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The luckiest signs of October 2022

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Horoscope for the month of October 2022. Find out which are the luckiest signs of this period. Are you one of them?

Leo – October  is the month of change for you

My dear, October is an incredible month for you. The universe has prepared some unexpected changes that will help you to be closer than ever to your dreams. Now it’s up to you if you choose to take the big step to reach them.

This is a wonderful time to show your courage, to take risks, to express your thoughts and ideas freely, to cultivate your talents, and to implement the plans you have been making for so long. It’s time to dump her and move on. Get out of your comfort zone and really live. Fight for what you want.

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Virgo – You are in the process of rediscovering

Dear Virgin, the Universe is on your side. October is a wonderful time to dedicate it to yourself. It is time to pay more attention to your own needs, to take more care of yourself and your soul, and to love yourself unconditionally.

Take advantage of the coming weeks to rediscover yourself, to understand who you are and what you need to be truly happy, to realize what your dreams are and what path you want to take next. You will become less irritated by what is happening around you, by what other people say and do, and even more attentive to your own needs. You will choose to be a little selfish and to put yourself first, to give yourself the attention you deserve, to accept yourself for what you are, and to love yourself unconditionally. The relationship with yourself will help you in all the important aspects of life.

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Scorpio – October is the month when you make important changes in your life

October is a really important month for you. A lot of things are happening in the coming weeks, so you need to be prepared. Numerous processes are initiated and you are invited by the Universe to adapt to them along the way. The energy is incredible and helps you regain your confidence.

You may not like everything that is happening, but in the end, you will accept the compromises and you will be happy because all this works in your favor – for your professional growth, for the improvement of your life. The terms that define you are stability, strength, loyalty, trust. Get rid of stubbornness and get carried away by the tide. Incredible surprises await you from the Universe.

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