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The Good And Bad About Loving A Cancer (10 Brutal Truths)

Loving a Cancer is one of the best things to do when it comes to loving someone. Your ability to love and care for others is hard to beat.

Cancer is a tough shell that needs to be cracked! But once you’ve done it, you’ll find the warmth of their kind, caring, loving, compassionate …………… .. But when you cross a CANCER, watch out! This grenade turns into battle armor and its pincers are faster than a raging bullet. Here are 10 things you need to know if you love cancer.

The Good And Bad Of Loving A Cancer (10 Brutal Truths)

10. You are easy going.

Everyone loves the happy crab! Many people think of cancer first when planning a night on the town.

The mature crab knows that there is a place for everything and everything has its place, they never intentionally try to attract more attention by making things dramatic or serious.

They are out to have a good time, which will rejuvenate them and charge the batteries.

9. You are hardworking.

Cancers work hard for whatever they have and are not afraid of a challenge. They know it takes courage and determination to achieve their goals and they won’t stop until the job is done.

On the flip side, they’re known to get a little tunnel vision, and their work can disrupt family and relationships.

8. They can be a little bit “shellfish”.

“What is mine is mine and what is yours is yours” can be the Cancer mentality. Because they work hard for everything, they expect others to do the same. Cancers don’t look for handouts, and they won’t give you any if you knock.

7. You are intuitive.

Since cancer is a sign of water, much like scorpions and fish, they are naturally gifted at navigating the emotional waters of their psyche.

They trust their gut instincts and follow their instincts just as they rely on for survival.

6. You are sensitive .

Much like the Scorpio, when they’re emotionally offended, they pull out the tongs and snap you back as fast as they can to get an emotional response. But unlike the Scorpio, their attacks are not that deep and calculated.

The main goal of a CANCER is defense and distraction, as opposed to the Scorpio’s “punch to kill” mentality.

5. They are natural breadwinners.

Before all other signs, cancer is the most maternal. Man or woman, they take pride in looking after their family’s needs. They enjoy the role of breadwinner because it makes them feel important, respected and valued.

4. You are very emotional.

A young crab’s emotional needs are extremely high, and if not properly nourished, the crabs know that they are hiding their true selves as they form layer upon layer of “shells” to protect their emotions.

They begin to see the world through “eyes in the back of their pods” and this can lead to a fear of what is safe and what is not, which leads them to be extra careful in many life situations. To keep a cancerous, you should make sure they feel safe and secure.

3. You are happy to be part of the party.

Have you ever been on a hot vacation with live music and dancing, and suddenly the crabs have worked their way away from the beach to catch a glimpse and “join in”? That couldn’t be truer.

Cancers are naturally curious and nothing attracts them more than positive vibes and good vibrations.

2. You are couch potatoes.

The crab is sociable and sociable, yet they feel most comfortable in their own space. They look for external circumstances to get a feel for the world, but they withdraw when they want to relax and just let go.

Cancers like to chat and prefer to host special events and occasions rather than attending.

1. You are extremely loyal.

Cancers are the most faithful signs of the zodiac sign. You are forgiving (though not too forgiving), understanding, and compassionate.

They understand that everyone has their weaknesses and they are not unforgiving.

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