers come when they feel threatened in the personal sphere. So, in a different context than usual and in which certain strategies or ways of doing make no sense, their aggression can be as unpleasant as it is annoying. Their main problem is that they tend to realize this only when it is too late, thus risking destabilizing people or irreparably ruining relationships.

Learning to control and monitor himself could help him avoid problems of this type, continuing to give vent to aggression only at work. In this field, usually, they do not have big problems because they can manage things in the best possible way and justified by the desire to arrive typically of the natives of the sign.

Virgo – The extremely aggressive ones
Virgo natives are among the most aggressive signs in the zodiac. Their aggression mostly depends on the anger they feel when they feel uncomfortable or defective about something. Unable to admit that they are wrong or to apologize, they end up experiencing growing anger that they give vent to by becoming extremely aggressive. Usually, these are real explosions after which they seem to come to their senses, repenting of what has been said or done. Nevertheless, they are always ready to repeat their attitude over and over again on the same day. Dealing with them, therefore, is quite difficult. And often those who know them well try to avoid any possible confrontation. Not so much out of fear but because their form of aggression can be unpleasant. This means that relationships with others are often tense and rarely sincere. An aspect that the natives of the sign could moderate by engaging in activities that can control them and that include the management of emotions. Another possible solution is to practice some physical activity to relax to the point of being less reactive.

Libra – The ones that are almost not aggressive at all
Those born under the sign of Libra are among the least aggressive signs of the zodiac. This depends on their love of serenity and the ability they have to manage their life in a way that makes them as relaxing as it takes to make them feel good. Even when they are in the midst of problems or conflicts, they always tend to handle things calmly and kindly. Armed with uncommon patience, they know how to wait even for a long time and take things as they come. We can therefore say of them that aggression is almost exempt from their way of being. The quasi is linked to the fact that if they feel in danger or if someone attacks them in a too evident way, they too are capable of becoming aggressive and do it in such an extreme way that they almost always win, especially because they tend to completely displace those. are located in front.

The natives of the sign, therefore, do not need to channel their aggression. It is enough for them to continue living as they already do to feel good about themselves and be mostly calm and relaxed.

Scorpio – The aggressive ones
Aggression is a component of the natives of Scorpio. Always at war with the world, the natives of the sign can face any kind of challenge. And all thanks to their ability to bring out grit and aggression. Often impulsive, but sometimes they risk exaggerating by taking it for little things. This leads them to put themselves on a war footing even for situations that could be solved calmly. It must be said that their aggression pushes them to be highly competitive and always reach whatever goal they set themselves. To live better, however, it is right to learn how to lose it. To do this they need to practice some meditation to relax just enough to stay in control in the most difficult situations. In this way, they will know how to react without ever exaggerating and always making the right choices. That said, it is clear that if faced or challenged openly there would be nothing to stop them. This is why those who know them well always try not to act against them. Having them as enemies is never a good thing.

Sagittarius – Those who are too aggressive
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius have a difficult relationship with aggression. If on the one hand, they love to always be cheerful and take things as they come, on the other they become aggressive at every slightest opposition. Always convinced that they are at the center of the world, they tend to always take things personally. This prompts them to snap, sometimes even without a reason, and to act in the wrong way. For this reason, they often have problems at work. And they almost always end up losing several friends on the street. Learning to control themselves and to understand that before unleashing their aggression they should study the situation, it would be a great way to liven things better.

To do this, however, they must work on themselves and learn to react differently, controlling their instincts. By doing so they will be able to improve interpersonal relationships, showing themselves more sunny and sociable and finally managing to maintain their friendships. Something that the natives of the sign particularly care about.

Capricorn – Those who are moderately aggressive
Capricorn natives are people who like to show themselves in ways that often don’t match reality. Although combative they tend to express their aggression only in words. When it comes to going to the facts, they almost always end up finding excuses to act differently from what they intended. A way of doing that tends to strangle anyone who has anything to do with them. Which the natives of the sign seem not to be aware of. Their problem is that every time they put aside the aggression they have inside of them, they end up feeling bad, ending up feeling frustrated, and coming to attack people who have nothing to do with them and with whom they simply have to complain about. something. For this reason, they should learn to work on themselves, learning to manage their emotions and express (albeit in a contained and correct way) their aggression. In doing so, their life will certainly be more pleasant and able to make them feel their best.

Aquarius – Those who are not aggressive at all
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are people who are almost unaware of aggression. Always calm, they try to live as relaxed as possible. This leads them to have an always staid attitude which at times is too submissive. Nevertheless, they prefer to manage their lives in this way, avoiding any kind of confrontation as much as possible. And when they can’t help it they end up avoiding confrontation, slipping away, or quickly closing any possible issue. It is a way of doing things that derive from their need for relaxation and the low desire they have to be among people. Even this way of acting, if not managed correctly, can lead to interpersonal problems. Something that the natives of the sign seem not to care about at all. For them,

Pisces – Those who are aggressive enough
The natives of Pisces are usually people of a quiet disposition. This leads them to be among the least aggressive signs of the zodiac. This, however, does not mean that they are not at all. More simply, they prefer to take every situation with the right calm, fine-tuning their empathy and trying to solve every problem with kindness. If provoked or unable to act in their way the natives of the sign end up expressing the right aggression when needed. And they do it in such a correct way that they almost always win. Although aggressive, in fact, they never lose their reason and can evaluate things with due lucidity. Even in a heated confrontation, they manage to win by showing themselves superior and able to dose strength and dialectics.

A way of doing that leads those who know them to avoid confrontation as much as possible. In their case, therefore, there is no need to channel aggression. And this is because they are already perfectly capable of doing it, choosing from time to time how much to express.

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