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Personality is important, but spare a thought for your hair colour when you go on a date. Some astrological signs prefer more tame, regular hair colours, such as blonde, black and red, while others like bold, unique colours that stand out. Fiery signs like Aries are attracted to bright colours like auburn, while Scorpio is a very dark and mysterious sign that appreciates black hair. On the other hand, Pisces, which is a Water sign, loves ocean colours such as blue and green.

If you’re currently crushing on someone, you might be keen to know what their favourite hair colour is in a partner. What hair colour draws their eyes when someone walks into the room? Of course, it’s your hair so you should do whatever you want with it, but it’s just a fun, interesting tidbit of information to know about your crush (and it may surprise you).

Here’s the hair colour he loves, based on his astrological sign.

20 Cancer: White Blonde Is Fashionable

There are always new hair colour trends on the scene, and a popular one that regularly does the rounds is white blonde.

Cancer likes light colours like white and gray as they represent the moon which is the ruling planet of this sensitive astrological sign. 

This trend is popular among celebrities. Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence have all dyed their hair white blonde at some point. It’s different and striking – just make sure it matches your skin tone!

19 Gemini: Bright Yellow Makes Her Stand Out

It sounds crazy that yellow hair is a trend, but it is. It’s perfect for Gemini, which is a lively and sociable sign.

Gemini has a very positive outlook on life, and yellow depicts a positive, cheerful nature.

Your Gemini guy is attracted to the joyous aspect of the colour yellow. Remember, there are different types of yellow tones – dark or light, mustard or honey, and many more. Brighter will be better as it reveals a lively personality, one of the key qualities Gemini looks for in a partner.

18 Pisces: Violet Expresses Creativity

The Fish is creative and more emotional than other astrological signs. A vibrant colour that Pisces will like is violet due to its meaning.

If her hair is purple mixed with red, it will attract him with its mysterious and intense nature. 

Pisces tends to live in a dream world, and violet represents the imagination and creativity. The great news is that purple tones are all the rage right now. Choose a pastel tone if straight-up violet is OTT for you.

17 Aries: Fiery And Energetic Red

Red is a very vibrant colour, and it reveals passion and fire. Aries is a Fire sign so he’s drawn to red hair as it signifies his way of life. He has a lot of energy and passion. Therefore he must admire a bold colour which will reveal his bold personality.

By having red hair, you are telling the Aries guy that you’re just as fiery as he is – it’s a match made in heaven!

16 Virgo: Green Represents Nature

Green is a good representation of the Earth sign, and it showcases Virgo’s love for nature. He will love anything that represents the outside world, such as exploring the woods. Therefore, he’ll be attracted to green hair as it signifies his passions.

A lighter shade of green tends to be more popular than dark, and it will go well with blonde or brown. Katy Perry has dyed her hair green in the past, but she kept it classy and elegant by doing so in small doses.

15 Leo: A Golden Mane Like A Lion

Leo is a Fire sign like Aries. He has a strong personality and likes to have all the attention.

Vibrant colours like orange and gold represent Leo the best, channelling his love of the spotlight.

It might seem odd to think about gold hair, but there’s dark golden blonde hair dye kits out there. They make light blonde hair darker and more vibrant with a hint of brown. This will keep your look more natural.

14 Taurus: Pastel Colours Reveal A Softer Side

The Bull is a luxurious and nurturing sign. Taurus likes the more beautiful things in life and finds beauty in many things. The most attractive quality he admires is feminine attributes in a woman. Pastel hair colours represent femininity because they’re soft and dreamy.

Pastel pink hair specifically is sweet and radiant, and many celebs have been spotted flaunting it, like Khloe Kardashian.

13 Aquarius: Turquoise Represents Vibrance

Aquarians like knowledge and can be dreamers. They like to use their minds and are creative. Turquoise is the right colour for the sign as it reveals Aquarius’s emotions and creative thinking.

Turquoise is a bold light blue tone with green in it. Go on and channel your inner mermaid by getting your hair dyed in this colour. He’ll love that you’re not afraid to do something different with your hair.

12 Scorpio: Black Reveals His Dark Side

The Scorpion is the most intense sign. He’s attracted to a woman who has black hair. In fact, the darker tone, the better!

Black reveals his dark, brooding moods because it’s an intense colour. Therefore it’s the best as it signifies a Scorpio’s real personality. He won’t be interested in exciting colours like green and blue, or pastel tones. He prefers natural but bold hair. 

11 Sagittarius: Dark Blue Is Fun

This Fire sign is very adventurous, like Aries. Sagittarians are also focused and up-lifting. They have a happy personality and see all the positivity in life. Blue shows a unique character as it’s a bold colour and it makes a person stand out.

When you rock up to a date with blue hair, it tells him that you like to have fun and experiment with new things. You’re adventurous, which is just what he’s looking for.

10 Capricorn: Brown For Stability

One of the most grounded signs, Capricorn likes stability and goal-driven ambitions. Brown hair signifies the Capricorn guy’s need for security and a stable lifestyle. Brown also symbolizes the element of Capricorn – Earth.

Brown hair reveals a confident and loyal personality. She will enjoy a stable lifestyle which is exactly what he needs.

9 Libra: Peach Symbolizes Love

Libra is represented by the scales because it’s a balanced and harmonious sign. Throw in a bit of romance and a love of peace, and you have the perfect Libra guy. Based on these qualities, he’ll be attracted to pastel peach hair colours.

Peach is a mixture of orange and pink. It signifies romance while being light yet fun, but never OTT. It’s all about balance!

8 Cancer: Gray Is Trending

Gray used to be associated with old age but surprisingly millennials have made it a trend, and it’s now actually cool to have gray hair. Cancer is a sign that’s all about deep thoughts and security, which makes gray the perfect confident colour for him.

When choosing to go gray, make sure you find the right tone – such as silver or more on the gray-blue side – so that it matches your skin tone and natural hair colour.

7 Gemini: Shine Like The Rainbow

Multi-coloured hair is quite popular right now. Rainbow hair can either be light or dark. A Gemini man will prefer darker tones as they complement his vibrant personality. Gemini likes to act like a child sometimes with their happy and carefree nature. The different tones reveal that side of him and show him that you have a carefree and fun personality.

Gemini wants an exciting life, which is what the rainbow colours will represent for him. 

6 Aries: Neon Peach Stands Out

An Aries man is very adventurous and has a competitive nature. He’ll be interested in a color that will show off a woman’s daring and unique lifestyle. Neon peach is a perfect shade as it shows him you like to live on the wild side and don’t want to live according to the rules.

The fluorescent shade is bright, and it reveals his passionate personality for the wilder things in life. It’s all about confidence!

5 Leo: Bright Purple Is Energetic

The Lion likes to be on the go. Leo men are known to be vibrant and full of energy. Since they love being active, it can only be assumed that they want to be with someone who’s as outgoing and restless as they are.

Purple is the perfect hair colour to demonstrate these qualities to him because it’s so intense, charismatic and confidence.

4 Sagittarius: Orange Symbolizes An Active Lifestyle

Sagittarians are passionate and love the outdoors. They admire vibrant colours as they, too, are active. Bold colours like red are always a winner, but take things to the next level by choosing an orange hair colour.

Sagittarius don’t like negativity, so choose a happy, bold and character-filled colour like orange and he’ll be drawn to you like a moth to a flame.

3 Pisces: Hair Like The Ocean

Pisces is a Water sign. Therefore they love anything to do with the sea. The hair a Pisces guy will fall in love with is ocean hair. It’s a mixture of cobalt, turquoise, teal and some green. The colours reveal the different shades of the sea. He won’t be able to resist the light ocean blue with a hint of darker tones. It’s an eye-catching and multi-layered hair colour that hits all the right notes.

2 Scorpio: Crimson Is A Mystery

Crimson is a red colour but it has a different personality to standard red. It’s a darker, more intense shade. Since Scorpio is an intense sign, bright red signifies his passionate personality. Crimson also portrays a mystical quality. Scorpio men are full of secrets, so they’ll be drawn to this striking yet alluring shade. Did we mention red is full of passion? It’s a winner for Scorpio.

1 Libra: Lavender Is A Caring Shade

The Libra man is empathetic and likes to take care of people. Lavender hair appeals to him. It’s creative, soft and has a beautiful yet feminine quality to it. Hair in shades of lavender display a nurturing element, while being a calming colour. You can see it hits all the right notes for the caring and harmonious Libra man.

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