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The March 2024 Libra Eclipse And What It Means For Your Sign

On March 25th, a lunar eclipse in Libra will kick off a long procession of other eclipses. Be ready to take advantage of this energy before it arrives.

Eclipses: Cosmic Alpha & Omega

Endings and beginnings are a part of life, but they are influenced heavily by eclipses. Why?

Well, this year it’s because March is the last month where every planet goes direct. This means all the planets are moving forward in their trajectory and aren’t going retrograde (appearing to spin or travel backward). Given that the planets are all moving directly, AND there is an eclipse, the potency of this eclipse is going to be more pronounced.

This eclipse brings about the manifestation of those intentions you’ve set into motion previously and thus ends a cycle. But it is also an Alpha type of energy, in that, depending on your sign, it’s full steam ahead for new endeavors.

What is a Libra Eclipse?

Specifically, this lunar eclipse is a “penumbral” and happens at 3:00 am at 5 degrees in the sign of Libra. Penumbral means that the Earth’s shadow will fall across the face of the moon. This type of eclipse is easy to miss, and even harder to see, because during this time the Moon is also lit by sunlight.

Not every sign is going to get a boost in the right direction, however. So, making plans to weather the cosmic energy wave that is coming is crucial.

The Libra Eclipse and You: Those Affected Positively


Aries receives some company from Mercury on March 10 and is going to stay there for the next two months. Pair this with the lunar eclipse and you are going to be flying high. Use this energy to be more confident and bolder in your communication. Doing this is also going to harness the energy of Libra and make any obstacles that stand in the way of your happiness very obvious. This gives you the chance to let those things go that are holding back your brilliance.


You’ve had an intense February, and now the gears are going to shift. You’ll have the chance early on in the month to shore up your finances. This prepares you to use the energy of the eclipse to see your life from a new perspective. The insight you’ve gained has instigated a need to change. Now is the time. Seek collaboration with like-minded individuals.


This is a time of great healing, Leo. That desire to have meaningful and deeply connecting relationships brings you to them. It allows you to do some spiritual soul-searching to determine exactly what it is you want from life. The energy of the Libra Eclipse is going to bring healing to a deeply held wound.


This month’s energies are about connecting to what matters, family, home, and personal development. When the eclipse energy comes, take advantage by becoming the social butterfly you can be. During this time pay attention to those around you, or even in the media, who inspire you. It is also time to bring your life into balance and distance yourself from those who do not support your magic.


Of all the signs, you will receive the lion’s share of the energy this Libra Lunar Eclipse has to offer. Make plans now to reinvent yourself. Know that a powerful reset is possible during this time and it will be successful. Confront with courage those things in your life that cause fear and are holding you back. Love, deep connections, and a dash of adventure are on your horizon if you do.

The Libra Eclipse and You: Those Affected Negatively

During this time, signs not benefiting greatly are best advised to be aware of communication issues. Be particularly aware of taking things personally that you otherwise, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t.


The first part of the month has you wanting to roam and explore. These inclinations are calling you to change your routine and perspectives. However, because of the lunar eclipse on the 25th, you’re going to realize there are habits, thoughts, and beliefs about yourself that are crippling you and keeping you from what you want. Focus on creating a stable foundation for yourself and engage in heavy visualization.


This is the month where you use your incredible intellect for your benefit. But the Libra Eclipse could make you fall prey to judgy behavior, faulty thinking, and even an over-indulgence with mind-altering substances. You may also find yourself giving in to societal expectations when in fact you dislike them deeply.
This is a good time to root yourself in your truth, even if you must hide away for a week or so at the end of the month.


You need to prove yourself is going to work against you this month because of the eclipse. The way around this is to only surround yourself with those who support you and genuinely care for you. Be very wary of someone deceiving you and using you for your talent or connections to put themselves ahead.
Energy vampires are a thing.


If you can manage to set solid, enforceable boundaries then you’ll weather the Libra Eclipse. It’s not a bad idea to wear protective items that make you feel empowered. Take a step back and evaluate the habits and beliefs in your own life that are just as disastrous as toxic people. Fight against imposter syndrome.


This is the month for collaboration, but you must guard against being overshadowed. This energy, for you, encourages you to seriously make a work/life balance so that you don’t neglect taking care of yourself. Do not be afraid to advocate for yourself, and make sure your personal and professional values harmonize with one another.


The past is going to haunt you toward the end of the month when the eclipse happens. All those deeply buried memories or emotions refuse to be bottled any longer. Do not be afraid of this, however. It’s when we face those things we are afraid to face that true growth and forward momentum occurs. Once you expose them you can put them aside and true healing begins.


You’ve been contemplating making a change for a while. But this cannot truly happen until you deal with those inner roadblocks that have been keeping you from being the person you truly feel you are. During this time, you may feel compelled to compare yourself to others and engage in destructive self-talk. Avoid this or it will set back your transformation even longer. Whether you are one of the signs that benefits, or one of those signs that needs to be more cautious during this time, these types of cosmic events are meant to add to the trajectory of your life’s journey. Follow your intuition and listen to what your higher self suggests.

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