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Find out which men of the zodiac do not like the idea of ​​getting married at all and which ones do not disdain the idea.

When it comes to marriage, the common (and wrong) idea is that of the woman who has always dreamed of a white dress and that of the man who is always looking for a way out. The truth is that the desire to get married depends primarily on the feelings you feel for someone and on a whole mix of aspects that are linked to the character, experience, and way of thinking of the people involved. Thus, there are no real differences between man and woman.

These exist, however, if we consider the influence that the stars have on each of us. For this reason, today, we will focus on the men of the zodiac and in particular on those who are not made for marriage. All taking into consideration even those who, on the contrary, are waiting for nothing else.

The men of the zodiac who are not made for marriage

Aries – Those who dislike the idea of ​​getting married
Those born under the astrological sign of Aries are men who love to be adventurous and feel free to do whatever they want. The idea of ​​bonding with someone is therefore not one that often flashes through his mind. While not declaring themselves entirely against it, they are also aware that they can live very well alone and can indulge in a life full and full of pleasant moments. For this reason, you will never see them intent on looking for a partner for life. That said, if they ever fall in love seriously, they could come to decide on cohabitation and, later on, even for marriage. However, it is a path they would arrive at only in stages and for which they must be particularly involved. If not, better not talk too much about it. The risk is that of making them feel suffocated and inducing them to flee.

Taurus – Those who think seriously about it
The natives of Taurus, as is easy to expect from people born under such a romantic zodiac sign, are well disposed towards marriage. Indeed, it can be said that their whole life is based on marriage and the desire to create a family. It is important, however, not to make the mistake of imagining them ready to marry anyone. The natives of the sign are extremely selective and this leads them to have great difficulties in finding the right person. At the same time, they also struggle to trust as they would like, which is why it can take several years to do so. Nevertheless, these are people who believe in family values ​​and who in the future see themselves married and with a large family. For this reason, when they meet the right person, after the right amount of time in which to realize it,

Gemini – Those who don’t ask themselves too many questions
Those born under the sign of Gemini are not used to asking specific questions about the future. Especially because planning is not something they like to do. For them the thrill of not knowing what is about to happen is everything and to keep it they are also willing to live a life less secure than others. If we talk about marriage, then, even if they have nothing against it, they don’t usually jump through hoops for joy. Since it is a long-lasting relationship, they fear it a lot, as they fear everything that over time can become boring. Unpredictable as they are, however, they prove to be able to change their mind quickly and this means that if taken for someone they can even get married and find a way to be happy even knowing that they have the same person next to them for life.

Cancer – Those who are very likely to marry
Cancer natives, romantic as the sign dictates, are among the men of the zodiac most willing to marry. For them, it is a stage in life that they know they want to accomplish, albeit not necessarily in the short term. When they fall in love, then, they always wonder if the person they are with is suitable for marriage or not. And it can be said that in this regard they have several characteristics that they tend to look for in their partner before considering her the right one. Although they are inclined to marriage, therefore, they will always be very careful not to take hurried steps and all because when they dream of something they do it big, always aiming for perfection.

Leo – Those who need to be convinced
Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo can go a lifetime without thinking about marriage at all. But when they realize that they love someone and that they are at a suitable time for the big step, they can begin to consider it more carefully. In doing so they usually consider aspects of all kinds such as the affinity of the couple, the possibility that the relationship works, the mutual convenience, etc … It is true that all this sounds unromantic but these are signs that always have this in mind that they want and that is why they want to be sure they can do it. Probably, for this way of doing, they will consider suitable a person who always proves to be able to keep up with them and who is willing to support them. Someone to team up with as well as form a couple.

Virgo – Those who only care if the situation arises
Virgo natives are neither agreeable nor opposed to marriage. For them, it is a contract that can unite two people forever. And this thought creates in them a sense of seriousness that makes them not want to think about it ahead of time. In general, if forced to express themselves in this regard, they will increasingly say no, yielding to yes only in particular cases. Likewise, to even really think about getting married, they need to feel something strong for someone and to feel they can trust them. Critics like few, are people who always demand a lot from others and this is also true in love. If there are also important constraints, such as marriage, the situation can only become even more serious.

Libra – Those who sooner or later think about getting married
Those born under the zodiac sign of Libra are people who have a precise idea of ​​their life and who love to plan things to make everything go as they wish. For this reason, they often find themselves considering the possibility of marriage. And all to start a family. This depends on the fact that if they see themselves projected into the future, they love to imagine themselves with a family, a safe home, and an environment in which to live and which is as harmonious as possible. Living well, after all, is what they want most. Having said that, they are people who demand a lot and who are not satisfied with the first arrival. For this reason, when they feel it’s time to settle down, they tend to be more rigid than usual in the choices they make. Instead, if already in love,

Scorpio – Those for whom it must be worth it
The natives of Scorpio are people who know themselves like few others. When it comes to feelings, therefore, they are as demanding as few. In interpersonal relationships, they demand sincerity and fidelity and this is even more valuable if they live a love story. Regarding marriage, however, they don’t usually think about it constantly. Probably, at some point in their life, they tend to see it as a kind of prison. Except then start to consider it at least from a theoretical point of view. The truth is that the natives of the sign do not live by programs and follow the normal course of their lives much more. In the absence of the right story, they are certainly not the types to think of marriage as an endpoint. When they fall in love, however, they begin to take it seriously. Provided, of course,

Sagittarius – Those who don’t think about it
Those born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius are free spirits. Thinking about marriage, therefore, gives him a sense of suffocation given by always having to have another person to refer to in important decisions. For those who like to live for the day and who prefer to take care only of themselves, a lifelong companion is not a pleasant thing at all.
However, their idea can change if they lose their minds. To get to marriage, however, it takes a great effort of trust which is combined with the certainty of being able to count on another free spirit who will never, ever make them feel in prison.

Capricorn – Those who see it as a life plan
Capricorn natives have a very personal idea of ​​marriage. While not in a hurry to get there, they consider it an important step in the life of every person. Being always ready to work to find stability in their life, they do not, therefore, tend to exclude it. Indeed, if committed and with projects already well underway, they tend to consider it. Their basic problem is that they are not exactly very good at maintaining a relationship and all because they are too busy with themselves and with so many everyday commitments. If they can find a partner who can accept them as they are and who is patient with their ways of life and the short time they often have available, they can decide to get married.

Aquarius – Those who are very reluctant
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are among the least likely to marry. For them, life as a couple is difficult to manage due to the extreme need they have to create personal spaces. When they succeed, the idea of ​​having to upset everything to change as big as marriage does not exalt them at all. Indeed, the thought is so upsetting that it pushes them to reconsider even a story that is okay. That said, they can sometimes come to think about living together and in rare cases, they may even opt for marriage. To do this, however, they need to know that the person they are with can understand and indulge their need to be often alone. Otherwise, even if they get married, their story is not destined to last long.

Pisces – Those who are very inclined
The natives of Pisces are among the most romantic signs of the zodiac. Marriage is therefore among their projects from a young age. However, it is not a point of arrival at which they aim at all costs. For them, it’s more like something they like to consider. It is therefore unlikely to see them scrambling to find a wife. If they fall in love, however, while respecting the time of acquaintance, they will begin to consider it more and more seriously. And all by making programs more aimed at life for two and putting the couple’s strength to the test. Which they do to understand if it’s made for a long-lasting story. When they realize that they always want the same person next to them, they don’t mind dealing with the subject. Marriage thus becomes a goal to aspire to live better with the person they love. However linear they are often difficult to understand. But if they get married, surely, they will live only to ensure that their story is always perfect.

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