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Each zodiac sign has a particular fear that they tend to keep hidden.

When it comes to zodiac signs, it often describes how they look and how they act. We rarely refer to them for how they feel or behave in intimacy and this is because the influence of our ways is often also the ascendant. One thing, however, that tends to affect each sign a lot and that is kept hidden is fear. Each of us has more than one but each sign is more or less united by the same fears. Something difficult to decipher because, often, the greatest fear of all is obscured by a completely opposite way of doing. Today, we will also discover our greatest fear. Are you sure you already know her?

Aries – Losing Someone
You Love While you may appear very detached towards the people you love, you actually hide a great need to know that they will always be by your side. In fact, one of your biggest fears is losing someone. In particular, you fear the alienation of friends you really care a lot about and whose opinion, even if you often tend to hide it even from yourself, is of great importance.

Taurus – losing stability
Anchored to pre-built certainties, in life you tend to want a stable background capable of giving you certainties. This not only affects feelings and friendships but also has repercussions in the economic sphere. Thus, the work is of great importance to you and with it also the income. Knowing that you always have an amount you can count on makes you more serene and allows you to progress smoothly.

Gemini – Having to Make Decisions
Your duality leads you to be indecisive eternally. For this reason you tend to always change everything, be it courses, schools and even work. Your strength lies in change. You like to vary and this is the only way you can live an electrifying life away from the boredom you fear so much. This, however, leads you to have a great fear of decisions. For you, having to choose automatically means giving up something and this puts you in crisis every time in your life you find yourself forced to take a stand.

Cancer – getting out of the comfort zone
A lover of habits and everything that makes you feel safe, you don’t particularly like living new experiences. For you, adventure rhymes with fear. Better a series of habits to be interpreted over time. Changing habits, home, school, friends or anything else inevitably puts you in crisis.

Leo – Being Ignored
Your biggest fear is being ignored or forgotten. In life you are used to excelling and getting noticed always and in any case. Your greatest fear is therefore to lose this ability and to end up going completely unnoticed.

Virgo – mistakes
As a sign dedicated to perfection, for you to make mistakes is a practically atavistic fear. Every imperfection, error or defect becomes a great source of stress, even leading you to attack those around you. Unfortunately, the same perfection you are looking for in yourself ends up pouring out on others who, in the event of a mistake, end up suffering your anxieties, thus risking to drift away.

Libra – loneliness
Being alone is your greatest fear. In life you tend to surround yourself with friends and acquaintances and everything in order to always have someone around you you can count on. Unfortunately, your fear often pushes you to be negative and to lose the pleasure that every opportunity to meet should give you.

Scorpio – abandonment
You would never tell by looking or listening to you but your biggest fear is that of being abandoned. Your sensitivity is beyond any measure and while masking it well, you are often a victim of it. So, among the many fears that like every other sign grip you, that of being abandoned is the greatest, followed by that of being alone.

Sagittarius – the lack of freedom
Your need to explore the world necessarily leads you to be a free spirit. It follows, therefore, that your greatest fear is precisely the lack of freedom. Feeling stuck in something or in a relationship is an idea that doesn’t give you peace and on which you base all your decisions. Maybe, even when you shouldn’t think so forward or negatively.

Capricorn – Failure
Failing is your greatest fear coupled with an inability to admit your own mistakes. This leads you to risk making any mistakes even bigger. Sometimes, in fact, it is better to know how to recognize and correct them immediately rather than lying to oneself and to others in a useless attempt to hide them. After all, we know, sooner or later, the knots come to a head.

Aquarius – to be approved
In life you like to be the alternative, different one, able to break the mold. Not doing it or not being able to do it frightens you, pushing you to escape all sorts of traps or patterns, which in your eyes is the same thing.

Pisces – the problems
One of your biggest fears is dealing with difficulties and responsibilities. For you, life is instinct and creation and having to manage any barriers is something that you just can’t and that, for this reason, puts you in agitation. Better to surrender to the evidence that certain things are part of life and learn to live with them little by little. Fear can sometimes be managed, even when doing so seems completely impossible.

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