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Do you happen to know one of the least romantic zodiac signs in the entire horoscope? We hope that your boyfriend is not among them: would you like to discover the top five positions?

Well yes, it happens to everyone, sooner or later, to have to deal with one of the zodiac signs that just do not want to know about romance .
For them, any feeling or emotion is an unbearable fuss of which they would prefer not to have any kind of experience.
Hey, your boyfriend isn’t on today’s horoscope chart , is he?

The least romantic zodiac signs of the whole horoscope: here is today’s ranking

There’s nothing to do.

There are people who just can’t help but detest romance in all its forms!
Romantic comedies, sunset kisses, love letters and feelings – everything is just too much for them !

Maybe you should have read this ranking, the one of the least romantic zodiac signs of the horoscope , before you get together with your boyfriend.
Who knows it’s not in today ‘s horoscope ranking ! Let’s check it now!

Capricorn: fifth place

Dear Capricorn , we are sorry to tell you but that’s right: you are among the least romantic zodiac signs !

For Capricorns , giving up their individuality to be romantic with someone is really difficult. They can, of course, but only if they are truly in love!

Leo: fourth place

That those born under the sign of Leo are in the ranking of the least romantic zodiac signs of the whole horoscope should not surprise you.

Since they always sleep with one eye open, Leos are people used to wondering  why someone is being romantic with them.
What’s up, what’s underneath? There is little room for romance with Leos – they just can’t see it innocently!

Taurus: third place

For those born under the sign of Taurus , being romantic is a waste of energy and mental faculties.
Why be ” caught ” by cute and affectionate gestures when, in life, there is really so much else to do?

Taurus are practical people: they love to make concrete gestures and certainly hate the idea of ​​having to be romantic with your partner .
If you are dealing with them, of course, you will already know that a Taurus can do so much for you but that he will never say a kind word to you. Concrete gestures? Lots! Sweet words? Um … none, thanks!

Gemini: second place

Dear Gemini , we know that you think you are as romantic as possible but the truth, unfortunately, is another.
That’s why you are in second place in the ranking of the least romantic zodiac signs of the whole horoscope !

Gemini are people who tend to focus a lot on themselves and their feelings. Those of others are … much less interesting for Gemini !
That is why, when it comes to romance, either you do it in the way of Gemini or Gemini will find a way to end all relations with you.
Showing too much love or too much affection to those born under this zodiac sign is absolutely counterproductive!

Sagittarius: first place in the ranking of the least romantic zodiac signs of the horoscope

Well yes, dear Sagittarius , we are sorry for you but you are really at the top of today’s horoscope ranking.
Indeed, you probably don’t mind at all: you are absolutely immune to feelings!

Sagittarius , as we have said many times, is one of the most independent and solitary signs of the whole horoscope .
He does not mind having a life without connections because he is able to establish many, wherever he goes. The problem with Sagittarius is that when things get serious suddenly they start to shy away from feelings.
Sagittarians hate romance : they get embarrassed, they feel defective and, ultimately, run away in the face of every possible moment of affection!

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