A new month, a new beginning, and good news for some of us! What is the luckiest zodiac sign in November?

First of all, let’s not forget that Mars continues its retrograde motion in Gemini and will not return to direct motion until January 2023. On November 8, we witness the eclipse of the full moon in the sign of Taurus! Uranus aligns with Jupiter at the end of November, bringing very good news in the area of ​​luck and opportunities. This will mean only one thing: new interesting beginnings in certain areas of life.

All these transits target us all, but only one sign will have guaranteed success! Practically, everything he proposed in 2022 is going to happen, maybe even more than he hopes!

The lucky sign of November 2022

To beat the drums for… Taurus. If you are born under this sign, you will feel a magical air throughout the month!

Taurus will feel from these days the beginning of beneficial changes in their personal life, and it is not a coincidence at all. Their vision begins to open significantly and, therefore, it will not be at all surprising if they begin to make changes in their daily routine.

It’s time to break free from your cocoon and claim your space as the amazing and vibrant butterfly that you truly are! The Lunar Eclipse takes place in your sign and will illuminate issues related to identity, personal ambitions, the physical self, and relationships. It’s time to fully show who you are, authentically. Fight the urge to please others. It can be a sensitive and emotional time, but this release also brings a new beginning!

Great care in communication in the first two weeks of November. You will somehow be more closed than you usually are, maybe more restrained in the expression! The focus is on the Scorpio sign, so interactions are likely to be intense, whether you’re chatting with a friend or talking to your partner. If you feel that someone is trying to get something from you that you don’t want to say, don’t accept being coerced or manipulated.

Take it easy around the lunar eclipse on November 8, in your sign. This powerful lunar phase could signal the end of a relationship or a situation that no longer works for you. A new beginning can be surprising, but astrologers assure you that it will be a welcome thing in your life!

If you are Taurus, you will have a lucky month in love

Especially from the middle of the month, when Venus moves on the 15th, followed by the curious Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius, romance appears in your life. This means that love will be passionate and satisfying because you will be ready to let loose and do everything to have fun.

You will also feel ready to explore new options in terms of business and finance. Opportunities appear like you never dreamed of.

And the date of November 23 is notable! Jupiter goes direct into your social zone today, allowing you to discover how loyal and supportive your friends are. You will have the opportunity to find that I am truly a blessing in your life! There is a strong focus on your relationship sector this month. Accept and enjoy the help of friends in the next few weeks.

The new moon in Sagittarius, on November 23, brings the chance of a new beginning. This is one of the best times to release emotional blockages so that you can live at the height of your potential. Leave what upset you in the past and start a list of future plans! You will feel how real success takes shape very soon!

Health should be in the foreground for you if you are a Taurus. Long walks and a good diet strengthen the immune system and make you satisfied and happy. Communication is also particularly good this month.