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According to astrologers, some men of the zodiac have the incredible gift of making their partner unhappy. I wish you not to pair with one of them.

The couple’s life is not easy. Both partners should make constant efforts to make the relationship work. Happiness has a price and must be earned. Many situations could precipitate things and lead a couple to argue, especially if your partner is part of these zodiac signs.

The beginning of a relationship is always an idyllic moment, the couple is very in love and caring, towards each other. Over time the partners, while continuing to love each other, feel the need to confront and understand if they are compatible or not. It is a necessary phase to define the outcome of the relationship. As conflicts increase, understanding fades and is replaced by tension. With 3 signs of the zodiac, the situation is much more likely to degenerate due to the mischievous and complicated personality.

The zodiac signs that make their mates sad and unhappy

According to astrologers, 3 men of the zodiac would be the worst partners you could wish for and they have such a complicated personality and such a vulnerable mood that they make their women unhappy. Find out who they are and hope your him isn’t on the list.


Virgo man is self-centered and narcissistic interested above all in his well-being. If something doesn’t go the way she wants, she won’t make life easy for her partner. With a Virgo man, there will be screams, humiliations, and angry offenses. Those born under the sign of Virgo are very critical and cutting cynics. They need to organize everything and want everything to be perfect and reflect their tastes with extreme meticulousness. His behavior is difficult to tolerate.


Capricorn is a hard worker and a pragmatic person. Capricorn thinks only of work and works hard to achieve their professional goals. Unfortunately, it cannot be said that he enjoys the same experience in affections. The Capricorn man doesn’t know what love is, he doesn’t know how to cultivate it and he doesn’t know how to make a union more special every day. Capricorn is obsessed with money, with the way to earn a lot of it, and often makes work his priority, chases away his partner because in his opinion it distracts him by reproaching him for some of his shortcomings and ends up creating an insurmountable distance between them.

Capricorn is also destabilizing due to another habit of his. Usually, in public, he gratifies his partner but then at home, he despises her. Capricorn should learn to hold back their words and remember that respect should always come first.

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Taurus is a very fascinating sign and knows it is. He never disrespects women but he knows he can win as many as he wants. It is a charismatic sign and if the opportunity presents itself it will hardly be able to give up the opportunity to assert its power of seduction, even under the eyes of the partner. The latter will be amazed to assist her man intent on seducing other women with extreme naturalness. No woman can forget the pain of a betrayal and while Taurus men continue to reap pain while preserving this frivolous and childish behavior, they break many hearts and make many women cry.

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