Come on, admit it: you are one of the laziest zodiac signs in the zodiac no need to be ashamed! Let’s find out today’s ranking!

It happens to everyone to want to stay in bed and laze, especially on Monday mornings or when it is raining outside.
Nothing wrong with that: being lazy is something that we can all give us, at least once in a while, no matter how ” produce ” in life!

What we want to know today is if, by chance, you are one of the signs that they just can’t do anything from morning tonight.
Because? But simply because they are lazy! Let’s find out the ranking together!

The laziest signs of the horoscope: are you in today’s horoscope ranking?

Yawn! (Or whatever onomatopoeic word is used to signal that we are yawning ). What time is it? Like? Seven in the morning? No, no, absolutely too early for us: better get back under the covers and sleep a little longer, don’t you think?

If you think like us, then there is a very high possibility that you are one of the laziest zodiac signs in the whole horoscope.
How do we know this? Well, because you are among the top five positions in the ranking of today, that’s why!

Okay, come on, don’t get upset. We certainly didn’t want to offend you when we told you that you are one of the laziest signs in the entire zodiac! What we meant is that… well, you can be a little lacking in motivation in the morning (and in the afternoon and even in the evening). Stars and planets can tell us who the laziest in the zodiac are and if they tell them, we have to trust them. How about let’s check the ranking together?

Aquarius: fifth place

You will certainly be amazed to find those born under the sign of Aquarius in this ranking and, for this reason, we have decided to put them in fifth place.
The Aquarium are people lazy, but, certainly, they spend a lot of energy in helping others.

What does this mean? Simply that Aquarius often run out of energy and that, to recover, they must take a good moment … rest!
If Aquarians are particularly active at one time of the day, you can rest assured: they will be happily buzzing the rest of the time!

Leo: fourth place

Hey, it’s no coincidence that Leos are just like… well, real lions! Those born under this sign are people accustomed, in one way or another, to have others who do the work ” hard ” in their place.
Whether it’s working sentimental, work practice, or work on himself same, the lion does not matter.

They are not going to work, ever! Or rather, they only work at the highest level, the one where the effort is pure of the facade.
The lion is a sign that made his laziness the meter and the judgment of his power. It should not be underestimated!

Scorpio: third place

Like? Are those born under the sign of Scorpio among the laziest signs of the zodiac? But aren’t they always the first to get to work and the last to leave?
Of course, when it comes to working, Scorpios are truly the most precise and hardworking of all, this is true. If we talk about life at home or love life, however… everything changes!

The Scorpio are among the people most lazy on the face of the Earth. We do not say it maliciously: we know that they have a real predisposition to sleep late, that they like to read a book sitting in an armchair, and that they love to indulge in their laziness.
After all, they work hard – they can afford it!

Pisces: second place

Yes, even those born under the sign of Pisces can be lazy when they get into it, we don’t feel like arguing about it!
We must admit it: it is true that Pisces have many interests and that they do not disdain to move and to find new things to do.

This does not mean, however, that deep down they are not lazy! The Pisces love to take time out for themselves to recharge their batteries and energy.
Those born under this sign have an almost frightening cult of themselves and their well-being: they would put an aesthetic treatment in front of practically anything!

Pisces is the sign of the Zodiac which most of all, she loves the laziness because it allows him to be more rested and great in the eyes of others.
They understand how the sleep of beauty from eight hours: that is, we can only be truly envious of them … resting!

Cancer: first place in the ranking of the laziest zodiac signs of the horoscope

Dear Cancerian friends, we are sure you will not be offended by this first place you have earned… by doing absolutely nothing!
Cancer is a sign that there are no problems to show everyone that taking life with calm is what he likes most in life.

Mornings lazy, long walks (hey, not too much in slope ), books, movies, sunsets, and good food. For Cancer, there is nothing better than enjoying life lazily!
Those born under this sign are people who love everything comfortable: they have an endless collection of terry socks and fleece robes, and they have more pajamas than clothes to go out!

Their energy is all internal: those born under the sign of Cancer are people capable of working with the mind but they cannot use all those energies even in real life. They like to sleep: better to know immediately, right?


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