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The Craziest Men Of The Zodiac

Ok, we admit it, the article of the day is to be taken with an ironic and fun mood. We decided to talk about the most clumsy men of the entire zodiac. It’s a light topic that breaks the rhythm of our pieces a bit, which usually deals with slightly more complex issues.

But well, sometimes there is something more “loose” to do. Let’s go in order and try to better define who we are talking about today. Here is the first on the list.


The Virgo man, as we have learned by now, is among the most perfectionists of the entire zodiac, but it is not very easy to deal with him. And this is because it is as if he were, in a certain sense, locked up in his world of rules that he gave himself some time ago and from which he almost cannot escape. Well, flexibility is not part of him, and this puts him in a very particular situation in the eyes of others which ends up making him very clumsy.


Moody and indecisive, the sign of Gemini, or rather, the Gemini man ends up being among the most clumsy of all for several reasons: first of all, it’s as if he were always in his world, beyond which he doesn’t seem to go, a bit like we said for the Virgo, but above all he often gets lost in a glass of water and ends up giving a bad impression of himself even when he has the best intentions in this world.


The Aquarius man is inevitable. We know it by now, it’s a sign that he often has his head in the clouds and this places him almost automatically among the most clumsy of all. But it is also true that when he decides to concentrate he is one of the most attentive of all. In the professional field, for example, he is one of the most scrupulous workers.

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