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Find out what is the kind of man who, despite everything, attracts the women of the zodiac. The opinion of the stars sign by sign.

Each of us has a type of people towards whom we feel a sort of attraction not only physical but also mental. This is not always easy to control and sometimes you don’t realize you are trying it. Thus, it often happens that even though we often change around, hang out with different friends, and change partners, we find ourselves with the same type of people. An aspect that occurs in a particular way under the sentimental aspect, where while not realizing it, we always find ourselves looking for a type of person, from whom to feel protected.

And this also happens negatively, which is when there are characteristics that are anything but positive to attract us. Today, therefore, we will try to understand what is the type of man that attracts the women of the zodiac, to open our eyes to this aspect, and to learn to change things when the risk is that they will turn against us.

The man to whom the women of the zodiac are attracted

Aries – The man who knows what he wants
Women of the astrological sign of Aries are strong and impulsive and this means that in life they find themselves feeling attracted to men who show that they have character. For them, being next to someone means always being able to count on their presence, feeling protected and knowing that they are always chosen day after day, and not being in a couple just because the other is satisfied. This leads them to choose men for themselves that if most of the time they manage to gratify them, in some cases they can be too turned on. An aspect that for the natives of the sign is not always seen positively, especially because by a character they always want to be the ones in the foreground. Learning to work on this aspect and trying to choose strong men for themselves but who are also able to accept their ways of doing, often over the top, is therefore what he needs most.

Taurus – The man who knows how to relax them
Taurus women have always been attracted to everything that is home. For them, therefore, a man who is immediately able to make them feel safe, protected, and therefore relaxed, is what matters most. When they find themselves in relationships with men of this type, however, it often happens that they feel like they are missing something. This depends on their innate need for life and to have someone next to them who, among other things, can make them feel alive. So, even if they can’t give up living a kind of comfort zone in love, after a while they always find themselves regretting another type of emotion. Realizing this could help them find someone who has both of the characteristics they need. Someone who while loving the quiet life is also capable of some headshots, romantic gestures, and moments of pure adrenaline to live together. Only in this way will the natives of the sign be able to feel complete and find someone who can never make them regret anything.

Gemini – The man who can make them laugh
Those born under the sign of Gemini are solar people who, in turn, feel attracted to those who can put them at ease and entertain them. So, even when it comes to men, they always end up approaching those who always seem to be able to grasp the humorous side of things and who are always looking for a way to have fun first and foremost. However, these are people who do not always prove to be able to understand and accept their duality. Which, among others, also includes a series of bad moments in which what they need is to be alone or cry on themselves. This leads, obviously, to a relationship that in the long-run risks being unbalanced and that pushes the natives of the sign to detach themselves. To ensure that everything does not repeat itself, it is therefore important to recognize the type of man they are attracted to and to look for someone who knows how to give them something else. Only with a person able to live in full moods even in clear contrast to each other, will they be able to live a relationship well, and all without feeling missing something.

Cancer – The man who makes you feel loved
Cancer natives need to have someone by their side who can love them and who always makes them feel the center of attention as well as important. For this reason, they are always attracted to people who are kind, welcoming, and able to take care of others. This, at times, can result in stories that end up becoming monotonous. And all because if on the one hand, the natives of the sign appreciate the man who lives according to their needs, on the other, even if they do not easily admit it, they need someone who knows how to surprise them and who in his way also knows how to keep him. head. Romantic but at the same time passionate, they need to feel courted and challenged. Because to fully and passionately live a relationship, they must feel alive. AND, most of the time they fail to do so if there is someone at their side who is only able to please them. A detail that they should take into account is to live relationships that are more similar to their way of being.

Leo – The man who knows how to be an accomplice
Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo are people who have many needs when it comes to love. Nevertheless, even after several mistakes, they always find themselves attracted to the same type of man. What they like and need is someone who can show themselves strong in their eyes and all because they like being able to brag about the person around them. The natives of the sign, however, do not live well if at their side they do not have someone who knows how to satisfy their need to always be at the center of attention. And that means that in the absence of this, sooner or later, the relationship is doomed to fail. If you think that at the same time they do not feel attracted to overly condescending people, it is easy to understand their difficulties in love. Difficulties that they could solve simply by coming to terms with their needs and trying to meet the people they choose to attend from time to time. In this way, they would be able to find the right middle ground able to accommodate their needs, making them feel more satisfied.

Virgo – The man who gives a sense of stability
Virgo natives are so often victims of their negative moods that they are mostly attracted to men who can give them a sense of stability. When they find someone like this they tend to feel safer and, consequently, more serene and peaceful. However, these are women who love to live variably and who end up bored when they settle too much on a certain range of attention. Which can lead them to look around for something (or someone) different. For this reason, instead of dwelling on appearances, they should think in perspective and understand that in life they also need something else. Avoiding stopping at first impressions and at least accepting the idea of ​​welcoming into your life someone who is somehow less stable but able to offer everything else is an option that the natives of the sign should consider. It would help them build more stable and lasting relationships.

Libra – The man who knows how to be enterprising
Those born under the zodiac sign of Libra are extroverted women, who get along well with everyone and who love to be surprised every day. Thus they end up feeling attracted to enterprising men. Of those who always know how to make them smile and who in doing so manage to amuse and intrigue them. This aspect alone, however, does not seem to be enough to make them sentimentally satisfied. The natives of the sign, in fact, also need to feel safe, to experience the calm and serenity of a relationship that in moments of calm can “sit” comfortably and enjoy the quiet given by the certainties that exist at the base. Characteristics that the men they feel attracted to are not always able to give. For this reason, working on themselves and understanding what they need can lead them to achieve something more.

Scorpio – The complicated man
Yes, the natives of Scorpio feel attracted to complicated men. And this is even though they are not exactly easy to understand at first. This means that relationships often end up becoming difficult to live with. The natives of the sign love to live with ups and downs and constant motives. At the same time, however, they also need basic stability. The one that helps them feel safe and experience love in a sort of comfort zone. For this reason, when they approach men they should learn to better understand who they are in front of. Which they can do by seeking at least a minimum of stability and inner security. Only in this way will it be possible to hope for a relationship that is complete and able to offer them what they need. A relationship that makes them fully satisfied and that can give them both strong and reassuring emotions. Exactly what they need to make the story lasting and, above all, happy.

Sagittarius – The man who can offer something different
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are free spirits and, as such, are not exactly made for lasting relationships. However, they tend to always feel attracted to those who appear different to their eyes. They often end up taking an interest in men who are posed, who know what they want from life and who struggle to get it. Men who they consider fascinating but who have the small defect of not always being ready to leave and dive into the adventure. An aspect that, in the long run, makes them feel bad, leading them to feel oppressed and to need something different. Realizing how deep they are might help them look for men who are slightly different and a little more like themselves. Adventure companions with whom to share even a small dose of madness. Because without, the natives of the sign, sooner or later,

Capricorn – The down-to-earth man
Capricorn natives are women full of dreams and often unable to come to terms with reality. This leads them to be particularly attracted to men who appear confident and able to see ahead and always know what to aim for. Unfortunately, many times, similar personalities coincide with little imagination and little propensity to understand their way of being and doing. And this, in the long run, can lead them to feel alone. A situation that repeats itself over and over again but that they find hard to change. And all because their need for security always gets the better of everything. Learning to understand how they are made and looking for men who can give them everything they need and not just a part, would be a significant step forward. In this way, the natives of the sign would finally be able to feel serene and satisfied,

Aquarius – The man with the soul of an artist
Born under the astrological sign of Aquarius have always been attracted to men over the top, able to see beyond, and always be one step ahead of everyone else. Usually, however, men of this type are also endowed with a spirit of adventure and a constant desire to do. So, even if being brilliant typical of the natives of the sign is a point that works in their favor, everything else risks not being. The desire to be alone often, the need for a quiet life, and the love for evenings at home are aspects that go against the way of being of the men they feel attracted to. And all this, in the long run, leads to relationships that are difficult to manage and can lead to arguments and arguments without an end. The natives of the sign, therefore, should learn to look for a bit of habit in the men they choose to join. Only in this way, they will be able to hope to live the relationship peacefully. And all without having to distort, becoming what they are not and what they can never be.

Pisces – The romantic man and dreamer
Pisces natives are born dreamers. And for this reason, they feel attracted to those who know how to satisfy their need to live a life made up of emotions and abstract things. When we are together for a long time, however, aspects of a different type and more material also take over. And at this moment the natives of the sign tend to realize that they also need something else. When approaching men to meet and date, they should therefore also take into consideration their ability to be serious and poised. Qualities that make them able to grasp the dangers and circumvent them. Only in this way will the relationship between two be able to work. Because if both dream, at least one of two must be at least a little alert and able to understand when it’s time to wake up. An aspect that once understood can help the native of the sign to find the right man for them. Someone so special as to represent the two opposites in a mediated but efficient way.

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