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THE CUTE MOVE TO MAKE ON DATE #1, According To His or Her Zodiac Sign

Going on a first date comes with a whole lot of stress. We have to figure out which outfit is best for the occasion and we need to try to act relaxed while we’re most probably freaking out inside.

But then there are those rules that our bestie might have drilled into our heads–don’t talk about kids, don’t talk about ourselves too much, don’t seem desperate… the list goes on.

While trying to remember all these supposed rules of what to do and what not to do on a first date, how on earth are we going to impress them?

But although we are most certainly different people, there are definitely some common likes, dislikes, and personality traits with each star sign. And if we can figure out what our date’s sign is (a little social media stalking never hurt anyone, right?), then we will know what exactly to do to make sure that they fall for us.

Knowing what our date’s expectations are and learning how to manage them is a great way to get in good with them from the start. All it takes is a little background info and we’ll be first-date ready—and prepared to impress—in no time.

24 Capricorn Girl: Take It Slow, Don’t Put Too Much Pressure

If you’re going on a date with a Capricorn, then you must know that they are an earth sign and spontaneity and rushing into things are not their cup of tea. It is very common for your Capricorn woman to take her time in revealing her different layers to you.

She is guarded and believes that it is important to know you first before opening up to you. Take your time in getting to know her but even when you ask questions, don’t be surprised that she won’t be too open at first. She’s getting to know you and will appreciate it if you respect her pace.

23 Capricorn Guy: Show Him You Have Traditional Values

Just like the Capricorn girl, the Capricorn guy is not about rushing into relationships. They want to get to know you first and most importantly, they want to know that you have traditional values, which are very important to them.

Although they can be fun when the mood strikes, a typical Capricorn usually wants stability and loyalty. If you have these in common, make sure that you reveal this to him and you will likely get him instantly interested. After all, the potential for commitment can be intriguing to these types.

22 Aquarius Girl: Show Her You’re Smart

If you’re clued up about your star signs, you will know that many count Aquarius as one of the most intelligent star signs. They are known to be deep thinkers and having a partner who displays some intellectual capacity will immediately intrigue your Aquarius girl.

The great thing is that we’re all smart in our own way, right? Whether you’re book smart, you’re good with your hands, you understand technical things easily, or something else entirely, don’t be shy in revealing your brain power to this lady. You will immediately hook her attention.

21 Aquarius Guy: Have An Opinion

Besides being intelligent, Aquarians are also well-known for being independent people. Some sites highlight that “Aquarius possess a unique and ‘out of the box’ way of thinking and tackling tasks that allows them to come up with new ideas and solutions that nobody else can see. They are often thought leaders who push the boundaries of what is possible, choosing to do things their own way rather than conventionally.”

Being very traditional and not having your own opinion about important matters is not going to cut it with your free and independent Aquarius guy. So don’t be shy to share your stance on different topics with him.

20 Pisces Girl: Be Traditionally Romantic

If you’re going on a date with a Pisces girl, you’ll earn major points for being traditionally romantic. What do we mean by that? Open the door for her, buy her flowers, treat her like a lady… and she will be smitten by you.

As a water sign, the Pisces is a very emotional being. They can be quite sensitive and will notice if you didn’t do any of these romantic gestures. They are also very creative and dreamy individuals who have the amazing ability to adapt to different environments and personalities. So although they won’t complain if you didn’t get them flowers, if you truly like her and want to impress–get the girl her flowers!

19 Pisces Guy: Share Your Dreams With Him

We mentioned previously that the Pisces is a dreamer. And what is the best way to hook your match who is a dreamer? Share your dreams with him! Tell him what you wish to accomplish in your life. Tell him about your craziest wishes and desires.

The great thing about the Pisces man is that, although some signs would probably roll their eyes at any elaborate dream of yours, your Pisces man is more likely to encourage you and fall for you even harder as he recognizes that amazing passion you have for your goals.

18 Aries Girl: Let Her Take The Lead

The first fire sign on our list is Aries, and if you’ve ever dated an Aries girl before or even come across one, then you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about here–they can be very bossy people.

The thing about these fiery individuals is that they don’t mean any harm. They’re hard working and determined and have the energy to fulfill all their crazy dreams. They take charge because they believe the only way to get things done is to do it yourself! We’re not saying be a pushover here, nope. Have a backbone, but by all means, if she is really passionate about something and wants to lead the way, let her!

17 Aries Guy: Be Up For Any Adventure

The Aries guy has a whole lot of energy and if you’re not up for an adventure, this is not your mate. The Aries guy is passionate about the things that are important to him.

He will most-often make the first move, he won’t really enjoy hanging out indoors that much, and he falls quickly in and out of love. This fire sign is energetic and having a partner who is not uptight is ideal for him as he can be a very fiery individual.

16 Taurus Girl: Be Open And Honest From The Get-Go

Your Taurus date will appreciate it when you’re open and honest with her from the get-go. If you’ve read up on this earth sign, then you’ll know that they do have a reputation for being a bit aggressive, but that only happens when they’re being backed into a corner.

For the most part, a Taurus is generally quite laid back. They have a calm presence and demeanor about them. Truly, what will make her sit up and take notice of you is if you’re upfront about who you really are.

15 Taurus Guy: Talk About Your Accomplishments

If there’s something you’re proud of accomplishing, or you’re currently working towards a big ambition of yours, don’t be shy to let your Taurus date know. Why? Because they too are ambitious and will find this very attractive about you.

Love To Know explains that “the ability to carve out his own niche in the world, become rich, famous and successful, and enjoy the good life is the ultimate status symbol for Taurus.” This is one of the signs that definitely live by the mantra “if you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

14 Gemini Girl: Embrace Any Conversation, No Matter How Crazy

If there’s one sign that loves to get into conversations about anything and everything, it is the Gemini. If your date is a Gemini girl, don’t be too surprised if she brings up topics that may be “taboo” first date topics such as wanting kids or past relationships.

You see, a Gemini simply lives by their own rules and engaging with her on these interesting topics will definitely keep her intrigued. “The mind of the Gemini is constantly racing and contemplating all sorts of thoughts, ideas and questions. They are naturally curious about practically everything and can find it hard to stick to one thing for too long because their passions and interests are so diverse.”

13 Gemini Guy: Be Fun & Lighthearted

If you’re overly critical of yourself and others and are the type of person who plans out every little detail of a date, then a Gemini will not be your cup of tea. Why? Because they believe in being free spirits and they can’t be controlled.

Your Gemini guy will definitely have a deep, intellectual side but he’ll also have a very lighthearted and fun side that he lets out at unexpected times. You don’t have to be exactly like him (to be fair, no one can be like a Gemini), but you have to be open to the fun. Don’t resist it. Let go and you will have the time of your life on this date.

12 Cancer Girl: Give Her Small Touches Of Affection

Your Cancer girl date will appreciate small touches of affection from you. We’re talking about gentle brushing on the shoulder and gently holding her hand–the sweet stuff. Now, be careful here though, because Cancer people can take time to connect to.

They are notorious for having hard exteriors and soft interiors. So don’t be fooled if they come across as being a little cold at first. Know that deep inside is a very sweet and soft human who loves everything about love. If you can show her that you too love love, you’re off to a great start.

11 Cancer Guy: Make The First Move

Your Cancer date might really like you but because they’re not really a spontaneous person, they’re unlikely to make that big first move. They’re more traditionalist in that they want to get to know you first and build a solid foundation with you before opening their heart to you.

But still, if you’re really into your Cancer guy, don’t be afraid to make the first move–flirting with them, brushing their arm, putting a hand on their shoulder. If you like them, let them know and if they like you back, they’ll be more confident to open up more.

10 Leo Girl: Openly Flirt With Her

You Leo girl is definitely not shy. She is a fiery woman who loves to take charge and isn’t at all afraid of the attention she may get from others. While many other star signs might get a little uncomfortable when a new person in their lives flirts with them, your Leo girl is not going to mind at all.

In fact, she’ll actually love it. This is because Leos love attention. They also love romance. Now, if you’re crazy about your Leo girl, don’t be shy about letting her know!

9 Leo Guy: Compliment Him

Leo people also tend to be very creative and unique. Complimenting your Leo guy date on these traits will be the ultimate cute move on your first date. Don’t get us wrong here, you need to be genuine. He can smell a fake compliment from a mile away and won’t be impressed by it.

Get to know a little about him and compliment the traits that you honestly find irresistible about him. Yes, the spotlight may be on him, but trust us–he won’t mind.

8 Virgo Girl: Put Your Best Foot Forward

Your Virgo girl isn’t really looking for a fling. This sign is well-known for being practical, down to earth, and having a desire for stability.

These traits may be great and all, but don’t think it will be easy to impress her. Nope. Virgos are also known to be very critical and they simply don’t settle for anything less than what they think they deserve. Your tried and tested charming ways aren’t going to be easy with this girl.

So what can you do? Dress up nicely (they like looking good and someone who takes care of themselves), offer intelligent conversations, and be nice to the people around you… But note that you’ll have to do this way beyond the first date because Virgos take time to be impressed.

7 Virgo Guy: Engage His Intellect

Your Virgo guy is very intelligent. As an earth sign, he is also very practical and a hard worker. Virgos are well-known for figuring things out that most other signs may have given up on a long time ago.

Because he’s intelligent and most likely likes to read, he will appreciate a partner who stimulates his brain. So talk about something interesting that you recently read. Show him that there is more to you than meets the eye and he will be very intrigued as he tries to figure you out.

6 Libra Girl: Dress To Impress

The Libra is well-known for seeking peace and serenity around them. They’re not into drama and will go to great lengths in trying to avoid it. One thing you may not have known, though, is that Libras care a lot about how they look.

Looking their best is really important to them and they’re not shy about turning heads. They specifically like the idea of a “power couple” so, taking the time to make sure that you’re looking your absolute best will really impress your Libra date.

5 Libra Guy: Plan A Group Or Double Date

As the sign that is known for being able to strike a good balance of peace and harmony in different environments, the Libra is naturally able to make friends with people from all walks of life. People are naturally drawn to them. They have plenty of friends and they love to be social.

If your Libra guy is up for you planning things, you can either plan a group date or a double date with close friends. This will show him that you’re able to hang out and have fun with friends and you will leave a lasting impression on him.

4 Scorpio Girl: Pick An Interesting/Unusual Eating Spot

The Scorpio girl has to be one of the most interesting out of all the signs. She is very hard to read and will give away very little at the beginning of the relationship that you may really not know where you stand with her.

If you fancy your Scorpio date, the one thing to do to impress her is to take her somewhere unusual to eat. Your Scorpio date isn’t going to be crazy about going to the most expensive restaurant in town. Sure, that’s “nice” and all, but a Scorpio is more concerned about experiencing new and interesting cultures and cuisines. As she’s a naturally deep and creative person, showing her this side of you will immediately intrigue her.

3 Scorpio Guy: Don’t Be Too Eager, Make Him Chase You

Your Scorpio guy wants to do the chasing. It is exciting for him. He wants to be the one to ask you out (once he’s comfortable enough with you) and he wants you to be a little hard to get.

Sure, you can be a little forward and try your luck on making the first move, and maybe he might even like the attention for a while, but that spark will soon fizzle out. The Scorpio guy loves the thrill of the chase and getting the girl.

2 Sagittarius Girl: Plan An Outdoor Date

Winning over your Sagittarius date isn’t going to be easy. One of their biggest traits is the fact that they like to be free and independent. They are the last sign to try to change themselves for a significant other and if they feel that their partner is trying to make them conform, they will be out.

Another interesting thing about a Sagittarius is the fact that they are the sign that travels the most. Many of us have travel bucket lists and the Sagittarius-born is probably halfway through it. This is why planning an outdoor date with them will be an excellent idea. They’re not really homey people and will love that you’re up for exploring the world with them.

1 Sagittarius Guy: Have A Sense Of Humor

Don’t most people have this one on top of their list of traits they would like in a partner? Yeah, most of us want a partner with a good sense of humor and while some people’s humor might be “okay,” a true Sagittarius is unlike any other.

Astro Reveal highlights that “If you enjoy a rip-roaring belly laugh, you won’t be disappointed with a Fire sign. Passionate and exuberant, there’s a child-like quality about these signs that gives them a preference for slapstick and pranks, with Sagittarius coming out on top as the [astro world’s] most talented clown.”

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