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The Men Of The Zodiac Least Suited To Marriage

Here are the men who just can’t stay in marriage. To tell the truth, there aren’t that many and love offers a series of very different situations that it’s not even very easy to identify in all respects. But we try, as always, with the help of the stars. But let’s go in order, we assure you that it will be a journey that will also be very fun at times.


This is a sign that can be very demanding and one usually does not expect things to change with an ongoing marriage. It requires strong attention from the partner, otherwise, her character will become a time bomb always ready to explode. On the other hand, the marital bond is perhaps too strong for him and he cannot manage it properly.


And here too we have the lion, a leader, a force of nature, who just cannot tolerate too stringent bonds, such as that of marriage for example. It is also true that love overcomes everything. And the lion knows it and tends to calm down, one way or another.


The Virgo, the Virgo man, is very rigorous and for this reason, he feels that a marriage can be the perfect mechanism until he finds himself living it, with all its nuances and imperfections. Perhaps he should understand that giving up a part of himself, for example, in domestic cohabitation, could be very good for the couple.


The Sagittarius man is usually subject to a series of mood swings that do not allow him to fully enjoy the benefits of marriage. He feels like a free soul and cannot give up this status. If you know him, you know him very well.

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