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The Kind Of Love You Really Need According To Your Zodiac Sign


What suits you best is someone who is clingy – you like that kind of attention.


You need a love that is out of this world. A love based on romanticism and sensuality.

You need hugs and soft kisses, but at the same time, you need some tough love. In short, you need everything.


You need love that goes from one extreme to another. Love that has its ups and downs. You need someone who will hug you but also argue with you.

Turbulence is something that triggers you the most. If the water is too calm, you will leave.


For you, love represents a strong and united relationship of two souls. Before accepting love and before loving, you must know that the bond is indissoluble.

This is because you are going to do everything with emotions.


You need fearless and dramatic love, love without limits. A love that is like you.

You need someone who looks at you with admiration and respect, as you see yourself. And in your eyes, you are the best there is.


You need a love that you don’t need to express with your words and deeds, but with raw and pure emotions.

You need to feel your partner’s love just by looking them in the eye.


You need the love that will hold you steady. You need love that will take you out of the dark places you sometimes fall into.

You need someone who will never stop showing you how much they love you.

You need physical and psychological contact. You need a lot of attention.


It takes passion. You need burning flames that will keep you going. You need a love that’s so strong you’ll be afraid of it.

You might even want to get out of it, but you can’t leave because you’ll need it too much.


You need a love that will challenge you. You need someone who will send you on an adventure, exploring new things.

You need someone who will never tie you in one place.

You need the love that will set you free – the love that will give you wings and let you fly because you were born to fly.


You need a love that will hold firm to the ground when you fall apart.

You need someone who will find a way to walk through the wall you’ve built around your heart.

You need someone who will fool the guards guarding the gates to your heart. You need loyal and disciplined love.


You need a love that will ‘share’ you with others. You need someone who won’t keep you all to himself because you have so much to give to the world.

You need a love that will help you achieve the perfect world that you see around you.


You need a love that is as dreamy as you are. You need someone who will let you navigate this nonexistent land where everything you imagine becomes true and possible.

You need love that is so intense that it will keep you real even when you are dreaming.

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